Top 10 Online Bachelor’s Degrees in Sociology


A Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology Degree is an academic degree in the social sciences that analyzes human interactions among individuals, groups, organizations, communities, and culture. It explores human society, social forces, and social interaction. Students enrolled in sociology baccalaureate degree programs are trained to conduct socially relevant and topical research and collect data for further analysis. There are many jobs you can get with a degree in Sociology.

Students who choose to pursue a degree in Sociology will also learn to analyze social problems and improve fundamental social processes. These social issues may include healthcare inequities, family conflicts, or discrimination based on many factors. Here is our list of the Top 10 Online Bachelor’s Degrees in Sociology.

Online SchoolDegree
#1. University of FloridaB.A. in Sociology
#2. Arizona State UniversityB.S. in Sociology
#3. Oregon State UniversityB.A. or B.S. in Sociology
#4. CUNY School of Professional StudiesB.A. in Sociology
#5. University of Texas – Permian BasinB.A. in Sociology
#6. University of NebraskaB.S. in Sociology
#7. Tennessee State UniversityB.A. in Sociology
#8. University of Central FloridaB.S. or B.A. in Sociology
#9. Central Methodist UniversityB.A. in Sociology
#10. Fayetteville State UniversityB.A. in Sociology
Top 10 Online Bachelor’s in Sociology Programs for 2021

1. University of Florida – Online 

Out-of-State per Credit: $129.18Accreditation: SACSCOC
University of Florida – Online B.A. in Sociology

The University of Florida’s Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Sociology online degree is offered through the school’s Liberal Arts & Sciences College and is ranked among the best online Sociology degree programs in Florida. This online bachelors in sociology degree from the University of Florida prepares students for rewarding careers as a policy analyst, consumer researcher, public health supervisor, or human resource representative, among others. The University of Florida’s baccalaureate degree in sociology requires students to complete a minimum of 120 semester credits.

The University of Florida (Florida) was established in the mid 1850s as a land grant school that is also a space and sea-grant school. As a senior member of the state’s university system, the University of Florida serves more than 56,450 students with a $6 billion budget. Highlight – UF is organized into sixteen college/schools, plus another 140+ research and academic institutes.

2. Arizona State University 

Out-of-State per Credit: $585.50Accreditation: HLC
Arizona State University – Online B.S. in Sociology

The Arizona State University Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Sociology degree requires students to complete 120 semester hours, of which 45 hours must be from the upper-level curriculum. Arizona State University’s online Sociology Degree program includes classes in the history of social thought, cultural diversity in the United States, research methods, gender & society, social statistics, and literacy and critical inquiry, to name a few. The B.S. degree at ASU focuses on research methods more than a traditional Sociology B.A degree. The program is known for its history of researching social and racial issues in communities. 

Arizona State University (ASU) was established in the mid-1880s, prior to Arizona reaching statehood. In addition, Arizona State University is a space-grant school that is recognized to be among the largest in the nation, with more than 145,000 students studying on-campus and online. Highlight – More than 200 faculty members at Arizona State University have received highly prestigious recognition from the National Academies.

3. Oregon State University 

Out-of-State per Credit: $331.0Accreditation: NWCCU
Oregon State University – Online B.A. or B.S. in Sociology

Oregon State University (OSU Ecampus) offers an undergraduate degree in Sociology that can be completed entirely online. The Oregon State University Bachelors in Arts or Science in Sociology online degree program requires degree candidates to complete at least 180 quarter credits – entirely online. The programs has four terms or quarters per year giving students the choice of four start dates each year. Classes for this degree include rural sociology, sociological theory, population trends, crime & justice, and environmental sociology.

Oregon State University was founded as a land-grant institution of higher education that serves more than 31,550 students. In addition, OSU is a sea, space, and sun-grant school, one of only a few four-designation schools in the nation. Oregon State University was founded in 1856 as a prep academy.

