10 Best Scholarships For Online Schools

Here is our list of the 10 Best Scholarships For Online Schools. The number of online degree programs offered by colleges and universities have increased dramatically in the last five years. For many years while online programs were taking traction, students and institutions were confused by the validity of programs and if there was financial aid available to attend school online. However, there are now many programs and scholarships that online students can find to help pay for college.

If you are interested in attending an online degree program and need help financially, we are here to help guide you. The scholarships we list below are in not ranked. However, we tried to list them in order of the largest scholarship amount to the lowest amount.

1. AICPA Foundation Scholarship

The AICPA Foundation Scholarship was founded in 2013 by AICPA as a form of financial support for CPA students who intend to complete a degree in accounting or any accounting-related course. It’s available for all accounting students looking to transition from a two-year college to a four-year tertiary institution or university. The amount is channeled directly to the school’s account, and the scholarship is non-renewable. 

Only 25 students can apply for this scholarship for online college each year. All applications are open beginning December 1, and prospective beneficiaries can apply on the AICPA website. Once the selection panel has received good submissions, they review each application individually and choose a winner. Factors they consider when selecting include future career interests in accounting, academic achievements, and leadership roles. All qualified applicants get official notifications of their awards, including the date of disbursements on August 1.  

Award amount: $5,000 each academic year for two years 

2. College Raptor Scholarship 

The College Raptor scholarship for online school is a financial support program run by College Raptor. It’s available for all American Students aged 16 and above, including those in the District of Columbia and any other U.S. territory. To qualify for the program, applicants participate in an essay-writing contest. 

All applicants must first register on the Sponsor’s website and use the search tool to identify where to submit their pieces. Then, they write error-free and grammatically sound short essays and submit them on the website. Finally, the selection panel will announce all winners before March 1, 2022. All the prizes are in the form of checks, with the cash wired directly to the post-secondary institution the recipient enrolls in. 

Award amount: $2,500 for the champion and the runners-up $1,000

3. Optimal Online Degree Scholarship 

Optimal online degree scholarship is one of the best scholarships for online schools. The contest was pioneered by Optimal to support winners enrolled in their respective accredited post-secondary learning institutions across the U.S. This contest is open to all students aged 16 and above and legal residents of the United States. Eligible candidates must make their application at a specific time the Sponsor announces on their website. However, the timelines usually vary, so applicants should check the website multiple times to determine when the contest begins. 

Winners amass different non-renewable prizes depending on the category of their submissions. After submitting their applications, the Sponsor’s judges assess the submissions and announce the winners seven business days after the deadline. Judges also consider academic details, applicants’ financial needs, and personal circumstances when making their selection. Applicants with special needs are given preference and they are required to complete a form detailing personal circumstances affecting their families. 

Award amount: $2,000 to the highest winner 

4. SHRM Academic Scholarships 

Some of the best scholarships for online schools are through SHRM. Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) offers academic scholarships to its current students and professionals. The scholarships are open to members seeking to enroll in undergraduate or doctoral programs for HR-related courses. Other eligibility requirements include registration at a regionally accredited tertiary institute and a minimum cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 for undergraduates and 3.5 GPA for graduates. 

The award is a one-time reward and non-renewable. However, beneficiaries may reapply if they are under the category of the particular groups outlined on the SHRM website. Beneficiaries have their awards sent to their respective learning institutions in the form of checks. The timeline for the scholarship changes as the Sponsor may deem fit. 

Award amount: $5,000 for undergraduates and $2,500 for graduates 

5. Starbucks College Achievement Plan 

The Starbuck College Achievement Plan is a scholarship for an online college run by Starbucks. It’s open to all Starbucks partners with no undergraduate degree and who are under ASU enrollment. All applicants must also complete the financial aid files and provide additional documentation given by the university at the beginning of the first session or semester. Successful applicants get 42% of their tuition fees funded upfront at the time of their enrollment. 

Further, Starbucks commits to completing the remaining tuition and mandatory fees at the end of the semester. That means all the beneficiaries will have their tuition fees paid in full by the time they graduate. The Starbucks Achievement scholarship is open for application from August 1 to November 9. All prospective beneficiaries are required to send their applications to the Sponsor’s website. Further communication is also accessible through the website. 

Award amount: Vary depending on the tuition fees 

6. Study.Com Academic Scholarships 

Study.com provides this scholarship program as one of the best scholarships for online schools. The financial support program is for undergraduate distance learning degree students. Eligible candidates for this program must be pursuing any of the programs outlined on the Sponsors website under distant learning arrangements. In addition, the scholarship for online school is only available to learners who are residents of the U.S or permanent residents in the United States.

Applicants must make their submissions online on the Sponsor’s website. The selection panel will notify winners after the deadline ends. The prize is one-time. However, all applicants are open to reapply in the subsequent applications, including the beneficiaries. Awards are in the form of checks channeled to the institution’s bank account to pay for tuition fees only. Also, those who earn more than $600 per year get IRS or equivalent.

Award Amount: $500

7. Taco Bell Live Más Scholarship

One of the best scholarships for online school is the Taco Bell Live Más Scholarship, pioneered and run by Taco Bell. It’s open for non-Taco Bell and Taco Bell Partners and employees who’re legal or permanent residents in the United States. Unlike most of the scholarships highlighted above, this support program does not consider the athletic ability or grades of the applicants. Instead, the selection panel looks into the passion and drive demonstrated by each applicant to determine the winner.

This scholarship program comes in three main categories. The first is the Live Mas Scholarship program available for all students who’re legal residents in the U.S. The second is the Live Mas Scholarship for restaurants that support upcoming chefs and hoteliers. And the third is the Live Mas Scholarship Renewal program available for previous winners of the awards provided in the first category.

Award Amount: $5,000

8. Ted Rollins Eco Scholarship 

The Ted Rollins Eco Scholarship is one of the best scholarships for online schools. Ted Rollins and Valeo Groupe Americas provide the award to help environmentally conscious students who live in America offset their tuition fees. It also caters to books and other secondary expenses a learner may need in the tertiary institutions of their choice. This scholarship for online school is open to college undergraduates and high school seniors, and learners planning to enroll in business, marketing, and sustainability fields. For continuing students, part of the eligibility qualifications requires that the student must have ten credit hours to handle things during the Spring 2022 semester. 

All applicants can enter the competition by writing an essay about the advancement of sustainability and ecopreneurship. Once completed, they should submit a copy of the essay online and wait for their marking and feedback. Winners will get an official notification from the bench of three judges after the deadline expires. This notification includes the official release of checks and collection points for the same. This competition and award are one-time, and winners may not have another chance to participate in the subsequent contest.

Award amount: $1,000

9.Unigo $10K Scholarship 

Unigo 10k Scholarship is one of the best scholarships for an online school. The special award offered by UNIGO is for U.S. students who are legal residents of the United States. It also covers those living in the District of Columbia. All applicants must be 14 years and above. Under this scholarship for online college, applicants have a wide range of categories to choose from. For example, there are athletic scholarships, merit-based scholarships, scholarships for online college, sweepstakes, contests, etc.

Combined, UNIGO offers up to 400 slots per year. Participants in the online contest should write an essay under a given title and submit the complete document online. For example, this year’s topic is “2020 was a year to remember. What is the most important thing to remember about 2020?” The complete work should be around 250 words, void of grammatical errors, fluff, and obscene diction. The winners will get a one-time, non-renewable award. 

Award amount: $10,000

10. Dr. Pepper Tuition Giveaway 

Another one of the Best Scholarships for Online Schools is the Dr. Pepper Tuition Giveaway. The company has rolled $650,000 worth of money as a giveaway to financially vulnerable students this year. In this scholarship for online college, applicants don’t need to write down a piece of an essay. Neither do they need to participate in sweepstakes? It is simple. They only need to record a TikTok video explaining why they deserve the award and how the support will help them change the world. 

All applicants must be aged between 18 to 24 years. They must be creative and passionate. Once done, Dr. Pepper will choose the finalists and group them into three categories. The first category includes five participants, with each getting up to $100,000. The second group (runners-up) is also made of 5 members, with each getting $25,000. The last group consists of 10 participants, each receiving $2,500. All these prizes are one-time and none-renewable. 

Award amount: $100,000 for champs, $250,000 for runners-up, and $2,500 consolation prize.  

What Are The Best Scholarships For Online Schools?

How Much Can I Expect from a Scholarship?

Each scholarship program is unique. As such, the amounts vary depending on the duration of the study, level, and institution of learning. On average, learners in the U.S. get between $1,000 and $5,0000. Most sponsors channel the amount directly into the accredited institutions’ accounts. 

Are There Fees for Scholarships?

Are There Fees for Scholarships?

