Top 10 Best Majors for a Real Estate Career


When you hear the words real estate, most people think of a residential real estate agent who sells houses. Real estate is an expansive career field with many different specializations. Every house, apartment, office building, school, farm, manufacturing plant, storage unit, hotel, and shopping mall has someone in real estate involved somehow. The main focus of the profession is to help people and businesses buy, sell, rent, or manage property. Property can be residential, commercial, retail, industrial, land, or special use. Those who are willing to learn all of the different facets of the industry can have a very lucrative career in real estate.

The path to a real estate career is different for everyone. The requirements also differ from state to state. And there are many majors that will help you pursue a career in real estate. Some are more useful than others. If you are interested in pursuing a career in this field or increasing your earning potential, here are some of the best majors for real estate.

#1Business Degree
#2Psychology Degree
#3Human Resources
#4Marketing Degree
#5Finance Degree
#6Graphic Design Degree
#7Accounting Degree
#8Photography Degree
#9Sociology Degree
#10Real Estate Degree
Top 10 Majors for Real Estate for 2021

1. Business

An online degree in Business will prepare you for a career in real estate.

A degree in business is useful in almost all career fields. An online Bachelor’s Degree in Business is a great way to prepare for a career in real estate. You will learn the importance of using sound business practices to manage and operate your real estate office with a business degree. In addition, you will be able to organize and maintain all of your essential records so that they are easily found and utilized when needed. You will also receive the introductory skills you will need to handle your finances and various accounts effectively.

Individuals who work in commercial real estate for large real estate firms often complete a Master’s Degree in Business Management or a Masters of Business Administration (MBA). Therefore, adding an online master’s degree in business to your resume will add significant marketability.

2. Psychology

An online degree in Psychology will prepare you for a career in real estate.

Earning an online degree in psychology will help you understand why people make many of the choices they do. It will give you insight into how to work with your clients and say the right things at the right time. An online Bachelor’s degree in Psychology will also help you understand why people sell their homes and how to ease their minds when making such a difficult decision. When you work in real estate, it isn’t always just about the money. You need to understand the human factor as well.

An online degree in psychology will give you a chance to understand the thought processes used when buying or selling property. It will also help you understand how other real estate agents think during critical times like negotiations. In addition, you will receive the tools that will allow you to handle the stress that sometimes comes with being a real estate agent. Your degree in psychology will provide you with what you need to build a positive reputation.

3. Human Resources

An online degree in HR will prepare you for a career in real estate.

A online Human Resources bachelor’s degree can provide you with the management skills you need for a career in real estate. If you plan on having agents work under you in your office, you will need to manage employees. It will also benefit you if you choose a career in Human Resources with a real estate management company. You will understand the importance of learning each employee’s strengths and weaknesses and being able to manage them effectively.

Additionally, Real estate agents who work in a larger office will be considered for management positions sooner if they have a degree in business management or human resources. An online master’s degree in Human Resources will add depth to your education. It will also make you eligible for more responsibilities in the workplace and a chance to move forward faster.

4. Marketing

An online degree in Marketing will prepare you for a career in real estate.

For many people who have chosen a career in Marketing, becoming a real estate agent is the next logical step. With an online degree in Marketing, they receive the skills they need to effectively sell ideas, property, items, or anything else of value. This type of degree teaches them how to reach out to people and capture their attention. It gives them skills on how to properly sell an image or an idea of what the future could hold if the proper steps are taken.

In the real estate field, marketing is a very valuable tool. With a degree in Marketing, agents are able to sell effectively while building a solid reputation for themselves at the same time. Because of the increase in internet use for advertising, most marketing degrees now heavily emphasize digital marketing. Real Estate agents need to know how to quickly and effectively promote themselves and properties on social media and understand search engine optimization. Understanding marketing is vital if you want to have a successful career in real estate. Earning an online marketing degree will be the finishing touch that allows a real estate agent an opportunity to go from having a good career to a great career.

5. Finance

An online degree in Finance will prepare you for a career in real estate.

An online degree in finance is an effective way to learn how to manage large real estate accounts. Choosing a career in finance will give you a solid foundation if you choose to transition into the field of real estate. With a finance degree, you will learn how to get the most out of every dollar you spend or invest in a property. You will also be able to help your clients understand these concepts as well. Many do not understand the significance of how financial decisions may affect their long-term future.

Finance and real estate go hand in hand in many ways. Your online degree in finance can give you the basic foundation for learning what you need to know about real estate. Online schools for real estate will offer many finance courses just to allow you to get the basics. It is in your best interest to learn as much as you can about this aspect of the real estate business. It will give you insight into how to protect your future in an ever-changing real estate market.

6. Graphic Design

An online degree in Graphic Design will prepare you for a career in real estate.

