Is Online School Right for Me?

As technology advances, more and more students are weighing the advantages of attending an online school. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, approximately 5.2 million students at the college level are presently enrolled in at least one online class. This type of educational opportunity is convenient, but it may not be right for … Read more

5 Online Course Platforms

Certainly, some career paths require a traditional journey of schooling. For example, it would be impossible to become a surgeon without getting multiple degrees along a specific medical trajectory. More-and-more, however, the course for non-traditional learners is becoming more accessible. There are excellent options out there to easily, and on a budget, build the skills … Read more

Can I Attend an Online School While Working?

According to studies, more students are opting for online college programs than ever before. In 2016, over 6 million students chose at least one online class for the semester, which was up more than 5 percent from the year prior. In particular, public universities are seeing significant growth in the online sector while private nonprofit … Read more

Can I Attend an Online School with Kids?

You’ve made the decision to go back to school to further your education so that you can have the career that you want. This career is likely one that you desire so that you can support your family. However, you might not think that you will be able to attend classes or complete your assignments … Read more

Can I Attend an Online School from Prison?

As the cost of higher education continues to rise and student debt spirals out of control, more people have started to question whether college is the right choice for them. While the cost can seem limiting, the data still shows how important such a degree is to success. According to recent numbers, people with a … Read more

How Old Do I Have To Be To Attend An Online School?

Online colleges are quickly becoming an appealing alternative to enrolling in traditional, in-person universities. In fact, there are even a number of universities that are now offering degrees that can be completed 100 percent online in order to make education more accessible to a wider range of people, maybe even you. With this increased access … Read more

How Do Online Schools Work?

If you are considering taking college classes online, your biggest question is probably whether you will learn more in a real classroom or in a virtual setting. You want to know How Do Online Schools Work? Although some people benefit more from the classroom experience, many people find online schools better for several reasons. For … Read more

What are the Advantages of an Online School?

Choosing a college and a degree program can be difficult for prospective students. There are many factors to consider, and college is an expensive decision. Today, you can also choose between a traditional college program and an online degree program. There are benefits to both options, but many people find that online schools offer more … Read more

Can I Get A Student Loans for Online Schools?

Students interested in attending a program from an online school can become qualified for student loans. This money can be used for tuition, books and other student expenses. The rising cost of higher education makes it essential for most students to secure as much funding as possible. However, student loans come with interest rates, and … Read more

20 Scholarships for Online Students

Online learning opportunities have become more available to keep up with the current tides of technology and the demanding lives of many Americans. There is a lot of discourse that explores if an online education is as respected as one that requires you to be physically present. We’ll let you make that decision. Many accredited … Read more

Are Online Schools Accredited?

For many people these days, online college is an excellent option that allows them to take classes from their desired schools without having to leave home. Online schools also offer the amazing benefit of schedule flexibility, letting students work and care for their families while they are in school. For this reason, online college programs … Read more

Are There Scholarships for Online Schools?

Getting a college degree is an expensive endeavor, and lack of funds keeps many high school graduates away from campus. Some of these graduates take risks and enroll in universities using student loans. However, the odds are against them too. According to federal data published by U.S. News & World Report, 3.9 million students dropped … Read more

Are Online Schools Faster?

If you’re getting ready to go to college and are weighing all of your options, you likely understand that a bachelor’s degree at a traditional college or university will take four years or eight semesters to complete. Some students actually take longer to complete the program by only going to college on a part-time basis … Read more

Are Online Schools Easier For Most Students?

Getting a college education has perhaps never been easier for motivated students. This ease is not necessarily tied to the difficulty level of specific degree programs. Rather, there is more access to higher education today than at any other time in history. There are colleges and universities that have open admissions policies. If you can … Read more

Are Online Schools Cheaper?

Across the nation, the price of higher education continues to climb. As a result, many would-be students struggle to cover the cost of tuition. This has led many of them on a quest to find cheaper alternatives. Most of the time, this cheaper option is online schooling. However, are online schools actually cheaper than traditional … Read more

15 High Demand Jobs in Massachusetts

From the mountain towns of the western edge to the bustle of Boston, Massachusetts is New England’s most populous state. The history of The Bay State is plastered all over every textbook outlining America’s story, for better or for worse. Think Plymouth Rock, the Salem Witch trials, or even the presidential vacation spots on Martha’s … Read more

15 Most In-Demand Jobs in California

Buckle up and put on your sunglasses – we are driving across the golden state. The poppy painted coastlines may be what draws you in, besides the career opportunities, or all of the good-looking people. The fastest-growing jobs in California point to a variety of industries. It probably won’t surprise you that in this hotbed of … Read more

Are Online Schools Respected?

Are you wondering – Are Online School Respected? Need a way to earn your degree while still keeping your day job? You’ve probably considered enrolling in an online school. Many of today’s online colleges and universities have earned solid reputations with public and private-sector employers. Since online education isn’t the same at all universities, you’ll … Read more