Top 10 Online Associates in Construction Management

An online Associates in Construction Management can move your career forward! Construction activity is on the rise in the US. As the population grows, the need for houses and commercial structures like office buildings and hospitals is also increasing. With sustainability initiatives, there is a need to update older buildings. And there is an urgent need to update and improve our nation’s infrastructure. Aging bridges, roads, and utility lines are in dire need of replacement. At the same time, building technology has become more sophisticated and specialized. As a result, we need more qualified workers who can manage these projects. The BLS projects the employment of construction managers to grow faster than average. The government organization expects an eleven percent (11%) increase from 2020 to 2030 in construction manager jobs.

Suppose you are interested in a job in the field of construction management. In that case, an online associate’s degree in construction management can help you get a job in the fast-growing industry or get you a promotion. You wonder – can you get a construction management degree online? Online Schools Guide has compiled a list of the Top 10 Online Associates in Construction Management for 2022 to get you started.

How We Ranked The Top Online Schools Associates Degrees in Construction Management

The editors at Online Schools Guide found schools offering online or hybrid Associates Degrees in Construction Management. Then, based on cost, reputation, and future salary, we ranked the programs.

1. Fox Valley Technical College AAS in Construction Safety and Technology
2. Dakota County Technical College AS in Construction Management
3. Washtenaw Community CollegeAAS in Construction Management
4. Park University AS in Construction Management
5. South Dakota State UniversityAS in Construction Technology
6. Harrisburg Area Community CollegeAAS in Building Construction Management
7. San Joaquin Valley CollegeAS in Construction Management
8. Herkimer College (SUNY)AS in Quality Assurance
9. Front Range Community College AAS in Highway Maintenance Management
10. Kaskaskia College AAS in Construction Project Management
Online Schools Guide Top 10 Online Associates in Construction Management for 2022

1. Fox Valley Technical College

Degree: AAS in Construction Safety and Technology

Fox Valley Technical College offers an online Associates of Applied Science in Construction Safety Technology degree. This technology program provides students with a strong foundation in construction safety, making them assets to any site team. In addition, students learn best practices within the industry and OSHA requirements, making them valuable to specialty contractors. Training includes material handling, incident investigation, fall protection, and much more. The online Associate’s in construction management program at Fox Valley has affordable tuition and a proven reputation for making students highly marketable for available job openings. 

Fox Valley Technical College has been a choice college for more than 100 years. Highly accredited by industry-standard organizations, the school offers more than 200 programs to help students fast track their careers. As a result, they have a high rate of employment post-graduation for their students. Almost 93 percent of their alumni find jobs within six months of graduation. In addition to being named one of the top community colleges in the US, Fox Valley is committed to ensuring low-income and minority students can afford and succeed in their programs.

2. Dakota County Technical College 

Degree: AS in Construction Management

Located in Rosemount, Minnesota, Dakota County Technical College offers an online Associates of Science in Construction Management program. This degree provides students with fundamental courses that focus on the management, design, and engineering required to manage construction projects. In addition, students learn how to qualify for management positions within the construction industry as they learn all phases of the project through all phases. The online Associates degree in construction management at Dakota County has a proven reputation for employment options. 

The Blue Knights of Dakota County Technical College can connect with industry leaders through professional organizations and clubs. The Dakota County Technical College has articulation agreements which is a formal agreement with multiple universities or colleges. This agreement means that these institutions will accept credits from Dakota County. This College is close to the Twin Cities. The campus provides students with a small-town feel while remaining close to a large city.

3. Park University 

Degree: AS in Construction Management

Park University offers its students an online Associate of Science degree in Construction Management. Students in this management program learn the fundamentals of business management that construction managers need most. Students study topics like budgeting, scheduling, planning, supervising, worksite safety, materials, and the law. This Construction Management program helps prepare students for a career in project management, building inspection, and construction management. The online associate degree in construction management program at Park University is working to create a strong foundation in their located in Parkville, Missouri, 

The motto at Park University is fides et labor, which means faith and work, and they take it seriously. They believe they are offering students the opportunity to discover their potential and work towards it. Park University has always believed in diversity, starting with their first graduating class that included four women. Today, they are happy to welcome international students from more than 60 countries.