All scholarships have a certain degree of hidden costs. It can be postage duties, cost of creating, and time. So before filling out the application, it is best to ask for the hidden fees you might employ. 

Which Is the Best Paying Scholarship?

Which Is the Best Paying Scholarship?

The best-paying scholarships for online schools range between $16,000 to $25,000. Universities that offer such amounts include the University of Bath, Bournemouth University, and the famous Oxford University. 

How Do You Get a 100% Scholarship for Online School?

How Do You Get a 100% Scholarship for Online School?

Most scholarships require good academic qualifications and leadership skills. Achieve high academic grades and top it up with other life skills or passions to stand out from other applicants. Maybe the only limiting factor can be financial background, especially for applicants from a middle or low-class family. 

Which Scholarships Are Easy to Get?

Which Scholarships Are Easy to Get? 

Scholarships that require applicants to complete FASFA are straightforward to get. The same applies to no-essay scholarships. But if a student can work for merit or “you deserve it scholarship,” they are better off since this type of scholarship is non-competitive. 

What Is the Best Scholarship Website? 

There is a wide range of websites where a college student can get updated information on the best scholarship. Some of the websites to prioritize include Scholarships.com, fastweb.com, Chegg.com, and Unigo. Students can also rely on our website for first-hand information about lucrative scholarships rolled out by various sponsors every week. 

How Do I Apply for a Scholarship?  

The methods to follow when applying for a scholarship differ from one Sponsor to the other. But first, students must know the eligibility requirements for the specific scholarship in which they are interested. 

If the scholarship is an essay contest, the student should get the essay topic on the Sponsor’s website and write a killer copy. After that, they should submit the essay, together with a copy of the academic documents, plus a list of other requirements like the applicant’s photo. 


Are There Scholarships for Online Schools?

How Can I Get a Student Discount on a Computer?

Top Online Associates in Business Administration for 2022

Top 10 Online Associates in Business Administration for 2022

Here is our list of the Top 10 Online Associates in Business Administration for 2022! An associate degree in Business Administration is one of the most versatile two-year degrees you can get. It is a foundational degree that equates to the first two years of a four-year program. Students can enter the workforce after graduating or continue to earn a bachelor’s degree. Business degrees apply to almost every part of our workforce and are some of the most popular degrees. Students can go into accounting, marketing, project management, or be the manager of any business. Some students with undergraduate business degrees go on to law school or get an MBA. Whatever your career path, we are here to get you started on your career in business administration.

How We Ranked The Top Online Schools Associates in Business Administration

The editors at Online Schools Guide found schools offering online or hybrid Associates Degrees in Business Administration. Then, based on cost, reputation, and future salary, we ranked the programs.

1. Florida Institute of TechnologyAA in Business Administration
2. Dakota County Technical College AS in Business Administration
3. Lake Region State College AA in Business Administration
4. Trine University Associate in Business Administration
5. John Wood Community CollegeAAS in Business Management
6. Saint Francis UniversityAS in Business Administration
7. Campbellsville UniversityAS Business Administration
8. Central Piedmont Community CollegeAS Business Administration
9. Diablo Valley CollegeAS in Business or AA in Business (transfer)
10. Herkimer County Community CollegeAS or AAS in Business Administration
Online Schools Guide Top 10 Online Associates in Business Administration for 2022

1. Florida Institute of Technology

Degree: AA in Business Administration

One of the top online schools with an Associates in Business Administration is the Florida Institute of Technology. The degree is a sixty-four credit program that takes most students two years to complete. Students take classes in accounting, management, and economics and graduate with a broad business foundation. FIT also offers Bachelor’s degrees in business administration. Students interested in continuing their education can also complete a four-year degree in business administration at FIT.

Often referred to as Florida Tech, the school opened in 1958 and currently has over 6,000 students. Florida Tech is known as Florida’s STEM University, and the campus is in Melbourne. FTU offers traditional degrees, online degrees, and programs at a handful of education centers outside Florida. 

2. Dakota County Technical College 

Degree: AS in Business Administration

Dakota County Technical College is one of the top online schools with an Associates in Business Administration degree program. The school’s 60-credit AS in Business Administration degree is a flexible program that offers an accelerated track. Students can take classes entirely online or attend evening classes on campus. In addition, there are full-time and part-time options and multiple start dates throughout the year. After completing the AS in Business Administration, students can transfer to a four-year institution. The school maintains transfer agreements with many Minnesota universities.

Dakota County Technical College is a public community college located in Rosemont, Minnesota. DCTC opened in 1970 and currently enrolls around 2000 students. DCTC offers forty-one associates degree programs and fifty-five diploma and certificate programs. Tuition is affordable and only about one-third of what students pay at comparable institutions.

3. Lake Region State College

Degree: AA in Business Administration

The online associates in Business Administration at Lake Region State College is an excellent program. Graduates are prepared with broad business education and enter the workforce or transfer to a four-year institution. The school’s Associate in Arts (AA) in Business Administration degree program has three tracks. While completing the sixty-three credit degree, students can focus on marketing, accounting, or management. In addition, the LRSC degree is transfer-friendly in North Dakota. Thus, students can use the AA credit toward a bachelor’s degree at a university.

Established in 1941, the college has changed names and ownership several times. First known as Devils Lake Junior College and Business School, then from 1987 until 1999, the college was a branch campus of the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks, known as UND-Lake Region. It currently has over 2,000 undergraduate students enrolled and a GED program for students who have not completed high school. 

4. Trine University

Degree: Associate in Business Administration

Trine University has one of the top online schools with associates in Business Administration. The school is one of the options for students looking to take the entirety of their coursework online. What makes this program distinguishable is the fact that it is stackable. Once you complete the sixty-credit associates degree, you have the option to remain on as a student and complete your BS in Business Administration. Overall, this program is excellent for its flexibility and has the bonus of coming from a four-year university with a quality reputation.

Trine University is a private university in Indiana, founded in 1884. This university is notable for offering degrees beyond the two-year associate degrees most of the other colleges offer. While this school has over 2,200 students enrolled full-time and in-person, it is noteworthy for having a significant online presence. There are an additional 2,800 or more students enrolled solely in the online curriculum. 

5. John Wood Community College

Degree: AAS in Business Management

Another one of the top online schools with an associate in Business Administration is John Wood Community College. John Wood offers an Associate of Applied Science in Business Management that prepares students for accounting managers and sales supervisors. Students can also earn a Business Management Certificate that includes twelve classes in the AAS. The certificate program is a stackable credential enabling students to build towards the AAS degree.

John Wood Community College is in Quincy, Illinois. The two-year community college opened in 1974 and currently enrolls around 3,500 students. This school is also notable for possessing one of the largest libraries in Illinois, containing more than 20,000 volumes of work.

6. Saint Francis University

Degree: AS in Business Administration

Saint Francis University is an online school with an associate in Business Administration. The school offers an entry-level Associate of Science degree in Business Administration mainly to adult learners. Delivered entirely online, the program provides students with practical business knowledge and skills to enter the business field. Graduates qualify for entry-level accounting and management positions. In addition, after completing the degree, students can continue at Saint Francis University and earn a Bachelor of Science degree.

Saint Francis University was founded in 1847 as a private Catholic school in Loretto, Pennsylvania. It currently enrolls over 1,500 students and is notable both for its athletics and its alumni. While it offers various programs ranging from certificates to postgraduate degrees, many associate degree programs are available online. 

7. Campbellsville University

Degree: AS Business Administration

An affordable online school with an associate in business administration is Campbellsville University. The school’s associates degree in Business Administration is a sixty-two credit program with eight-week long courses. Most students can completed the degree over a two-year time frame. This school is fantastic for anybody looking to get a quick degree from a school with a plethora of experience in fine-tuning an online curriculum.

Campbellsville University is a Christian school located in Campbellsville, Kentucky. The private university opened in 1906 and is affiliated with the Baptist church. They are well known for offering affordable online programs at the undergraduate and graduate level.   

8. Central Piedmont Community College

Degree: AS Business Administration

Students can find another one of the top online schools with an associate in Business Administration at Central Piedmont Community College. The CPCC Associates in Business Administration offers four specialization areas in Project Management, Human Resources Management, Global Business, and Marketing and Retailing. Most students who attend full-time complete the associate degree in two years. However, part-time options are available.

Central Piedmont Community College can help students develop individualized career plans despite their large class sizes. With special tools like Career Coach at their disposal, to help better place students on the right path in their respective fields. This school is the answer for those looking for a specific structure based on their interests and aptitudes without the small-college feel to accompany them. Central Piedmont Community College is in Charlotte, North Carolina. With over 50,000 students, it is one of the largest community colleges in the US and the second-largest community college in North Carolina. 

