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Our Guide to the best online Certificate In Graphic Design programs summarizes the different certificates and some of the best online schools where you can earn them. Graphic Design is a creative field that involves visual elements to communicate ideas or messages. This career uses a wide range of different mediums to create beautiful and effective designs. Some of these mediums include print, digital, and even motion graphics. These designers also utilize a variety of different tools, such as imagery, typography, and color.

Graphic design is an imperative part of branding and marketing. It assists a variety of different organizations and businesses to be able to communicate their messages effectively to their different targeted audiences. For example, a well-designed advertisement can get the attention of the right people and they will then purchase the product or service from the company who owns the ad. Graphic designers are needed to create these advertisements that will gain the attention of a large number of people.

Along with branding and marketing, graphic design is also used in a variety of other fields. For example, a graphic designer can work for a newspaper doing publication design. Graphic designers can also work as web designers while creating websites for businesses and agencies or in packaging design.

Online Certificate In Graphic Design

An online certificate in graphic design will teach students the three main purposes of graphic design. Those purposes include communication, function, and aesthetics. Students can focus their training on certain techniques that are used in today’s world of graphic design. Some of the software tools include Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and InDesign by Adobe. Students will also learn the fundamental concepts of typography, composition, and color. Graduates will be able to create beautiful digital images, layouts, and illustrations. Graduates will also be able to create logo designs, magazine layouts, poster designs, and be able to conduct photo editing.

What Are The Benefits Of A Graphic Design Certificate?

There are many different benefits of earning a graphic design certificate. Employers will view you as a fully-fledged designer when you provide this official documentation that you have certain skills that you can apply in your career in the world of graphic design. To work in this growing field, students must have knowledge of the fundamental concepts and tools of graphic design.

By obtaining a graphic design certificate, students can learn those concepts and tools that they can then apply to their job positions. With a certificate in graphic design, students will have the basic training they need to be able to apply it in their work. Graduates will also have a portfolio they have developed that can give them an edge over the competition when applying for jobs in the field of graphic design. A certificate will also help students have a much better resume that is more comprehensive.

What Is a Advertising and Graphic Design Certificate?

An Advertising and Graphic Design Certificate program has been created to be a short-term course that will help students learn the skills and knowledge necessary to work in both the advertising and graphic design industries. This type of program normally covers topics, such as typography, advertising, marketing, branding, and even communication.

This type of program is great for students who are interested in a career in the advertising, marketing, or graphic design fields. It will provide students with the practical skills and knowledge that they need to apply in a variety of different settings. Graduates will be able to work at design agencies, advertising firms, and in marketing departments.

By completing an advertising and graphic design certificate program, students will open up a variety of different career opportunities for themselves. Graduates can work as graphic designers, marketing coordinators, art directors, or advertising executives. This certificate program can also serve as a foundation if students want to further their education in the graphic design or marketing-related fields of study.

What Is a Graphic and Web Design Certificate?

For students who want to work in the graphic and web design fields, earning a certificate in graphic and web design is a great idea. This is because students will gain the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to design visual content for both the web and print media. This type of certificate program is great for students who want to pursue a career within the design industry or for those who want to enhance the skills and knowledge they already have in these types of fields.

This type of certificate program will cover topics, such as graphic design principles, typography, layout design, color theory, user experience, web design fundamentals, and even design software. The design software that students will learn how to work with includes Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Students will also be taught how they can create designs for a variety of different screen sizes and devices.

Graduates with this type of certificate will have a stronger portfolio of work and a larger skill set that is needed in the design industry. They will be able to pursue careers as web designers, graphic designers, UI/UX designers, and more.

What Is a Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing Certificate?

A Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing Certificate is basically a specialized training program that will allow students to focus on developing their skills in creating digital and print media designs. Students will learn typography, color theory, and layout design while working with image editing software.

Graphic design and desktop publishing skills are very important for students to have if they want to pursue a career in a variety of creative industries. These industries include publishing, advertising, digital marketing, and web development. This certificate program will give students the foundational knowledge of design principles, techniques, and software tools that they will need in their future careers.

This type of program normally takes around 6 to 12 months to complete but students doing their certificate program fully online can complete it in less time. This is because they can work at their own pace and be able to finish their courses sooner.

