How Can I Get a Student Discount on a Computer?

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You can get a student discount on a computer from many of the larger computer retailers in the US with your student ID or email. When pursuing or continuing college education, one of the most important things needed to succeed is access to a computer.

With so many writing assignments and hybrid courses, a computer is something that can’t be avoided. Getting the right computer can be costly, but there are ways to obtain a computer without breaking the bank.

Exploring whether a computer manufacturer offers student discounts is one of the best ways to save money while getting a computer that meets all the capacity requirements of the program. There are many schools that have specific computers that should be purchased, or they have certain requirements in terms of RAM and hard drive space.

Before purchasing a computer, it is always a good thing to check with the school to make sure the computer selected will be one that can handle all the tasks. It’s also a good idea to figure out how long the computer will last. It makes no sense to get a computer that doesn’t meet all the needs to carry the student throughout their college career.

Can Students Get Discounts On Computers?

As a student, discounts are one of the best perks around. There are many student discounts for computers that aren’t known to the general public. The first rule of thumb: ask.

Electronic stores and online outlets have many student discounts at different times of the year, which can make a huge difference in the savings experienced when having to spend that type of money. Many stores and computer manufacturers specifically have student deals through the college or university, but students aren’t aware because they don’t inquire.

How Do the Companies Know If You Are A Student?

There are verification methods in place to determine if the individual is a student. In many cases, they have to show proof of a current student’s ID or have an email sent to their school email address. There are additional ways for the manufacturer to verify the identity of students to make sure they are getting the best deal.

How Can I Get a Student Discount on a Computer?

Which Companies Give Student Discounts On Laptops?

The computer manufacturers on this list provide discounts for laptops, especially since this is the best mode of work for college students because they are mobile. It’s not difficult to find students looking solely for laptops when searching for a machine they need to use for school. Most of these manufacturers partner with the school to pass the information on to the students. This is an automatic incentive added to student discounts for computers.


Apple offers a great student discount on everything that can help a student succeed. Laptops, desktops, iPads, accessories, and special financing. Individuals can also trade in a Mac they already own and get credit for a new one. Apple Music Student Plan also comes with Apple TV+ for free!

How much is the Apple student discount? The Apple student discount varies based on what the student is purchasing, but prices start at $899.

Best Buy

Best Buy has a revolving set of student discounts at any given time on items that are useful to students. This includes computers and other accessories like USB hard drives, headphones, and more. If wondering how to get student discounts at Best Buy, purchasers must sign up to their program where they will verify if that person is really a student to qualify for the discount.


Does Dell offer a student discount? Absolutely! Dell has over 21 student deals (at the moment) which include laptops and other accessories. At Dell, students can save up to an additional $200 when purchasing a PC, and 10% when purchasing electronics.


The student discount HP offers is an exclusive where students must enroll to get the savings. This includes discounts on computers and laptops, and also the Microsoft Suite. They offer free delivery and exclusive savings to help students get the equipment they need.


Lenovo is one of the strongest computers around and is popular in the business school. The student discount for Lenovo includes an extra 10% off their products as an incentive to purchase. Students and teachers qualify for the discount after entering their information into the system where their enrollment or employment can be verified.


The student discount in Microsoft store for students is for Surface and PCs. Students, parents, and teachers can all save up to 10% if they qualify. There is a verification process where identities must be proven. Students can get Microsoft Office 365 for free under the student discount plan.

Remember to Ask About Student Discounts!

Wherever you buy a computer, ask if they have a student discount. We have listed some of the larger companies that offer discounts. But many smaller stores also offer discounts, you just have to ask!


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