9. Diablo Valley College

Degree: AS in Business or AA in Business (transfer)

The Diablo Valley College online associate in Business Administration is another top choice for students. The school’s Business Management program offers an online  Associate of Science (AS) in Business and a college transfer Associate of Arts (AA) in Business. Transfer agreements with numerous schools enable students to get a bachelor’s degree without losing credits. Certificate programs are available that students can stack within the degree. The tuition for this program is affordable, especially for California students. 

Diablo Valley College is a public community college located across multiple campuses in California, primarily Pleasant Hill. The school was established in 1949 and currently supports a 22,000 student enrollment. While it is largely unknown outside the west coast, it maintains a good reputation locally, dubbed one of California’s top five best transfer schools. 

10. Herkimer County Community College

Degree: AS or AAS in Business Administration

A top online school with two online associates in Business Administration degrees is Herkimer County Community College. The Herkimer Associate of Science (AS) is Business Administration provides a foundation in business. Students can enter the workforce or transfer to a four-year school to earn a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. The more technical Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Business Administration provides the skills necessary to move into entry-level management positions. Students are prepared for employment in the public and private sectors or transfer to a four-year institution. Transfer agreements with four-year colleges and universities to provide a seamless transfer of credits for students pursuing either degree.

Herkimer County Community College is a community college in New York. As part of the State University of New York (SUNY) system, the school offers over forty degrees and certificate programs. Herkimer opened in 1966 and currently enrolls over 2,300 students. As a forerunner in accessible education, Herkimer offers many of the same amenities as four-year institutions. Students who study on campus have residential halls available, a dining complex, and even sports teams. 

Top 10 Online Schools Associates in Business Administration for 2022

What Can I Do With An Associate in Business Administration Degree?

Graduates with degrees in business administration are entering one of the most versatile fields of the workforce. The possible jobs are next to endless, but most of these options maintain a single common thread. According to the Diablo Valley College website, ranked number nine, the most common position available to program graduates is management.

A few of the more lucrative positions they list among their job outlooks include logistics managers, operations managers, business intelligence analysts, sales managers, and business continuity specialists. These jobs are shown to go upwards of $70 per hour and permeate many fields in the goods and the service industries.

Is Business Administration A Good Career For The Future?

Due to the variety of uses for the degree, business administration has a high job outlook for the future. According to the US Bureau of Labor, this field will grow by 9% from 2020-2030, indicating average sustainable job growth. This figure includes positions opened both by replacing others in the area and filling newly created positions. The statistics provided by the US Bureau of Labor indicate it is a promising career for the future. Not only does it offer many jobs in a variety of fields, but the degree is also projected to be nowhere close to obsolete by 2030.

How Much Can You Make With An Associate in Business Administration Degree?

A business administration degree has high opportunities to make a lucrative salary. The United States department of labor does not quote median wages for those with associates degrees. However, the average salary of someone in the field with a bachelor’s degree is $98,890, a mere $110 away from six figures. 

Both Diablo Valley College and Trine University offer figures on their respective sites. They indicate that one is more likely to receive an hourly wage with an associate’s degree, often ranging from $45-$70 per hour. Overall, the pay is worth the degree, for a single income alone is well above the poverty line. If you are in a double-income household with this degree, your lifestyle could be both very comfortable and extravagant.

Is Business Administration an AA, AAS, or AS Degree?

It is entirely possible to earn an associates degree in Business Administration entirely online at several reputable community colleges and universities in the United States. Primarily, the online degree offered is a simple Associate Science (AS) degree. However, multiple schools provide variants of the program, Associates of Applied Science (AAS degrees). The Associates of Arts in Business Administration is less common and often isn’t offered at all. Generally, it would be best to stick with either the AS or the AAS degree programs.


Top Business Bachelor’s Degrees

Top 10 Majors For A Mediation Career

Top Online Associates in Business Administration for 2022

What Can I Do With An Associates in Business Administration?

An associate degree in business administration is a two-year degree that gives students a broad business education. Graduates are prepared for the workforce or to transfer to a four-year university. When you want to attend a two-year program for your associate’s degree in business administration, you might be worried if the degree is worth it.

What Jobs Can I Get With An Associates Degree in Business Administration?

However, there are many entry-level jobs you can get with an associate degree in business administration. We have compiled a list of jobs that may be hiring with an associate degree in business near you. We listed the most in-demand jobs first.

What Can I Do With An Associates in Business Administration?

1. Logisticians

Job Growth: 30%

Pay Range: $63,170 to $208,000

Logisticians oversee supply chains. They are responsible for activities that include purchasing, transportation, inventory, and warehousing. 

2. Operations Research Associate

Job Growth: 25%

Pay Range: $48,050 to $144,330

Operations research associates work under Operations research analysts. They advise managers on the best way to manage the supply chain, set prices, and assist in developing production schedules. 

3. Financial Examiner Associate

Job Growth: 18%

Pay Range: $43,890 to $159,120

Financial examiners typically work in risk assessment to evaluate financial institutions, ensure they offer safe loans, and have enough cash. Financial examiners also work in consumer compliance to monitor lending activity and ensure that borrowers are treated fairly. 

4. Convention Planners

Job Growth: 18%

Pay Range: $29,240 to $88,360

Convention planners organize professional events, including conferences and business conventions. They coordinate every detail of the planning, execution, and cleanup of these events. 

5. Food Service Managers

Job Growth: 15%

Pay Range: $33,880 to $94,770

Food Service Managers take care of the daily operations of establishments that prepare and serve food. For example, they may work in restaurants or facilities like hospitals. They are usually responsible for service, staffing, and business financial planning and budgeting.

6. Management Analyst

Job Growth: 14%

Pay Range: $50,990 to $156,840

Management analysts find and recommend ways to improve an organization’s efficiency. Also called management consultants, they advise managers on making organizations more profitable through reduced costs and increased revenues.

7. Human Resources Specialists

Job Growth: 10%

Pay Range: $37,710 to $109,350

Human resources specialists recruit and hire job applicants for new roles and open positions. They can also be responsible for employee relations, compensation, and benefits.

8. Business Operations Specialists

Job Growth: 9%

Pay Average: $84,290

Business Operations Specialists find ways to increase the daily performance of a business or organization. They are also called Project Management Specialists.

9. Sales Managers

Job Growth: 7%

Pay Range: $63,170 to $208,000

Sales Managers direct the sales team of an organization. They train sales representatives and set sales goals for individuals and the organization. 

10. Cost Estimator

Job Growth: 1%

Pay Range: $40,380 to $114,360

Cost estimators analyze the cost and time needed to complete a project. The project may be manufacturing a product, providing a service, or a construction project. In addition, the cost estimators often have an industry in which they specialize.

Can You Get A Bachelor’s Degree After An Associates In Business Administration?

If you earned an associate degree in business administration, you could move on to complete a bachelor’s degree in business. Most programs allow the student to transfer most of the credit from the associate’s degree and al=pply them toward a bachelor’s program. 

A typical four-year degree consists of 120 credits, and a two-year degree is usually 60 credits. So, if you can use the credits from the associates, you are halfway to completing a bachelor’s degree. Students who know they want to transfer to a four-year school eventually should consult their advisor when they first enroll in a program. The advisor can make sure you complete the correct classed that are university transfer-friendly.

What Is A Stackable Business Administration Program?

Some schools offer stackable programs. The idea is you earn a certificate, a diploma, then an associate degree, and then a bachelor’s degree. These programs can save you time and money, and if you find one, they are definitely worth checking out!


Top 10 Online Schools Associates in Business Administration

Top 10 Majors For A Mediation Career

Top 10 Majors For A Mediation Career

Top 10 Majors For A Mediation Career

Are You interested in finding the best major for a Mediation career? If you enjoy critical thinking and persuasion, you might be interested in a career in the growing field of Mediation. 

What Is A Mediator?

Mediation is a type of alternative dispute resolution. When there are disagreements, Mediators facilitate discussions between the opposing parties. Using negotiation and interpersonal skills, mediators guide parties to decide on an agreement. The process is often faster and less expensive a trials or litigation. In business, Mediation is often used to resolve contract disputes. Mediators do not render binding decisions, and if the parties cannot reach an agreement, they may end up in court. 

Top 10 Majors For A Mediation Career

What Are The Best Majors For A Career In Mediation?

Mediators train through a combination of work experience and education. The requirements to become a mediator vary by state. While most Mediators have a bachelor’s degree, very few have a degree specific to Mediation or conflict resolution. Instead, many have a degree relevant to the area in which they work. For example, a business mediator may have a degree in business. 

Here is our list of the 10 Best Majors For a Career in Mediation.