4. City University of NY (CUNY) School of Professional Studies 

Out-of-State per Credit: $305.00 (online)Accreditation: MSCHE
CUNY School of Professionals Studies – Online B.A. in Sociology

The City University of New York’s (CUNY) Professional Studies School offers a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Sociology degree that is considered one of the best valued online bachelors in sociology degree programs in the nation. Degree candidates enrolled in CUNY’s online degree in sociology program graduate and enter the workforce in the areas of human resources, social policy, education & training, criminal justice, marketing, law enforcement, or research/development.

The School of Professional Studies at CUNY was founded in 2003 to meet the needs of working learners. CUNY’s School of Professional Studies was the first CUNY school to offer a fully available online program. More than 1,950 students attend classes provided by CUNY SPS. The main campus of the City University of New York’s School of Professional Studies is located in midtown New York City.

5. University of Texas – Permian Basin

Out-of-State per Credit: $327.00Accreditation: SACSCOC
University of Texas – Permian Basin – Online B.A. in Sociology

The University of Texas Permian Basin Online Bachelor of Arts degree (BA) in Sociology that requires enrolled students to complete 120 undergraduate semester credits. The University of Texas’s online bachelors in sociology degree program prepares degree candidates for rewarding careers as guidance counselors, management consultants, or social workers. Coursework for this online degree in sociologprogram includes an introduction to sociology, sociological theory, social research methods, and a senior research seminar.

The University of Texas Permian Basin (UTPB) is a public higher learning institution that was founded in 1973. The university’s urban campus covers more than 600 acres and serves more than 7,550 undergraduate and graduate students. The University of Texas Permian Basin’s campus is home to a Stonehenge replica.

6. University of Nebraska – Online

Out-of-State per Credit: $396.00Accreditation: HLC
University of Nebraska – Online B.S. in Sociology

The University of Nebraska Bachelor of Science in Sociology online degree that is ranked among the best online bachelors in sociology degree programs in Nebraska. Coursework for the University of Nebraska’s online degree in sociology includes social inequality, social psychology, statistics for social sciences, sociological inequity, anthropology, and global cultures and diversity, among others. Students must finish at least 120 semester credits to meet the baccalaureate degree program’s requirements.

The University of Nebraska (UNL) was founded in the late 1860s as a land-grant school under the Morrill Land Act. Additionally, the University of Nebraska is the flagship campus of the state’s university system. More than 25,650 students attend classes online and on the Lincoln campus. The University of Nebraska in Lincoln maintains two campuses for its eight colleges and schools.

7. Tennessee State University

Out-of-State per Credit: $531.00Accreditation: SACSCOC
Tennessee State University – Online B.S. in Sociology

The Tennessee State University online Bachelor of Science (BS) in Sociology degree is considered among Nashville’s best online bachelors in sociology degree programs. This online degree in sociology from Tennessee State University requires students to complete at least 120 undergraduate semester units. Coursework for this BS in sociology degree includes an introduction to sociology, classical sociological theory, criminology, sociology of child development, and introduction to social research.

Tennessee State University (Tennessee State) was established in 1912 and is a member of the Thurgood Marshall Fund. Tennessee State University is a land-grant and HBCU school with a student enrollment that exceeds 8,050 students. Tennessee State University offers more than 60 academic degrees at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Highlight – Tennessee State University’s campus covers more than 475 acres, with the most acreage of any school campus in Nashville.

8. University of Central Florida

Out-of-State per Credit: $715.80Accreditation: SACS COC
University of Florida – Online B.A. in Sociology

The University of Central Florida (Central Florida Online) offers two of Florida’s best online bachelors in sociology degree programs with its Bachelor of Arts degree (BA) or its Bachelor of Science (BS) in Sociology. Each of these online degree in sociology programs require the completion of 120 undergraduate semester hours. Students graduate from the University of Central Florida’s bachelor’s degree in sociology to find rewarding work as public administrators, educators, behavioral analysts, or mental health care providers.

The University of Central Florida (U of CF) was founded in 1963 and has a student enrollment among the largest with nearly 72,000 students. The school began as a technical school as it was designed to supply personnel to the nearby space coast. Highlight – The University of Central Florida maintains a number of campuses and regional centers to serve a large portion of central Florida.

