What Can I Do With a Health Science Bachelor’s Degree?

There are many reasons to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Health Science. Health Science is an interesting and valuable field. Through your health science degree program, you will cover both topics of science and society to create a comprehensive understanding of the healthcare field. While knowledge and intellectual growth are good reasons to study health … Read more

What Can I Do With a Criminal Justice Master’s?

Are you thinking about going to graduate school? A master’s degree in Criminal Justice could be for you. Our world is under the constant threat of crime, both locally and globally. Whether you are switching careers or looking to expand on your current knowledge, an online master’s degree in Criminal Justice could propel you to … Read more

Top 10 Health Science Master’s Degrees Online

So you made the decision to continue on to graduate school and decided on the master’s degree in health science. Considering a career path into the healthcare industry will provide many promising career opportunities and open the doors to promotions and higher salaries, especially for health professionals already in the field. The Masters of Science … Read more

What Can I Do With a Master’s in Supply Chain Management?

Supply chain management is an area of business that centers on the production, distribution, and transportation of products. This field is primarily concerned with the logistics behind manufacturing products and getting them to market. Earning a degree in supply chain management can open up the door to a range of different business-focused careers in various … Read more

Top 10 Online Medical Billing and Coding Associate’s Degree

As the healthcare industry begins to expand into new horizons, the need for more professionals in the field is in high demand. Areas that have seem to be needed the most are health information technicians or those in similar career paths.  Individuals that are detail-oriented, attain strong interpersonal skills, and have a foundation of technical … Read more

What Can I Do With A Bachelor’s in Nursing Degree?

Bachelor’s in Nursing degree Career Options Nursing is a field that has long attracted people who want to be part of the healthcare industry. Nurses are medical professionals who assist with all areas of patient care. A quick look at the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in nursing reveals many useful facts that all those … Read more

What Can I Do With An Online Business Degree?

Some may disagree, but in most regards, a college degree is more important today than it was in the past. Educated people must be trained to understand and use new technologies. As things like artificial intelligence become more commonplace, skilled developers and researchers will be needed across many fields. As always, a college degree is … Read more

What Can I Do With a Bachelor’s in Education Degree?

When most people think about earning a bachelor’s degree in education, they picture themselves standing in front of a classroom of youngsters. Although this is typically what can happen, it is good to know that a degree in education opens dozens, maybe hundreds, of other doors as well. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Who … Read more

Top 10 Online Supply Chain Management Master’s program

The Business world of today works primarily through the use of sales, marketing, and production lines, which functions applying logistics and supply chain management. The purpose of supply chain management is transporting products from the supplier to the customer in the most efficient way. Professionals in the field will need to develop both organizational and … Read more

Top 10 Online Supply Chain Management Bachelor’s

What Is Supply Chain Management (SCM)? One of the fastest-growing industries to get your start is in the Supply chain management field. SCM is managing the flow of goods and services from one area to another, including logistical and operational processes that transform raw materials into products to sell or use. SCM includes product development, sourcing, … Read more

What Can I Do With a Bachelor’s in Cybersecurity Degree?

Cybersecurity is a popular field with many opportunities in 2020. Network security and cybersecurity demand have increased over the last couple of years, and therefore there is a need for cybersecurity professionals. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the growth in the number of cybersecurity jobs from 2018 to 2028 is estimated to … Read more

What Can I Do With a Forensic Nursing Degree?

One of the many joys of working in nursing is that the field is incredibly diverse. Nurses can choose to work in many varied types of settings. They can also choose to follow different kinds of career paths. A nurse may decide she wants to work in pediatrics, surgery or with older patients. One area … Read more

What Can I Do With a Masters in Education Degree?

A Masters in Education opens many doors to your professional future. Not only will you have the opportunity to teach at different levels, but Masters in Education often work in different industries. The ability to effectively teach is something needed in every company and organization. A tech start-up may need to implement new models of … Read more

What Can I Do With a Master’s in Public Health Degree?

Before you invest time and money in a graduate degree, you want to make sure your studies will help you achieve your goals. If you’re interested in a Master’s in Public Health degree, you’re already passionate about helping others as an experienced professional. Public Health offers many avenues for giving back to the world, whether … Read more

What Can I Do With a Master’s Degree in Social Work?

Obtaining a Master’s degree in Social Work, or MSW, is an excellent way to advance in your current career, start a new career, and/or increase your earnings. The greatest benefit of a master’s degree in social work is it leads to a career that is full of improving people’s lives. The term “social work” describes … Read more

What Can I Do With an Online I.T. Degree?

Today, graduates in Information Technology programs have a wide array of career choices. Since the demands of I.T. infrastructures and applications are growing and evolving, most I.T. graduates do not have much difficulty finding work. From a post-secondary degree like an online bachelor’s degree in Information Technology to a graduate degree like a Master’s in Cybersecurity, … Read more