1. Legal Studies or Pre-Law

Pre-Law Major For A Mediation Career

A Legal Studies or Pre-Law curriculum presents a thorough academic program for students majoring in law-related studies. Legal Studies or Pre-Law programs give students a strong base in legal research, legal writing, and ethics. The legal field of study is ideally suited to teach and grow the unique skills needed for a Degree in Mediation. And for pre-law student majors who want a substantial “leg-up” for entrance into graduate or law school. Legal Studies or Pre-Law majors will develop critical thinking and speaking skills while enhancing studies by participating in mock mediation trials and other real-life career experiences.

Having a deep understanding of the legal environment and pre-law is a powerful asset for college graduates planning careers in Mediation. Legal Studies or Pre-Law introduces the judicial system, basic law concepts, and legal practice areas. These studies also help with a Degree for a Career in Mediation through training in analysis and written and spoken communication. 

2. Political Science

Political Science Major For A Mediation Career

A Political Science student typically studies a fascinating combination of politics and law, arbitration skills, and general business. This combination of knowledge offers various career opportunities for Political Science majors, including the exciting opportunity to move on to receive a Degree in Mediation. 

For the Political Science major interested in going into law, becoming a Mediator is a strong mesh with their Political Science studies. These areas complement each other because political science majors tend to examine the nature of and power of governments more closely, all while strengthening their analysis and research skills. In addition, it is a fact that Political Science students tend to keep up with current events and are good at debating and mediating. That is precisely why taking on a Degree in Mediation will deepen a Political Science graduate’s understanding of the forces that guide specific political and law processes. Students will also learn alternative dispute resolution (where people settle disputes away from the courtroom atmosphere). Also called conciliators, Mediators help to dispute parties to resolve legal conflicts. A perfect path for a student with a Political Science background!

3. Psychology

Psychology Major For A Mediation Career

No matter which area of the science they are studying, every psychology student learns about conflict resolution management. A Psychology student will learn how to expertly “dialogue” with people to help them open up, talk it out, bring factual information to the surface, and help develop various options for various problems. These Psychology degree skills are ideally suited for stepping up to a Career in Mediation.

Psychology majors can easily take the path toward a Career in Mediation through their previous studies in mediations with people to sort out various problems. Psychology is a very diverse field of study. As long as people are involved, there is room for a career for a person with a background in psychology, from law to Mediation to counseling and so much more. Students who are familiar with reasonable conflict resolution are superb candidates for becoming a Mediator. Mediators should have excellent listening and communication skills and bring problems to the surface and help resolve those problems.

4. Business

Business Major For A Mediation Career

Business undergraduate students typically study a nicely rounded and broad business background, with a curriculum including business management, operations, marketing, and more. Therefore, a good Mediator needs experience in business analysis, business management, sales-speak, and other business necessities. In addition, having a background in business, communications, or law is perfect for those who want to continue their education and a career in Mediation.

A student with a business degree can step seamlessly into a Career for Mediation, or a business mediator, who is specifically responsible for settling disputes between small or large businesses. Students with business majors have strong leadership skills and organizational and time management skills. They are also more comfortable with public speaking, problem-solving, networking, decision-making, and negotiation. Based on these skills and their understanding of business, students with this background can learn how to listen neutrally to help businesses resolve a range of disagreements.

5. Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Major For A Mediation Career

Criminal Justice majors follow a curriculum of studies that includes learning about our court system. These studies involve policing and corrections, and crime psychology – all perfect roadmaps for a Degree, and a Career, in Mediation. 

Criminal Justice basics include an array of learning and knowledge. Students with this major have a solid understanding of legal studies, psychology, social work, and sociology. They also understand public administration, and the Criminal Justice student has a solid foundation for a Mediation Career. The skills of learning critical thinking and problem solving, along with Communication and decision-making, in the Criminal Justice field further strengthen the bridge to becoming an excellent Mediator. 

6. English

English Major For A Mediation Career

With their focus on a range of academic skills, from researching and writing, to oral Communication and persuasive speech, to critical and analytical thinking, English majors can be a valuable force with a Degree in Mediation. English majors nurture and grow their reading and writing skillset as they study various levels of history and culture through literature, poetry, and stories. In addition, they learn how to build their strong voices while reading about and listening to other strong voices and influences.

To step into a Career in Mediation, students need the critical thinking and strong communication abilities that English majors possess. Strong voices backed by the study of solid influencers: these are the types of skills that will help students better negotiate, problem-solve, and arbitrate in their roles as Mediators.

7. Sociology

English Major For A Mediation Career

Students of Sociology have the skills to comprehend various organizations and our social world and, of course, people themselves. The typical sociologist has the training, the experience, and the genuine interest in working with people and solving their problems. Studying Sociology provides these students with the skills to objectively analyze a situation without ever losing sight of the individual. Sociology students also acquire the necessary analytical and research skills to formulate communications in law and policy settings.

Having a Sociology degree is a strong fit for an eventual career in Mediation. With their studies of the criminal justice system combined with sociological perspectives and a solid understanding of researching and analyzing data, Sociology students have a solid base for getting a Degree in Mediation.

8. Communications

Communication Major For A Mediation Career

Students who major in Communications have the advantage of learning a broad and essential palette of interpersonal communication studies, including rhetoric and argumentation, group and persuasive communications, and organizational communication. Excellent steps toward a Degree, and a Career, in Mediation!

Communication students learn to listen, closely and actively, to the viewpoints and feelings of other people. In addition to the competence in listening skills, Communication students learn to become more neutral, unbiased, and creative. These are all essential layers to the role of a skilled Mediator. Furthermore, Communication students learn the skills needed to properly clarify questions to reach a fair resolution, making a Degree in Mediation a natural next step.

9. History

History Major For A Mediation Career

History majors know how to patiently explore the past, giving them special skills to understand people, societies, and cultures. These skills are for History students to become sharp critical thinkers and analytical writers. All of these abilities are much needed in a career in Mediation. 

A good Mediator needs to hear all sides of, and make unbiased sense out of, often complicated stories. History students have these Communication and analytical skills in their back pocket, making it perfect for their successful jump toward a Degree in Mediation.

10. Social Work

Social Work Major For A Mediation Career

Social Work majors study our various social systems and their infrastructures. Social Work includes a large variety of jobs, all aimed at helping to better people’s lives through counseling and finding resources. Social Work students are compassionate, analytical, unbiased, excellent communicators (both oral and written). Their skillset fits perfectly for a Degree and a Career in Mediation.

Through their aim in understanding the many types of challenges people face every day, Social Work students are adept in human behaviors, researching improvements to people’s lives, policy analysis, and ethics. Naturally empathetic, Social Work students know how to listen and solve problems through skilled Communication and offer the right tools and services to mediate and negotiate and ultimately make improvements. A Degree in Mediation for the Social Work student awaits!

What Degree Do You Need to Become a Mediator?

There are several ways to become a Mediator. A bachelor’s degree in a relevant field is where most begin. Later some mediators may attend law school, obtain a master’s degree, or take a mediation training course. These requirements vary from state to state.

There are a particular number of training hours needed to become a mediator. This also varies by state. However, the majority of states require 20 – 40 hours of training. Typically, once you receive your Degree for Career in Mediation, you will work on a certain number of cases under supervision until you can start working on your own.  

How Do I Become a Mediator?

There are specific skills needed to be a good Mediator, and you most likely have many, if not all, of them! Skills such as active listening, excellent speaking and writing abilities, high reading comprehension. The ability to negotiate and solve differences and persuade when necessary, empathy, and understanding people are essential. Also, complex problem solving, such as seeing a problem and finding the best way to unravel it, is part of a Career in Mediation. How many do you have?

Then, of course, there are specific steps to acquiring a Degree for a Career in Mediation. These steps include:

  • Having a bachelor’s degree, a law degree, or a master’s degree (these requirements vary by state, so be sure to check the requirements for your state)
  • Getting on-the-job training through whichever mediation programs or organization you attend
  • Receive Mediator licensing or certification upon completion of your Mediator Career studies
  • Attend conferences and become part of organizations that can help connect you with jobs in your new Mediator Career

Resources For A Career In Mediation

Is Mediation a Good Career?

Having a Degree for a Mediator Career holds a positive career outlook. Indeed, acquiring a Degree for a Career in Mediation is a good career move! Due to back-ups in the courtrooms and the high cost of using a Mediator to resolve disputes is becoming increasingly popular. Because of this, mediators will grow much faster than average. Statistics from the US Bureau of Labor expect mediator employment to grow ten percent (10%) through 2026, faster than the 7% average for most occupations. 

Do Mediators Make Good Money?