Many people don’t associate Graphic Design with real estate. The fact is that they both work together when it comes to certain aspects of the industry. This is especially true if you plan on being a real estate developer. A real estate graphic design online degree program will allow you to take your client’s ideas and bring them to life. Whether they want to build the perfect home or a large facility for their business, graphic design is what ties it all together and makes their goals a potential reality.

Graphic design is composed of many fields and specializations, ranging from print and web design to animation and motion graphics. Graphic Designers handle the visual side of a company with opportunities and options for individuals of almost any interest. Real estate graphic design can include visual marketing materials in print or online. It is used to promote agents, properties, and companies. An online Graphic Design degree program will allow potential real estate agents an opportunity to explore this very diverse area of the real estate field. Students can successfully engage many of their clients simply by showing them what can be done to a property to improve it. Having a degree in Graphic Design is a great way to augment a career in real estate.

7. Accounting

An online degree in Accounting will prepare you for a career in real estate.

When working in real estate, you will need to know how to explain the financial aspect of the process to your clients and how to run your business. You will learn about amortization, interest on mortgage loans, and how to keep accurate financial records for tax time. An online Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting will give you the skills to effectively manage your business and have a successful career in real estate. You will learn about amortization, interest on mortgage loans, and how to keep accurate financial records for tax time. You will have the skills you need to maintain accurate and verifiable records. 

Suppose you are interested in working in commercial real estate or for a large real estate firm. In that case, a Master’s Degree in Accounting can help you get a promotion and a raise. Accounting is more than just recording financial transactions. It allows you to track your business’s financial aspect and show you your strengths and weaknesses. A career in accounting may not be for everyone. But, learning as much as you can about the field will give you a solid understanding of its importance if you are a real estate agent.

8. Photography

An degree in Photography will prepare you for a career in real estate.

Real estate photography can be a very lucrative career whether you choose to become a licensed real estate agent or not. A photography degree give you the skills you need to highlight any piece of real estate. If you already have a degree in real estate, you already know how important it is to show a property in the best light possible. Enhancing a property’s best features will allow you to get the highest possible price. In some cases, it will be the image you create that actually drives the sale.

Individuals who already have an established career in photography can take photography courses from online schools for real estate that will give them the skills they need to be effective professional real estate photographer. This is a very rewarding career that will open a variety of doors for you including the possibility of aerial photography through the use of drones. A degree in real estate with a focus on photography is one of the best ways to make a name for yourself in the real estate world.

9. Sociology

An online degree in Sociology will prepare you for a career in real estate.

An online degree in Sociology is an excellent way to understand what drives the real estate market. Socio-economic conditions often set the trends for home sales across the country. Earning a degree in Sociology will teach you to interpret your client’s behaviors and understand why they may think the way they do. It will also help you find positive solutions for any concerns they may have when buying or selling a home.

An online degree in sociology will allow you to work with individuals and business professionals from many different walks of life. The more you can learn their methods and thought processes, the easier it will be for you to assist clients in finding the right property and eventually sealing the deal. A degree in sociology will provide a solid foundation for a career in real estate.

10. Real Estate

An online degree in Real Estate will prepare you for a career in real estate.

Few schools offer an online bachelor’s degree in real estate. Instead, it is more common to find an online degree in business with a concentration in real estate. But, Real Estate Degrees are becoming more common. The curriculum for these majors emphasizes the multidisciplinary nature of the industry. The coursework draws from various academic disciplines like engineering, business, marketing, law, geology, economics, finance, and architecture. Many of the newer degrees in real estate also offer courses to assist students in licensing in their state. Some also have classes that count towards professional designations.

The most prominent professional association in Real Estate is the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), with 1.4 million members. The NAR has partnered with Columbia College in Missouri and offers members real estate-specific certificates and degrees from the NAR Academy at Columbia College. Real estate industry leaders designed the innovative program. It features a stackable curriculum with certificates, Associate degrees, Bachelor’s degrees, and Master’s degree programs. If you are considering a degree specifically in real estate the first place you should look is at the NAR Columbia College program.

Real estate is one of the most diverse and complex career fields. It is important to have all of the skills to assist clients with buying, selling, managing, renting, or developing their properties. You have to understand both people as well as money. A real estate agent must manage their time, calculate financial values, understand how their clients think, and take quality photographs. In addition, they must be able to wear various hats to meet all the needs of the clients they serve. Having a degree in business management, accounting, photography, finance, or sociology can enhance the skills you already and help you achieve a successful career in real estate. You will be able to provide a level of service above and beyond what your clients expect.

An online Bachelor’s degree will provide you with a solid foundation for a current or future career in real estate. Many different majors will open up doors to new and exciting opportunities. When you try to decide on a new degree program, choose one that will strengthen your real estate skills. A degree that you will use if you ever decide to leave the real estate business offers you additional benefits. By utilizing the many different degree options available online, you will strengthen your real estate career and expand your versatility while continuing to work. So explore each one and utilize your talents to build a brighter future.

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