Is Online School Right for Me?

As technology advances, more and more students are weighing the advantages of attending an online school. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, approximately 5.2 million students at the college level are presently enrolled in at least one online class. This type of educational opportunity is convenient, but it may not be right for … Read more

Can I Attend an Online School While Working?

According to studies, more students are opting for online college programs than ever before. In 2016, over 6 million students chose at least one online class for the semester, which was up more than 5 percent from the year prior. In particular, public universities are seeing significant growth in the online sector while private nonprofit … Read more

Can I Attend an Online School with Kids?

You’ve made the decision to go back to school to further your education so that you can have the career that you want. This career is likely one that you desire so that you can support your family. However, you might not think that you will be able to attend classes or complete your assignments … Read more

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Can I Attend an Online School Part-Time?

The short answer to this question is, yes. You can attend an online college on a part-time basis. However, there are several things to consider before you choose whether to enroll as a full-time student or a half-time student. These are some ways that half-time status will affect you. Program Duration This is the biggest … Read more

How Old Do I Have To Be To Attend An Online School?

Online colleges are quickly becoming an appealing alternative to enrolling in traditional, in-person universities. In fact, there are even a number of universities that are now offering degrees that can be completed 100 percent online in order to make education more accessible to a wider range of people, maybe even you. With this increased access … Read more

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How Do Online Schools Work?

If you are considering taking college classes online, your biggest question is probably whether you will learn more in a real classroom or in a virtual setting. Although some people benefit more from the classroom experience, many people find online schools better for several reasons. For example, you have a more flexible schedule and can … Read more

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What are the Advantages of an Online School?

Choosing a college and a degree program can be difficult for prospective students. There are many factors to consider, and college is an expensive decision. Today, you can also choose between a traditional college program and an online degree program. There are benefits to both options, but many people find that online schools offer more … Read more

Can I Get A Student Loans for Online Schools?

Students interested in attending a program from an online school can become qualified for student loans. This money can be used for tuition, books and other student expenses. The rising cost of higher education makes it essential for most students to secure as much funding as possible. However, student loans come with interest rates, and … Read more

Do Online Schools Count Life Experience?

With the high expense of going to school, it makes sense to do everything possible to reduce the overall cost of college tuition. One of the ways you can do this is by getting life experience credits for the time you have spent in the workforce. While you can get college credits for work experience … Read more