Many mediators and conciliators work for state or local governments or in the legal services industry. The salary of a Mediator varies depending on the level of experience. The pay also varies depending on the state where they work and for a private or a public organization. However, in May 2020, the BLS reported a professional mediator’s median salary is $66,130 per year. The range for mediator salaries was from $38,330 to $131,210.

What Are The Practice Areas For Mediation or Dispute Resolution?

There are many areas where Mediators are employed to resolve conflicts outside of court. Here are a few areas where they may work.

  • Family mediators often work with couples to negotiate divorce settlements and prenuptial agreements. They also work in probate settling estates. 
  • Environmental and Public Policy dispute resolution experts resolve conflicts related to land use, health care, housing, and resource management.
  • Education mediators work to resolve disputes between families and educators. Frequently they are used for particular education student grievances. They are used for peer mediation groups, violence prevention, and anti-bullying.
  • Organizational and Workplace mediators help resolve employee and management conflicts. 
  • Community mediators often work to help maintain police and community relations.

Your Career In Mediation

Mediators work to resolve conflicts before they go to court. If you enjoy negotiating and conflict resolution, this may be the career for you! 


Top 10 Online Associates in Construction Management for 2022

Construction activity is on the rise in the US. As the population grows, the need for houses and commercial structures like office buildings and hospitals is also increasing. With sustainability initiatives, there is a need to update older buildings. And there is an urgent need to update and improve our nation’s infrastructure. Aging bridges, roads, and utility lines are in dire need of replacement. At the same time, building technology has become more sophisticated and specialized. As a result, we need more qualified workers who can manage these projects. The BLS projects the employment of construction managers to grow faster than average. The government organization expects an eleven percent (11%) increase from 2020 to 2030 in construction manager jobs.

Suppose you are interested in a job in the field of construction management. In that case, an online associate’s degree in construction management can help you get a job in the fast-growing industry or get you a promotion. You wonder – can you get a construction management degree online? Online Schools Guide has compiled a list of the Top 10 Online Associates in Construction Management for 2022 to get you started.

How We Ranked The Top Online Schools Associates Degrees in Construction Management

The editors at Online Schools Guide found schools offering online or hybrid Associates Degrees in Construction Management. Then, based on cost, reputation, and future salary, we ranked the programs.

1. Fox Valley Technical College AAS in Construction Safety and Technology
2. Dakota County Technical College AS in Construction Management
3. Washtenaw Community CollegeAAS in Construction Management
4. Park University AS in Construction Management
5. South Dakota State UniversityAS in Construction Technology
6. Harrisburg Area Community CollegeAAS in Building Construction Management
7. San Joaquin Valley CollegeAS in Construction Management
8. Herkimer College (SUNY)AS in Quality Assurance
9. Front Range Community College AAS in Highway Maintenance Management
10. Kaskaskia College AAS in Construction Project Management
Online Schools Guide Top 10 Online Associates in Construction Management for 2022

1. Fox Valley Technical College

Degree: AAS in Construction Safety and Technology

Fox Valley Technical College offers an online Associates of Applied Science in Construction Safety Technology degree. This technology program provides students with a strong foundation in construction safety, making them assets to any site team. In addition, students learn best practices within the industry and OSHA requirements, making them valuable to specialty contractors. Training includes material handling, incident investigation, fall protection, and much more. The online Associate’s in construction management program at Fox Valley has affordable tuition and a proven reputation for making students highly marketable for available job openings. 

Fox Valley Technical College has been a choice college for more than 100 years. Highly accredited by industry-standard organizations, the school offers more than 200 programs to help students fast track their careers. As a result, they have a high rate of employment post-graduation for their students. Almost 93 percent of their alumni find jobs within six months of graduation. In addition to being named one of the top community colleges in the US, Fox Valley is committed to ensuring low-income and minority students can afford and succeed in their programs.

2. Dakota County Technical College 

Degree: AS in Construction Management

Located in Rosemount, Minnesota, Dakota County Technical College offers an online Associate’s of Science in Construction Management program. This degree provides students with fundamental courses that focus on the management, design, and engineering required to manage construction projects. In addition, students learn how to qualify for management positions within the construction industry as they learn all phases of the project through all phases. The online Associate’s degree in construction management at Dakota County has a proven reputation for employment options. 

The Blue Knights of Dakota County Technical College can connect with industry leaders through professional organizations and clubs. The Dakota County Technical College has articulation agreements which is a formal agreement with multiple universities or colleges. This agreement means that these institutions will accept credits from Dakota County. This College is close to the Twin Cities. The campus provides students with a small-town feel while remaining close to a large city.

3. Park University 

Degree: AS in Construction Management

Park University offers its students an online Associate of Science degree in Construction Management. Students in this management program learn the fundamentals of business management that construction managers need most. Students study topics like budgeting, scheduling, planning, supervising, worksite safety, materials, and the law. This Construction Management program helps prepare students for a career in project management, building inspection, and construction management. The online Associate’s degree in construction management program at Park University is working to create a strong foundation in their students.is located in Parkville, Missouri, 

The motto at Park University is fides et labor, which means faith and work, and they take it seriously. They believe they are offering students the opportunity to discover their potential and work towards it. Park University has always believed in diversity, starting with their first graduating class that included four women. Today, they are happy to welcome international students from more than 60 countries.

4. Washtenaw Community College

Degree: AS in Construction Management Supervision

Washtenaw Community College offers an online Associate’s Degree in Construction Supervision. This program is for individuals who are part of a building trade union and is available online or at the Ann Arbor campus. With this degree, apprentices and journey-level members can apply their training and experience to their Associate’s degree. All of the classes are entirely online, giving students the ultimate convenience. Students must have completed plumbing, pipefitting, ironworking, HVAC, and bricklaying apprenticeships for this program. The online associates in construction management program at Washtenaw Community College is a high-skill and high-demand program leading to high wages.

Washtenaw Community College has many associations with experts in the industry. These partnerships include the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers. In addition, Washtenaw has a diverse student body with over 1,000 students from more than 100 foreign countries. The campus is 285 acres, in addition to extension centers that are strategically located. All of their facilities have recent technology and high-quality instructors. 

5. South Dakota State University

Degree: AS in Construction Technology

The online Associates of Science in Construction Technology degree at South Dakota State University is offered online and on-campus. This degree is offered through the Engineering College and prepares students for entry-level employment in the construction industry. Students can complete the AS degree with sixty credits. Furthermore, students interested in completing the school’s Bachelor’s of Science in Construction Management can apply the credits towards the four-year degree. 

South Dakota’s most prominent institution of higher education is SDSU. The school offers undergraduate and graduate degrees to over 11,000 students annually. The main campus is in Brookings, and SDSU also boasts a robust online program.
In addition, Qualifying veterans, active military members, and South Dakota National Guard members can receive a substantial tuition discount.

6. Harrisburg Area Community College

Degree: AAS in Building Construction Management

The Harrisburg Area Community College Associate’s in Applied Science (AAS) in Building Construction Management degree is available entirely online. During the two-year program, students will gain a broad knowledge of the overall construction process. Graduates will understand accounting, estimating, bidding, design, and sustainability as related to construction. They will also be able to read and interpret the various documents used by the industry. Surveying and safety are additional topics covered in this program. In addition to the program’s well-rounded nature, the credits from this degree can transfer to a four-year college or university with minimal loss of credit. Therefore, it is not a surprise that HACC has one of the best online construction management associate’s degrees in Pennsylvania and the country. 

Harrisburg Area Community College opened in 1964 and is the first community college in Pennsylvania. The school is also the largest community college in the state. Its five campuses and online campus offer over a hundred degree and certificate programs..

7. Herkimer College (SUNY)

Degree: AS in Quality Assurance

The online Associate’s of Science in Quality Assurance from Herkimer College is one of the best online associates in construction management. Students enrolled in this two-year program develop quality control and quality assurance skills that prepare them for the construction industry’s technical and business management roles. Graduates of this program also benefit from the SUNY transfer agreements. The Associate’s degree credit applies to the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program at Morrisville State College or SUNY Cobleskill. 

Herkimer is part of the State University of New York (SUNY) system and offers over forty affordable degrees in career and college transfer programs. 

8. San Joaquin Valley College

Degree: AS in Construction Management

The San Joaquin Valley College online Associate’s of Science in Construction Management is available online and in-person. Full-time students can earn the degree in fourteen months, prepared to manage construction projects in residential and commercial. Students learn project management skills that enable them to run a project smoothly, on budget and complete on time. Core classes in the SJVC Construction Management program include Scheduling and Control, Estimating and Bidding, and Computer Applications.

San Joaquin Valley College is a career-college with seventeen campus locations throughout California. In addition, the private school offers many programs online. SJVC offers certificates, associate’s, and bachelor’s degrees to prepare students for medical, business, and tech careers.