Adobe Certificates Available To Graphic Designers

1. Graphic and Illustration Certificate

In this Graphic and Illustration Certificate program, students will gain the knowledge and skills they need to create and design graphics, illustrations, and other visual elements for various mediums. These mediums include multimedia, print, and digital. Students will learn about color theory, typography, digital imaging, drawing, and even software applications. Most of the software applications will be focused on the Adobe creative suite and include both Photoshop and Illustrator. Graduates will be able to pursue careers in a variety of different fields, including publishing, graphic design, and advertising.

2. Print and Digital Media Certificate

This Print and Digital Media Certificate program is designed to give students the skills and knowledge they need to pursue careers in both print and digital media. This specific program will cover topics that include web design, typography, digital design, and graphic design. Students who graduate from this certificate program will be able to apply for job positions in several different industries, such as marketing, advertising, and publishing.

3. Photoshop Certificate

A Photoshop Certificate program will teach students all they need to know about using Adobe Photoshop software. Students will learn the skills and knowledge they need in their graphic design careers in the areas of design, imaging editing, and multimedia. This type of certificate will help graduates stand out in the job market or attract their own clients if they become freelancers. It will also help graduates to enhance their own portfolios to show potential clients or future employers.

4. Adobe Premier Pro Certification

Adobe Premier Pro Certification is a professional-level certificate program that will help students gain expertise when it comes to utilizing the Adobe Premiere Pro software. Students will learn how to edit videos, conduct color correction, edit audio, and create motion graphics. This type of certification will help students advance in their current careers or launch new ones when they are able to demonstrate their proficiency when it comes to Adobe Premiere Pro.

5. Adobe After Effects Certification

Adobe After Effects Certification will help students to become proficient in the areas of motion graphics and visual effects. This certificate program will test students’ skills and knowledge when it comes to animation, compositing, and even in special effects creation. This type of certificate program is very beneficial for graduates who want to work in the video, film, or multimedia industries.

6. Animation Certification

Animation Certification programs will provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to pursue a career in the area of animation. This type of program will cover a variety of topics, including 2D and 3D animation, along with storyboarding, production pipelines, and character design. Graduates who receive this certificate will stand out in this very competitive job market to earn a career in the field of animation.

What Is The Admissions Process For An Online Certificate In Graphic Design?

For students who want to apply to a certificate program in graphic design that is fully online, the admissions process only involves a few steps.

The first thing students should do is research the program and the various schools they want to attend to ensure that they align with their personal interests and goals. They should also look for a school that is accredited and read the reviews of past students about the certificate program to ensure that it is a quality one.

Students may also need letters of recommendation, transcripts, and a resume, and may even be asked to write a personal statement. Some programs may require students to submit a portfolio of their work to be able to demonstrate the skills and creativity they already possess. Students will then need to submit their application and any other required documents. Some schools may require students to undergo an entrance exam or interview before admittance into the program.

Is An Online Certificate In Graphic Design Difficult?

An online certificate in graphic design can be very challenging, but it will depend upon the level of knowledge and skills the student already possesses. For students who already have experience in the field of graphic design or a background in art, a graphic design program may be a little easier for them. Even if a student is starting from scratch, though, they can still learn the concepts that are needed to begin a career in graphic design.

The difficulty of any online certificate program, including online certificate programs and graphic design, will also be based on the program’s curriculum and the other things happening in a student’s life. Online programs are great for students who have a family or who need to continue working a full or part-time job while they are attending school. This is because they can complete their coursework anytime during the night or day that works best for them. Students can also complete a graphic design certificate program sooner than others since they can work at their own pace.

How To Finance Your Online Certificate in Graphic Design

There are many ways that students can finance their online certificate program in the field of graphic design.

Students should look for scholarships, especially ones that are created specifically for graphic design students. There are many organizations, foundations, institutions, and individuals who offer these types of scholarships to help students pursue their careers in the graphic design field.

Students should apply to determine if they are eligible for any federal or state grants to help them cover the cost of tuition and books without going into debt. Students can also take out a student loan to help finance their education or use their own personal savings to help cover the costs.

How Long Does It Take To Get An Online Certificate In Graphic Design?

