What Construction Management Jobs Can I Do With An Associates Degree?

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Construction Management jobs are plentiful and the construction industry in the United States is thriving. As a primary driver of the U.S. economy, contractors and developers are always looking for skilled talent. Additionally, skilled construction managers do more than build single-family homes and commercial buildings. Skilled managers and workers also supervise highway and civil construction projects such as dams, canals, roadways, bridges and tunnels.

People with a construction management associate degree are always in demand. Therefore, it pays to obtain the training needed to work in this rapidly growing industry. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the Online Schools Guide Top Online Associates in Construction Management degrees.

What Jobs Can You Get With An Associates Degree In Construction Management?

With an associate degree, you’ll have the training you need to work many construction management jobs. For example, you can work as an assistant to a general contractor project manager or work as a property manager. Additionally, people with this degree gain the skills necessary to prepare contracts, plan budgets or work in equipment sales. You also get the training to work as a carpenter, drywall installer, finisher, and concrete installer.

Can You Be a Construction Manager With An Associate Degree?

In most cases, people need a bachelor’s degree to work as construction managers. However, many people work as construction managers with two or three years of relevant training or experience. Fortunately, a construction management associate degree is a solid foundation to pursue a bachelor’s degree in architecture, construction science, or engineering.

Construction management offers an array of multi-faceted and diversified career paths. If creating, building, and maintaining structures is one of your passions, students have several careers from which to choose. Here are a few examples:

construction management jobs
Construction Management Jobs are widely available to individuals with an Associates Degree.

What Jobs Can You Get In Construction Management?

Construction management offers an array of multi-faceted and diversified career paths. If creating, building, and maintaining structures is one of your passions, students have several careers from which to choose. Here are a few examples of construction management jobs:

Site Engineer

As a site engineer, you’ll work as a technical and organizational supervisor on-site. Site engineers also determine infrastructural installation locations and create plans and designs for on-site construction. Other duties include determining operational costs, recommending technical design changes, evaluating a project’s environmental impact, and incorporating sustainable solutions into an environment’s designs.

Building Surveyor

Building surveyors provide recommendations and advice about structural defects, preventative maintenance issues, structure sustainability, and any potential restorations needed. Surveyors then prepare detailed reports called surveys. Some building surveyors work on the design and construction of new buildings.

Facilities Manager

A facilities manager is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of current structures. From managing support staff and third-party suppliers, facilities managers strategically plan to keep built environments functioning. Duties often include building and ground maintenance, protecting the health and safety of occupants. Facilities managers also ensure utilities and communication systems are working properly.

Sustainability Consultant

Sustainability consultants work on a wide range of restoration projects and promote the use of sustainable solutions in preconstruction and built environments. Duties also include renovating older structures, planning the restoration and reuse of property and land, offering recommendations to improve a business’s effect on the environment, and revitalizing urban areas.

Building Services Engineer

A building services engineer designs and installs improvements to built environments and maintains an existing structure’s operations. You’ll often integrate new technologies with renewable energy, maintain the lighting, heating, cooling, and power of buildings and ensure all mechanical aspects of a building are safe and functioning properly.

How Much Can You Make With An Associates Degree In Construction Management?

According to Payscale, the average annual salary for someone with a construction management associate degree is $73,000. However, salaries depend on several factors, including job title, job descriptions, and the duties and responsibilities of the job. Here are a few annual median salary examples:

  • Construction Project Manager- $77,100
  • Assistant Construction Superintendent- $61,000
  • Commercial Construction Superintendent- $76,580
  • Construction Superintendent- $80,200
  • Assistant Construction Project Manager- $45,180
  • Engineering Supervisor- $66,870

As a construction manager, you’ll ensure projects run smoothly from beginning to end. During this time, construction managers will work with many other professionals. For example, specialized contractors work with electricians, architects, HVAC specialists, stonemasons, and landscapers.

What Is The Job Outlook With A Degree In Construction Management?

Construction management is a field worth pursuing. The U.S. Department of Labor estimates the industry will grow by 8 percent or more through 2029. As demand increases for more complex structures and environmentally-friendly buildings, construction managers are fast becoming an integral part of every project phase. An associate’s degree in this fast-growing field will prepare you for long-term success. 

A construction management associate’s degree lays the foundation for one day overseeing an entire project. You’ll get the training needed to manage the different areas of each project and work with top-level managers during each phase of construction.

Your Career In Construction Management

There are many pathways to choose from when deciding to earn one of the Top Online Associates Degrees in Construction Management. Much of the work available prepares anyone to handle careers dedicated to public safety as a whole. Someone who enjoys serving others and can devote the necessary training to protecting themselves will discover it is a rewarding option. 


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