9. Front Range Community College

Degree: AAS in Highway Maintenance Management

Front Range Community College has an online associate’s degree in Construction Management. The school’s Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree in Highway Maintenance Management is the first degree of its kind in the nation. Students can earn this unique online degree in four semesters with the completion of sixty-course credits. Although this two-year degree focuses on highway maintenance employees, this degree prepares students for management jobs in many areas of construction. The Front Range associate’s degree teaches communication, team building, and project management.

Front Range Community College has four campuses in Colorado and an Online Campus. The school offers twenty-five degrees and thirteen certificate programs through the Online Campus. FRCC opened in 1968 and is a part of the Colorado Community College System.

10. Kaskaskia College

Degree: AAS in Construction Project Management

The Kaskaskia College online Associate in Applied Science in Construction Project Management provides students with a wide range of skills to manage construction projects. The program begins with understanding materials and reading blueprints. It then builds on these basics as students learn to estimate, schedule, and Building Information Modeling (BIM). The program closes out with a 3D modeling course. Throughout the program, students learn using the latest software and technology. After graduating, students can apply almost all of the degree credits towards the Southern Illinois University Carbondale Technical Resource Management Baccalaureate Degree. 

Kaskaskia College is in Brookside, Illinois, and enrolls around 1,300 students annually. The public community college has a 190-acre main campus just outside of Centralia. In addition, the college has five satellite education centers in surrounding communities.

Top 10 Online Associate’s in Construction Management for 2022

What Kind of Jobs Can I Get With A Construction Management Degree?

What jobs can you get with an Online Associate’s in Construction Management? A student can choose many paths once they receive an online Associate’s Degree in Construction Management. Some of the career paths are listed below. 

Facilities Manager

A facilities manager is responsible for managing services that support the organization. This includes ensuring a safe work environment, planning, and participating in the daily activities for the organization’s operation. 

Site Engineer

A site engineer is a supervisor for the technical and organizational parts of a project. This person handles site construction for small and large projects related to infrastructure. 

Building Surveyor

A building surveyor solves problems that occur with buildings. They record and submit reports about defects surrounding a building. Then, they give advice and recommend solutions. 

Building Service Engineer

A building services engineer is the person responsible for the services going to a business so it can function. This includes maintaining existing operations and making improvements. These services may include lighting, power, security, heating, and cooling. 

Sustainability Consultant

A sustainability consultant determines solutions that are sustainable when determining how to correct problems around a building. This may include rebuilding infrastructure, coastal projects, developing new residential areas, and renovating older buildings. 

Is Construction Management A Good Career For The Future?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for construction managers is increasing by eleven percent (11%) from 2020 through 2030. This increase is faster than average, and the BLS projects over 38,000 job openings for construction managers each year in this period. The expectation is these jobs open because employees move to a different job or they retire. 

Today, in the United States, there are approximately 403,800 construction managers actively working. There could also be a need for more construction managers based on the rate of new construction in a given area. As the population grows, there will be a need for new buildings such as hospitals, schools, and housing. The greater concentration of construction managers is in the Texas, California, and Florida areas. An online associate in construction management is necessary for jobs in this field. Some positions may want a qualified candidate to work towards a Bachelor’s degree. 

Construction Management Resources:

Does Construction Management Pay Well?

The amount of money you can make with an online associates in construction management will depend somewhat on the part of the US in which you live and seek employment. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the median pay for a construction manager is $97,180 per year or $46.72 per hour. The high-end earning of a construction manager can be over $160,000; however, it is more likely to be around $126,000. Some companies will pay a higher salary based on the amount of experience a candidate has. Other companies will pay a higher salary based on the degree that the candidate has. Some companies are looking for both education and experience. Some workers may have to start at a lower salary until they gain more experience through working. Some employers may start workers at a lower salary, and as the worker proves themselves, the salary increases.  

Is A Degree In Construction Management Worth It?

A 2-year construction management degree online is also known as a online associates degree construction management. We have discussed associate degree construction management salary
and associate degree in construction management jobs. Construction management is a growing field that pays well! An online construction management degree from a two year program will be affordable and get you started on your career in construction management.


What Jobs Can I Do With A Construction Management Associate’s Degree?

What Jobs Can I Do With A Construction Management Associates Degree?

The construction industry in the United States is thriving. As a primary driver of the U.S. economy, contractors and developers are always looking for skilled talent. Additionally, skilled construction managers do more than build single-family homes and commercial buildings. Skilled managers and workers also supervise highway and civil construction projects such as dams, canals, roadways, bridges and tunnels.

People with a construction management associates degree are always in demand. Therefore, it pays to obtain the training needed to work in this rapidly growing industry. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the Online Schools Guide Top Online Associates in Construction Management degrees.

What Jobs Can You Get With An Associates Degree In Construction Management?

With an associates degree, you’ll have the training you need to work many construction management jobs. For example, you can work as an assistant to a general contractor project manager or work as a property manager. Additionally, people with this degree gain the skills necessary to prepare contracts, plan budgets or work in equipment sales. You also get the training to work as a carpenter, drywall installer, finisher and concrete installer.

Can You Be a Construction Manager With An Associate Degree?

In most cases, people need a bachelor’s degree to work as construction managers. However, many people work as construction managers with two or three years of relevant training or experience. Fortunately, a construction management associates degree is a solid foundation to pursue a bachelor’s degree in architecture, construction science, or engineering.

Construction management offers an array of multi-faceted and diversified career paths. If creating, building and maintaining structures is one of your passions, students have several careers from which to choose. Here are a few examples:

construction management jobs
Construction Management Jobs are widely available to individuals with an Associates Degree.

What Jobs Can You Get In Construction Management?

Construction management offers an array of multi-faceted and diversified career paths. If creating, building and maintaining structures is one of your passions, students have several careers from which to choose. Here are a few examples of construction management jobs:

Site Engineer

As a site engineer, you’ll work as a technical and organizational supervisor on-site. Site engineers also determine infrastructural installation locations and create plans and designs for on-site construction. Other duties include determining operational costs, recommending technical design changes, evaluating a project’s environmental impact and incorporating sustainable solutions into an environment’s designs.

Building Surveyor

Building surveyors provide recommendations and advice about structural defects, preventative maintenance issues, structure sustainability, and any potential restorations needed. Surveyors then prepare detailed reports called surveys. Some building surveyors work on the design and construction of new buildings.

Facilities Manager

A facilities manager is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of current structures. From managing support staff and third-party suppliers, facilities managers strategically plan to keep built environments functioning. Duties often include building and ground maintenance, protecting the health and safety of occupants. Facilities managers also ensure utilities and communication systems are working properly.

Sustainability Consultant

Sustainability consultants work on a wide range of restoration projects and promote the use of sustainable solutions in preconstruction and built environments. Duties also include renovating older structures, planning the restoration and reuse of property and land, offer recommendations to improve a business’s effect on the environment and revitalizing urban areas.

Building Services Engineer

A building services engineer designs and installs improvements to built environments and maintains an existing structure’s operations. You’ll often integrate new technologies with renewable energy, maintain the lighting, heating, cooling and power of buildings and ensure all mechanical aspects of a building are safe and functioning properly.

How Much Can You Make With An Associates Degree In Construction Management?

According to Payscale, the average annual salary for someone with a construction management associates degree is $73,000. However, salaries depend on several factors, including job title, job descriptions and the duties and responsibilities of the job. Here are a few annual median salary examples:

  • Construction Project Manager- $77,100
  • Assistant Construction Superintendent- $61,000
  • Commercial Construction Superintendent- $76,580
  • Construction Superintendent- $80,200
  • Assistant Construction Project Manager- $45,180
  • Engineering Supervisor- $66,870

As a construction manager, you’ll ensure projects run smoothly from beginning to end. During this time, construction managers will work with many other professionals. For example, specialized contractors work with electricians, architects, HVAC specialists, stonemasons, and landscapers.

What Is The Job Outlook With A Degree In Construction Management?

Construction management is a field worth pursuing. The U.S. Department of Labor estimates the industry will grow by 8 percent or more through 2029. As demand increases for more complex structures and environmentally-friendly buildings, construction managers are fast becoming an integral part of every project phase. An associate’s degree in this fast-growing field will prepare you for long-term success. 

A construction management associate’s degree lays the foundation for one day overseeing an entire project. You’ll get the training needed to manage the different areas of each project and work with top-level managers during each phase of construction.

Your Career In Construction Management

There are many pathways to choose from when deciding to earn one of the Top Online Associates Degrees in Construction Management. Much of the work available prepares anyone to handle careers dedicated to public safety as a whole. Someone who enjoys serving others and can devote the necessary training to protecting themselves will discover it is a rewarding option. 