4. Washtenaw Community College

Degree: AS in Construction Management Supervision

Washtenaw Community College offers an online Associates Degree in Construction Supervision. This program is for individuals who are part of a building trade union and is available online or at the Ann Arbor campus. With this degree, apprentices and journey-level members can apply their training and experience to their associate degree. All of the classes are entirely online, giving students the ultimate convenience. Students must have completed plumbing, pipefitting, ironworking, HVAC, and bricklaying apprenticeships for this program. The online associates in construction management program at Washtenaw Community College is a high-skill and high-demand program leading to high wages.

Washtenaw Community College has many associations with experts in the industry. These partnerships include the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers. In addition, Washtenaw has a diverse student body with over 1,000 students from more than 100 foreign countries. The campus is 285 acres, in addition to extension centers that are strategically located. All of their facilities have recent technology and high-quality instructors. 

5. South Dakota State University

Degree: AS in Construction Technology

The online Associates of Science in Construction Technology degree at South Dakota State University is offered online and on-campus. This degree is offered through the Engineering College and prepares students for entry-level employment in the construction industry. Students can complete the AS degree with sixty credits. Furthermore, students interested in completing the school’s Bachelor’s of Science in Construction Management can apply the credits towards the four-year degree. 

South Dakota’s most prominent institution of higher education is SDSU. The school offers undergraduate and graduate degrees to over 11,000 students annually. The main campus is in Brookings, and SDSU also boasts a robust online program.
In addition, Qualifying veterans, active military members, and South Dakota National Guard members can receive a substantial tuition discount.

6. Harrisburg Area Community College

Degree: AAS in Building Construction Management

The Harrisburg Area Community College Associates in Applied Science (AAS) in Building Construction Management degree is available entirely online. During the two-year program, students will gain a broad knowledge of the overall construction process. Graduates will understand accounting, estimating, bidding, design, and sustainability as related to construction. They will also be able to read and interpret the various documents used by the industry. Surveying and safety are additional topics covered in this program. In addition to the program’s well-rounded nature, the credits from this degree can transfer to a four-year college or university with minimal loss of credit. Therefore, it is not a surprise that HACC has one of the best online construction management associate’s degrees in Pennsylvania and the country. 

Harrisburg Area Community College opened in 1964 and is the first community college in Pennsylvania. The school is also the largest community college in the state. Its five campuses and online campus offer over a hundred degree and certificate programs..

7. San Joaquin Valley College

Degree: AS in Construction Management

The San Joaquin Valley College online Associate of Science in Construction Management is available both online and in-person at the SJVC Ontario campus. Students can earn the degree in as few as fourteen months and be prepared to manage construction projects in residential and commercial settings. In addition, students learn project management skills that enable them to run a project smoothly, on budget, and complete it on time. Core classes in the SJVC Construction Management program include Scheduling and Control, Estimating and Bidding, and Computer Applications.

San Joaquin Valley College is a career college with seventeen campus locations throughout California. In addition, the private school offers many programs online. SJVC offers certificates, associate’s, and bachelor’s degrees to prepare students for medical, business, and tech careers.

8. Herkimer College (SUNY)

Degree: AS in Quality Assurance

The online Associates of Science in Quality Assurance from Herkimer College is one of the best online associates degrees for construction management. Students enrolled in this two-year program develop quality control and quality assurance skills that prepare them for the construction industry’s technical and business management roles. Graduates of this program also benefit from the SUNY transfer agreements. The Associate’s degree credit applies to the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program at Morrisville State College or SUNY Cobleskill. 

Herkimer is part of the State University of New York (SUNY) system and offers over forty affordable degrees in career and college transfer programs. 

9. Front Range Community College

Degree: AAS in Highway Maintenance Management

Front Range Community College has an online associate degree in Construction Management. The school’s Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree in Highway Maintenance Management is the first degree of its kind in the nation. Students can earn this unique online degree in four semesters with the completion of sixty-course credits. Although this two-year degree focuses on highway maintenance employees, this degree prepares students for management jobs in many areas of construction. The Front Range associate’s degree teaches communication, team building, and project management.