9. Central Methodist University

Out-of-State per Credit: $260.00Accreditation: HLC
Central Methodist University – Online B.A or B.S. in Sociology

Central Methodist University’s Graduate & Extended Studies College (CMU Digital U) offers two of Missouri’s best online bachelors in sociology degree programs. The CMU Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and the CMU Bachelor of Science in Sociology are both fully online. Both of the online Sociology Degrees from Central Methodist University require degree candidates to complete a minimum of 120 undergraduate credit units. Classes for CMU’s undergraduate degree in sociology include social theory, world cultures, social deviance, and research design & data analysis.

Central Methodist University (Central Methodist) was founded in the mid 1850s as Central College. This private school is affiliated with the Methodist Church, with its campus and online platform serving more than 5,250 students. Highlight – Central Methodist University’s campus is listed on the National Register of Historic Places since the early 1980s.

10. Fayetteville State University (FSU)

Out-of-State per Credit: $251.88Accreditation: SACS COC
Fayetteville State University – Online B.A. in Sociology
Fayetteville State University

The Fayetteville State University Bachelor of Arts in Sociology is offered through the school’s Humanities and Social Sciences College. The FSU Department of Sociology and Interdisciplinary Studies online program is considered one of North Carolina’s best online degree in Sociology programs. Degree candidates enrolled in this online bachelors in sociology degree program must maintain a 2.0 GPA to remain in the baccalaureate degree program in sociology offered by Fayetteville State University.

Fayetteville State University (Fayetteville State) was founded in 1867 and is recognized to be an HBCU (Historically Black College or University) school. Also known as UNC-FSU, Fayetteville State University is a recognized member school of North Carolina’s university system (UNC) and the Thurgood Marshall Fund. The university’s Fayetteville campus is home to more than 5,950 undergraduate and graduate students. Fayetteville State University holds the distinction of being the 2nd oldest school in NC that is state-supported.


Online Sociology Degree

What is Sociology Degree Curriculum at the Bachelor’s Level?

Sociology coursework typically includes learning basic analysis principles and social theories. In addition, students take courses in how to conduct social research. They learn how to develop observation methods and to create questionnaires and surveys properly. When sociology students have built a solid foundation regarding research and analytics methods, they learn to apply these methodologies and resources to studies on specific slices or the entire population.

What Career Path Can I Have With an Online Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology?

The American Sociological Association (ASA) notes that an undergraduate degree in sociology is an excellent springboard to many different careers across diverse sectors. In fact, the skills that are learned in an on-campus or online bachelors degree sociology can be applied to many career paths.

Whether studying for an on-campus or an online bachelor’s degree sociology, students with this major will find this degree prepares them for an array of sociology-related jobs or graduate sociology degree programs.  For those students enrolled in an online bachelors degree, many choose to pursue a master’s degree in business, law, education, or social work.  

Sociology majors who wish to enter the workforce often pursue a career in the area of social services, which may include:

  • Communications Specialist,
  • Consumer Relations Specialist
  • Correctional or Probation Officer
  • Educator
  • Family Planning Worker
  • Human Resource Representative
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Paralegal
  • Policy Analyst
  • Public Health Supervisor
  • Public Relations Professional
  • Counselor or Substance Abuse Educator
  • Survey Researcher

Some Sociology degree holders choose to apply their skills in human behavior in the areas of business, working in a human resources capacity.  Working in the business or management realm, sociologists have the skills to support employee & labor relations, facilitate hiring and training processes, and implement relevant quality assurance guidelines. Still, other graduates choose to pursue a career in sociological research.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Handbook, the median annual wage for sociologists in May 2020 was $86,110. And while many sociology majors can find work as a social worker.

How to Know if Sociology is the Right Academic Major?

Sociology majors should have a fundamental and inherent interest in society and human behavior. Because students enrolled in sociology programs study human actions, perspectives, values, and beliefs, they have a greater understanding of how society works and can be improved. As such, sociology degree candidates with a natural curiosity about people and society are likely to be a great fit.

Sociology majors are often critical thinkers who wish to understand better and analyze human behavior against society’s backdrop.  In addition, students with a serious interest in social justice will find a sociology academic degree also a smart option.


What Can I Do with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology?

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