Top 10 Online Associates in Construction Management for 2022

Top 10 Online Associates in Fire Science for 2022

Often the first on the scene in an emergency, firefighters are America’s heroes! They train to respond to fires, medical emergencies, and disasters. According to the US Fire Administration, in 2018, there were an estimated 370,000 career firefighters in the US. There were an additional 745,000 volunteer firefighters that work in small communities for no pay. There is an increasing need for firefighters in the US. The jobs in the industry with a fire science associates degree are more plentiful than you may think.

For seasoned firefighters, an Associates Degree in Fire Science will open up higher-tiered jobs within your fire departments, such as a captain or a deputy fire chief. You can also become a manager of the customer-facing side of the fire department that deals with customer support and services. So, if you are interested in starting a career as a firefighter or advancing your career with a fire science degree, now is a great time to start. We have compiled a list for you of the Top 10 Online Associates in Fire Science for 2022 to get you started!

How We Ranked The Top Online Schools Associates Degrees in Fire Science

The Online Schools Guide editors found schools offering online or hybrid Associate Degrees in Fire Science. Then we ranked the programs based on cost, reputation, and future salary. 

1. University Of Cincinnati AAS in Fire Service Technology
2. Keiser University AS in Fire Science
3. Lanier Technical College AAS in Fire Science Technology
4. Southern Arkansas University Tech AAS in Fire and Emergency Response, AS in Fire Science Management
5. American Public University AS in Fire Science
6. Black River Technical College AS in Fire Service Administration
7. Casper College AAS in Fire Science
8. Delta College AAS in Fire Science
9. Alamance Community College AAS in Fire Protection Technology
10. Albany Technical College AAS in Fire Science
Online Schools Guide Top 10 Online Associates in Fire Science for 2022

1. University Of Cincinnati

Degree: AAS in Fire Service Technology

The University of Cincinnati online Associate of Applied Science in Fire Service Technology program will boost your career as a firefighter. One of the leading online associates in fire science in the country, the university prides itself on knowledge of fire science in all forms. The program teaches safety, risk management, and personnel management. Building construction and terrorism are also discussed through online courses in the program. Furthermore, students with paramedic or fire inspector certifications can receive advanced standing credit toward the degree requirements.  

The UC fire programs cater to firefighters interested in promotions and advancement in the fire service. In addition to the online Associates degree, The University of Cincinnati also offers an online Bachelor’s of Science (BS) in Fire and Safety Engineering Technology. Available to students in the UC fire programs, the Bennett Family Scholarship grants $1000 every year to one student enrolled in the school’s Fire Science Program.  

2. Keiser University

Degree: AS in Fire Science

Keiser University’s online Associate of Science Degree in Fire Science provides certified firefighters with the additional knowledge needed to do their jobs at the highest level. Crisis management, leadership, and management skills are taught to students while maintaining impeccable standards of education. Students also learn about fire investigations and other facets of the job in online courses. The sheer breadth of knowledge assimilated with their program makes Keiser a leading school of online associates of fire science. The program focuses on working firefighters studying at their leisure with typically one intensive class a month. The Keiser Fire Science degree program is 100% online. However, students must apply for admission through the school’s Sarasota campus. 

Kaiser University is a private university with campuses in nineteen Florida locations and many online degrees. Kaiser is known for providing career-focused education for in-demand jobs. The school has accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. 

3. Lanier Technical College

Degree: AAS in Fire Science Technology

Lanier Technical College has a Fire Science Technology Associates of Applied Science degree program offered online or in-person. The degree program is for students new to fire science, as well as current firefighters interested in upgrading skills. The program consists of 62 credits and takes most students six semesters to complete. What makes Lanier Technical College a viable entry of online associates of fire science is the quality of instruction. Lanier’s Fire Science Technology program is robust. The school offers five certificates, two diplomas, and two Associate’s degrees in fire science. No stone is unturned, and the course offerings range from hazardous materials to fire service instructor courses. 

The Lanier Technical College campus is in Gainsville and is a member of the Technical College System of Georgia. LTC is well-known for its affordable workforce development degrees, certificates, and diploma programs.

4. Southern Arkansas University Tech 

Degree: AAS in Fire and Emergency Response, AS in Fire Science Management

Southern Arkansas University Tech offers two online Associates degrees in Fire Science. Both online associates in fire science degrees take sixty credits to complete and are transferrable to four-year programs. However, each program is for a different role. The first degree is the Associate’s of Applied Science (AAS) in Fire and Emergency Response. This degree is for emergency responders and firefighters. The second degree is for managers and officers of Arkansas fire departments and is the Associate of Science (AS) Fire Science Management.  

Southern Arkansas’s fire science degrees impart the finer details of fire science to aspiring firefighters. Of course, there are plenty of online associates of fire science to choose from. Still, Southern Arkansas University Tech’s program covers everything you need to earn that coveted degree. Arson investigation, legal aspects of fire services, fire prevention, and fire administration are just some of the courses offered in the program. Southern Arkansas University Tech also offers scholarships to students in the program that cover tuition costs. 

5. American Public University

Degree: AS in Fire Science

The American Public University online Associate of Science in Fire Science degree prepares firefighters and aspiring firefighters for leadership roles and advancement through the ranks in the industry. Students will learn about the history of combating fires and how science applies to the spread of fire and fire retention strategies. Students will also learn leadership skills through classes focused on legal aspects of fire safety and administration work.  

Courses are online and last from eight to sixteen weeks. There are monthly start dates so students can begin the program throughout the year. APU offers a tuition discount for military and veterans that qualify. In addition, the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress accredits the APU program. The attention to detail makes American Public University one of the best online associates of fire science degrees to earn.  The American Public University campus is in Charles Town, West Virginia.

6. Black River Technical College

Degree: AS in Fire Service Administration

The Black River Technical College’s online Associate of Science in Fire Service Administration focuses on municipal and rural fire protection administration. This program is a sixty-credit associates degree and is the only 100% online BRTC Firefighter program. Students prepare for administrative and leadership positions in the fire service. Black River Technical College has one of the better online associates of fire service administration programs in the nation. Furthermore, students in Arkansas or neighboring states can take advantage of the school’s other programs and training. 

In addition to the online degree, the Black River fire science program offers two on-campus entry-level certificates. First, students can complete the Firefighters Essentials Certificate of Proficiency or Technical Certificate. These certificates stack to an Associates degree. Second, in addition to the online AS in Fire Service Administration, BRTC offers an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Fire Science. The school is associated with the Arkansas Fire Academy. The BRTC Fire Training Center is used to teach in-person classes to Arkansas Firefighters. The campus of Black River Technical College is in Pocahontas, Arkansas.

7. Casper College

Degree: AAS in Fire Science

Casper College and its online Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Fire Science degree program bring quality education to working adults. This degree is for students entering the fire service or interested in advancement in the field. You can learn about fire science with intensive online classes that typically meet 2-4 hours a week. Some of the core courses for the Associates degree in fire science include fire fighting strategies, fire prevention, and firefighter development. 

The Fire Science AAS at Casper is also a transfer degree program. Graduates moving to a bachelor’s degree program in fire science management will have approximately two years of credit towards the bachelor’s degree. Casper College has one of the more respected online associates of fire science programs in the country. In addition to the associates degree, the school offers a thirty-credit Fire Science Technology Certificate. Casper College’s campus is in Casper, Wyoming.

8. Delta College

Degree: AAS in Fire Science

Delta College’s online Associate in Applied Science in Fire Science degree is one of the most coveted in Michigan for firefighters. Students in the program usually become civil firefighters or work within the DNR (Michigan Department of Natural Resources) to be forest firefighters. However, some graduates of the program also go on to become excellent fire investigators.  

Delta College focuses on fire prevention, fire fighting, leadership roles, and EMT classes to produce well-rounded graduates. This vast knowledge base within its graduates makes Delta College University Center, Michigan, an excellent destination for those seeking online associates of fire science. 

9. Alamance Community College

Degree: AAS in Fire Protection Technology

The Alamance Community College online Associate in Applied Sciences in Fire Protection Technology is a stackable degree program. This short but powerful program focuses on fire protection. It includes classes in fire protection safety, fire suppression management, and public relations. Alamance Community College’s program covers all bases within the industry to further the knowledge of students looking to get into the industry or current firefighters wanting to expand their knowledge. In addition to the online Associates degree, Alamance offers three online certificate programs in Fire Protection, Fire Inspections, and Fire Protection Management.