Front Range Community College has four campuses in Colorado and an Online Campus. The school offers twenty-five degrees and thirteen certificate programs through the Online Campus. FRCC opened in 1968 and is a part of the Colorado Community College System.

10. Kaskaskia College

Degree: AAS in Construction Project Management

The Kaskaskia College online Associate in Applied Science in Construction Project Management provides students with a wide range of skills to manage construction projects. The program begins with understanding materials and reading blueprints. It then builds on these basics as students learn to estimate, schedule, and Building Information Modeling (BIM). The program closes out with a 3D modeling course. Throughout the program, students learn using the latest software and technology. After graduating, students can apply almost all of the degree credits towards the Southern Illinois University Carbondale Technical Resource Management Baccalaureate Degree. 

Kaskaskia College is in Brookside, Illinois, and enrolls around 1,300 students annually. The public community college has a 190-acre main campus just outside of Centralia. In addition, the college has five satellite education centers in surrounding communities.

Top 10 Online Associate’s in Construction Management for 2022

What Kind of Jobs Can I Get With A Construction Management Degree?

What jobs can you get with an Online Associates in Construction Management? A student can choose many paths once they receive an online Associate’s Degree in Construction Management. Some of the career paths are listed below. 

Facilities Manager

A facilities manager is responsible for managing services that support the organization. This includes ensuring a safe work environment, planning, and participating in the daily activities for the organization’s operation. 

Site Engineer

A site engineer is a supervisor for the technical and organizational parts of a project. This person handles site construction for small and large projects related to infrastructure. 

Building Surveyor

A building surveyor solves problems that occur with buildings. They record and submit reports about defects surrounding a building. Then, they give advice and recommend solutions. 

Building Service Engineer

A building services engineer is the person responsible for the services going to a business so it can function. This includes maintaining existing operations and making improvements. These services may include lighting, power, security, heating, and cooling. 

Sustainability Consultant

A sustainability consultant determines solutions that are sustainable when determining how to correct problems around a building. This may include rebuilding infrastructure, coastal projects, developing new residential areas, and renovating older buildings. 

Is Construction Management A Good Career For The Future?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for construction managers is increasing by eleven percent (11%) from 2020 through 2030. This increase is faster than average, and the BLS projects over 38,000 job openings for construction managers each year in this period. The expectation is these jobs open because employees move to a different job or they retire. 

Today, in the United States, there are approximately 403,800 construction managers actively working. There could also be a need for more construction managers based on the rate of new construction in a given area. As the population grows, there will be a need for new buildings such as hospitals, schools, and housing. The greater concentration of construction managers is in the Texas, California, and Florida areas. An online associate in construction management is necessary for jobs in this field. Some positions may want a qualified candidate to work towards a Bachelor’s degree. 

Construction Management Resources:

Does Construction Management Pay Well?

The amount of money you can make with an online associate in construction management will depend somewhat on the part of the US in which you live and seek employment. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the median pay for a construction manager is $97,180 per year or $46.72 per hour. The high-end earning of a construction manager can be over $160,000; however, it is more likely to be around $126,000.

Some companies will pay a higher salary based on the amount of experience a candidate has. Other companies will pay a higher salary based on the degree that the candidate has. Some companies are looking for both education and experience. Some workers may have to start at a lower salary until they gain more experience through working. Some employers may start workers at a lower salary, and as the worker proves themselves, the salary increases.  

Is A Degree In Construction Management Worth It?

A 2-year construction management degree online is also known as an online associate degree in construction management. We have discussed an associate degree construction management salary and an associate degree in construction management jobs. Construction management is a growing field that pays well! An online construction management degree from a two-year program will be affordable and get you started on your career in construction management.


What Jobs Can I Do With A Construction Management Associate’s Degree?

What Construction Management Jobs Can I Do With An Associates Degree?

Construction Management jobs are plentiful and the construction industry in the United States is thriving. As a primary driver of the U.S. economy, contractors and developers are always looking for skilled talent. Additionally, skilled construction managers do more than build single-family homes and commercial buildings. Skilled managers and workers also supervise highway and civil construction projects such as dams, canals, roadways, bridges and tunnels.

People with a construction management associate degree are always in demand. Therefore, it pays to obtain the training needed to work in this rapidly growing industry. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the Online Schools Guide Top Online Associates in Construction Management degrees.