Although it varies from school to university, the length of an online certificate program is normally around six months to one year to complete. This is different, though, for students who attend classes fully online at most schools. This is due to the fact that students can work at their own pace, night or day, seven days per week commit to complete their coursework sooner. There are even accelerated programs that are offered by a variety of different colleges and universities in which students can finish the entire program in as little as three months.

1. Wake Tech Community College

Wake Tech Community College offers several different programs when it comes to Advertising and Graphic Design certificates.  

The college offers a graphic design certificate that was created to give students the knowledge and skills they need in the areas of design as well as typography while using industry-standard software. 

Students at Wake Tech can also enroll in the Web and graphic design certificate program that is designed to provide them with the skills and knowledge they need to design for the web as well as print copy. Students will learn typography as well as computer design and web development to be successful and in their future careers.

2. New York Institute of Art and Design

The New York Institute of Art and Design offers a Graphic Design Course that is designed to teach students everything they need to know to be able to start working as a graphic designer in both the print and web design industries. Graduates will be able to use both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator proficiently to gain an edge over the competition when they enter the job market. Students will graduate with a complete portfolio of their work to be able to show future employers when applying for a job position.

3. Penn Foster

The Online Graphic Design Certificate program at Penn Foster can be completed in as little as nine months or less. Students can take flexible online classes so that they can build their industry knowledge at their own pace at any time of the day or night.

Students will study web graphic arts, corporate design, typography, color theory, photo editing, electronic publishing, and other areas of graphic design.

4. University of Massachusetts

The University of Massachusetts offers a Certificate Program in Graphic Design and Digital Imaging for students who want to break into the field of graphic design, digital media, or electronic publishing. During the program, students will complete a variety of different design projects that will be included in their portfolio upon graduation. They will also be proficient in a variety of software programs, including Adobe.

5. Emory University

In just three months, students can complete a very unique Graphic Design Certificate program at Emory University. Students will be able to work in the fields of print or digital design while creating beautiful comma professional content for their clients or employers.

The program is offered fully online, so students can continue to work full or part-time jobs while attending classes at times that are convenient for them.

Graduates will know the many principles and elements that are needed for good design, including composition, color theory, typography, and others. Students will work with the different software programs that are included in the Adobe Creative Suite to be able to offer the very best when it comes to graphic design.

Can You Get a Job With Just A Graphic Design Certificate and No Degree?

It is definitely possible for graduates to secure a job position in the field of graphic design with only a graphic design certificate in hand. Not all job positions in the graphic design industry require job candidates to possess a degree. While a bachelor’s degree in graphic design or a related field can give graduates an edge over others in the job market, a certificate may be all they need to show potential employers that they possess the skills and knowledge needed to do the job.

It is important for students to focus on creating a strong portfolio to show off their design abilities and the projects they have completed during their coursework. Specific industry certifications to go along with their graphic design certificate can also help them to secure a job they want in the future.

What Are Some Jobs You Can Get With An Online Certificate In Graphic Design.

Earning an online certificate in graphic design is a wonderful way for students to advance their careers in the design industry or in a career in this growing field.

Graduates will have the knowledge and skills they need to apply for entry-level positions and will possess knowledge of a variety of topics. Some of these include design principles, typography, colored theory, and software applications, such as the Adobe Creative Suite.

After students graduate from this type of certificate program, they can apply for jobs as web designers, graphic designers, or multimedia artists. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, graphic designers make an average of around $57,000 per year. Salaries do vary quite a bit depending on what area of the industry graduates work in and the location of their jobs.

A graphic design certificate is a great foundation for students to continue their education and make even more money in the future.

Is It OK To Get A Graphic Design Certificate Online?

Yes, it is fine for a student to earn a graphic design certificate fully online. In today’s world, nearly all colleges and universities are offering a variety of different online programs for students to earn their certificates as well as degrees in their chosen field of study.

An online certificate program offers students the flexibility and convenience they need, especially for those who cannot attend the more traditional, in-person classes. Learning online does require a certain amount of discipline and self-motivation, though, so students need to keep that in mind when they are creating their schedules so that they can stay on top of all of their coursework.

Students need to ensure that the school they apply to attend through an online graphic design certificate program is accredited. This will be especially helpful for students who want to continue their education after obtaining their certificate. Students should also research the school they want to attend to ensure that they offer hands-on projects and that students will have access to industry-standard software, including Adobe.


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