Students earning the fifteen credit certificate take the same classes as the degree students. After earning a certificate, students can earn a thirty-three credit diploma and then a sixty-three credit associates degree. Designed to save time and money, this stackable fire safety program provides a guided degree path for the student. Alamance Community College’s program is a fine addition to the country’s quality online associates of fire science degrees.  Alamance Community College opened in 1958 in the town of Graham, North Carolina. The two-year school is part of the public North Carolina Community College System and offers affordable degrees. 

10. Albany Technical College

Degree: AAS in Fire Science

The online Associates of Applied Science in Fire Science at Albany Technical College is for fire service workers at all levels. The sixty-two credit online degree program takes most students approximately two years to complete. In addition to the associates degree, Albany also offers a Fire Science Technology Diploma. Students can complete this diploma program with fifty-six credit hours. A testament to the quality of education, the fire science program has a warranty from Albany Technical College. Therefore, the school will re-educate graduates that do meet program standards at no cost.

ATC is a member of the Technical College System of Georgia. Its main campus is in the town of Albany, Georgia. Students can choose from over seventy certificates, degrees, and diplomas. In addition, Albany Technical College provides degree pathways for students to transfer to six universities.

Online Associate's in Fire Science
Top 10 Online Associate’s in Fire Science for 2022

Can You Get An Online Associates Degree In Fire Science?

Yes – there are quite a few schools that offer online associates degrees in fire science. Students can typically complete a fire science associates degree program in two years with sixty-course credits. Fire science degree requirements usually include courses in building construction, firefighting, fire behavior and combustion, fire investigation and analysis, and fire and emergency services principles. Most fire science degree programs require applicants to have a high school diploma or GED.

What Jobs Can I Do With An Associates Degree In Fire Science?

There are many different fire science careers for individuals with an associates degree in fire science. Naturally, with a higher degree, there will be more job opportunities and a higher salary. An associates in fire science will open up higher-tiered jobs within your fire departments, such as a captain or a deputy fire chief. You can also become a manager of the customer-facing side of the fire department that deals with customer support and services. Below are a few examples of the job profiles and fire science degree salary with a fire science associates degree.


  • Firefighters work in cities and towns and extinguish fires in emergencies where life, property, or the environment are at risk. Firefighters also work to combat forest fires or wildfires in large wooded areas. Firefighter duties can include fire prevention, search and rescue, disaster assistance, and emergency medical service. In cities, firefighters are emergency first responders and frequently deal with traffic accidents and medical emergencies. 
  • Median Annual wage: $52,500

Fire Inspector and Fire Investigator: 

  • Fire Inspectors and Fire Investigators conduct investigations and determine the cause of fires and explosions. They also inspect buildings for fire hazards and enforce state and local fire laws.
  • Median Annual wage: $64,610

Supervisors of Firefighters:

  • Supervisors of Firefighters oversee and coordinate the daily activities of a group of firefighters. Other names for this title are Fire Chief or Fire Captain.  
  • Median Annual wage: $78,870

What Comes Next After An Associates Degree In Fire Science?

A Bachelor’s Degree in Fire Science will qualify an individual for even more jobs within the industry and include job opportunities outside of the industry. Within the industry, you can become a fire chief, fire marshal, or firefighter. Outside of the industry lies the most exciting possibilities in terms of jobs. For example, graduates can become safety managers for a company that may or may not include environmental health duties. You could also become an engineer and work within the fire industry on fire protection or sprinklers products. Master’s Degrees in Fire Science open up even more outside opportunities with companies and corporations, including safety consultancy.

What Is The Job Outlook For Fire Science And Firefighters?

According to the Bureau of Labor, firefighter jobs will grow eight percent (8%) between 2020 and 2030. Jobs will come from older workers retiring and the need for more firefighters due to population growth. Jobs will also come from the conversion of volunteer firefighting positions to paid positions. Simply put, there will always be fires, and we will always need firefighters. The job stability in this field makes a fire science degree worth it!

How Long Does It Take To Get An Associates Degree In Fire Science?

Many universities with online programs have a two-year degree program. Some community colleges have more concentrated online fire science associates degree programs that last as short as fourteen months. It all depends on how much time you have to study and work on your classes. Juggling school with working duties can be cumbersome, so the concentrated method may be a better option as there are fewer classes to attend. Still, much more information is contained within each class.

How Much Do Firefighters Make With A Degree In Fire Science?

Entry-level firefighters can make around $40,000 on average, to start with some of the more-seasoned veterans making close to $50,000 after a few years on the job. Having a degree in fire science makes you more valuable, not just to the department you work in but also to the open market. So, graduates tend to make a little more to start than your average entry-level firefighter as their salaries tend to fall somewhere in the middle.

Associate Degrees in Fire Science bring many opportunities for future work within the industry with an eye towards upper management. Jobs can vary from firefighters to fire chiefs and marshals as different degrees bring different job opportunities for the degree holder. 


What Can I Do With A Fire Science Associates Degree?

What Can I Do With A Fire Science Associates Degree?

Associate degrees allow you to jumpstart a career with just two years of education. One of the most exciting and expanding career paths out there is choosing to pursue an associates degree in fire science. Individuals who have a passion for providing safety to the community as a whole are well-suited for the training required in this field. According to the NFPA, firefighters responded to more than one million fires in 2020 alone. With the increase of forest fires across the nation, these jobs will be in higher demand. As expected, it’s not surprising to discover that many job opportunities exist for someone earning an associate’s degree in fire science. 

Training can open the doors for many exciting options that ultimately help with the well-being and safety of others. More specifically, the associate’s degree provides the framework for further studies and advancement should anyone wish to pursue it in the future. The curriculum can differ slightly depending on a specific program of study. However, topics covered can include any of the following: fire prevention, emergency service principles, fire behavior and combustion, legal issues, and fire department administration. Degree seekers would also be responsible for general knowledge courses. Course selection is typically available either at a university, community college, or in an online setting.

What Can I Do With A Fire Science Associates Degree?

What Jobs Can You Get With An Associates Degree In Fire Science?

Individuals who have recently graduated with a Fire Science Associates Degree are qualified for many different positions. Below are some of the most common entry-level positions for someone with this associate-level training.

  • Firefighters– A firefighter can respond to emergencies, put fires out, and drive trucks.
  • EMS Providers– Otherwise known as emergency medical service providers, these individuals respond to life-threatening situations, including accidents, strokes, overdoses, and much more.
  • Police officers– A police officer serves as a beacon to serve and protect the community. 

With additional experience, these are considered the top careers with an associates degree in fire science. 

  • Fire Captains– A captain has a big responsibility to oversee the entire department of firefighters. They typically work 24-hour shifts. 
  • Deputy Fire Chief- This job is for those with advanced firefighting experience, and it involves an array of administrative duties. Primary responsibilities include training firefighters and implementing policies and procedures.
  • Manager of Client Services– These people handle customer service relations and overall communication in the department. 
  • Fire Inspectors and InvestigatorsFire inspectors inspects businesses to prevent situations that may cause a fire and investigators find out why fires occur.

Earning a degree in fire science is an excellent place to begin for those who want to have a long and fulfilling career. The jobs can provide ample training and real-world responses to traumatic events critical for success in later endeavors. 

You Can Become A Firefighter With A Fire Science Associates Degree?

How Much Can You Make With An Associates Degree In Fire Science?

Median salaries for firefighters, as of 2021, are around $50,000 a year. For an EMS, the median pay is around $35,000. Police officers’ median salary is approximately $67,000 per year, but that number varies depending on which state someone resides. The median salaries for higher-paying fire science careers with an associates degree are as follows. Fire captains throughout the country earn roughly $70,000 per year. A deputy chief’s salary is around $85,000 per year. A manager of client services can earn around $73,000 a year. The ability to be considered for higher-paying careers comes with more experience.

What Is The Job Outlook With A Degree In Fire Science?

Since the jobs performed by individuals with an associates degree in fire science are considered high risk, the outlook for these professions remains excellent. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), careers for those with fire science degrees will grow at least three percent by the year 2028. The outlook is even higher for firefighters, with an expected increase of roughly eight percent (8%) between 2020 and 2030. Likewise, an EMS can expect an above-average outlook, with a projection of eleven percent (11%). Finally, for police officers, it’s expected to grow about seven percent (7%). In summary, the risky nature of many of these jobs indicates a need for well-trained individuals who genuinely have a passion for serving others.

Fire Science Associates Degree
A Fire Science Associates Degree

Your Career In Fire Science

There are many pathways to choose from when deciding to earn one of the Top Online Associates Degrees in Fire Science. Much of the work available prepares anyone to handle careers dedicated to public safety as a whole. Someone who enjoys serving others and can devote the necessary training to protecting themselves will discover it is a rewarding option. 


Top 10 Online Associates in Fire Science for 2022

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