10 Best Degrees for Felons

Unfortunately, having a felony charge on your record can make it hard to bounce back after release. Many former convicts view that as the end of their ability to have a career. Some even become discouraged from attempting to get a degree. This fact is especially depressing as government assistance can also be limited, depending … Read more

10 Most In-Demand Degrees

Globalization has impacted every employment sector, and the world as we know it is rapidly changing before our very eyes. Many of the jobs our parents held have become obsolete, just like handwriting and video stores. When considering an academic course of study, it is essential to ask what are the most in demand jobs? … Read more

10 Best Degrees for FBI

The FBI is one of those mysterious careers that leaves people wondering how agents in the field got there. Are there FBI majors? Not exactly, but there are many directions you can take for a successful career in this sector. So, how to become an FBI agent? A quick read through this article will show … Read more