What Jobs Can You Get With An Associates Degree In Construction Management?

With an associate degree, you’ll have the training you need to work many construction management jobs. For example, you can work as an assistant to a general contractor project manager or work as a property manager. Additionally, people with this degree gain the skills necessary to prepare contracts, plan budgets or work in equipment sales. You also get the training to work as a carpenter, drywall installer, finisher, and concrete installer.

Can You Be a Construction Manager With An Associate Degree?

In most cases, people need a bachelor’s degree to work as construction managers. However, many people work as construction managers with two or three years of relevant training or experience. Fortunately, a construction management associate degree is a solid foundation to pursue a bachelor’s degree in architecture, construction science, or engineering.

Construction management offers an array of multi-faceted and diversified career paths. If creating, building, and maintaining structures is one of your passions, students have several careers from which to choose. Here are a few examples:

construction management jobs
Construction Management Jobs are widely available to individuals with an Associates Degree.

What Jobs Can You Get In Construction Management?

Construction management offers an array of multi-faceted and diversified career paths. If creating, building, and maintaining structures is one of your passions, students have several careers from which to choose. Here are a few examples of construction management jobs:

Site Engineer

As a site engineer, you’ll work as a technical and organizational supervisor on-site. Site engineers also determine infrastructural installation locations and create plans and designs for on-site construction. Other duties include determining operational costs, recommending technical design changes, evaluating a project’s environmental impact, and incorporating sustainable solutions into an environment’s designs.

Building Surveyor

Building surveyors provide recommendations and advice about structural defects, preventative maintenance issues, structure sustainability, and any potential restorations needed. Surveyors then prepare detailed reports called surveys. Some building surveyors work on the design and construction of new buildings.

Facilities Manager

A facilities manager is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of current structures. From managing support staff and third-party suppliers, facilities managers strategically plan to keep built environments functioning. Duties often include building and ground maintenance, protecting the health and safety of occupants. Facilities managers also ensure utilities and communication systems are working properly.

Sustainability Consultant

Sustainability consultants work on a wide range of restoration projects and promote the use of sustainable solutions in preconstruction and built environments. Duties also include renovating older structures, planning the restoration and reuse of property and land, offering recommendations to improve a business’s effect on the environment, and revitalizing urban areas.

Building Services Engineer

A building services engineer designs and installs improvements to built environments and maintains an existing structure’s operations. You’ll often integrate new technologies with renewable energy, maintain the lighting, heating, cooling, and power of buildings and ensure all mechanical aspects of a building are safe and functioning properly.

How Much Can You Make With An Associates Degree In Construction Management?

According to Payscale, the average annual salary for someone with a construction management associate degree is $73,000. However, salaries depend on several factors, including job title, job descriptions, and the duties and responsibilities of the job. Here are a few annual median salary examples:

  • Construction Project Manager- $77,100
  • Assistant Construction Superintendent- $61,000
  • Commercial Construction Superintendent- $76,580
  • Construction Superintendent- $80,200
  • Assistant Construction Project Manager- $45,180
  • Engineering Supervisor- $66,870

As a construction manager, you’ll ensure projects run smoothly from beginning to end. During this time, construction managers will work with many other professionals. For example, specialized contractors work with electricians, architects, HVAC specialists, stonemasons, and landscapers.

What Is The Job Outlook With A Degree In Construction Management?

Construction management is a field worth pursuing. The U.S. Department of Labor estimates the industry will grow by 8 percent or more through 2029. As demand increases for more complex structures and environmentally-friendly buildings, construction managers are fast becoming an integral part of every project phase. An associate’s degree in this fast-growing field will prepare you for long-term success. 

A construction management associate’s degree lays the foundation for one day overseeing an entire project. You’ll get the training needed to manage the different areas of each project and work with top-level managers during each phase of construction.

Your Career In Construction Management

There are many pathways to choose from when deciding to earn one of the Top Online Associates Degrees in Construction Management. Much of the work available prepares anyone to handle careers dedicated to public safety as a whole. Someone who enjoys serving others and can devote the necessary training to protecting themselves will discover it is a rewarding option. 


Top 10 Online Associates in Construction Management for 2022