10 Top Online Associate Degrees in Accounting


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10 Top Online Associate Degrees in Accounting

The top online associate degrees in Accounting offer a flexible path for students to earn a two-year degree and advance their careers.

Are you a detail-oriented person who enjoys calculations? If so, a degree in accounting may be a good fit for you. Accounting jobs include the financial sector, investment planning, budget analysis, tax preparation, bookkeeping, payroll services, and auditing. However, there are many more opportunities with a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree.

According to the BLS, over 170,000 jobs are available every year for bookkeepers, accountants, and auditing clerks. The sector is growing about as fast as average, and most of these openings are to replace retiring workers. So if you are interested in a career in Accounting, read on and find an online program where you can get started!

How We Ranked The Top Online Associates in Accounting Degree Programs

The editors at Online Schools Guide found schools offering online Associates degrees in accounting degree programs. Then, we ranked the programs based on reputation, cost, and future salary.

1. Fox Valley Technical CollegeAAS in Accounting
2. Florida Institute of TechnologyAA in Accounting
3. Dakota County Technical CollegeAAS in Accounting
4. Foothill CollegeAA in Accounting
5. Alexandria Technical & Community College AS – Accounting Transfer Pathway
6. Southeast Community College AA in Accounting
7. Moraine Park Technical CollegeAAS in Accounting
8. Northcentral Technical CollegeAccounting Associate Degree
9. Lake Superior College AAS in Accounting
10. Northeast Community CollegeAA in Accounting
Online Schools Guide Top 10 Online Associates in Accounting Degree Programs

1. Fox Valley Technical College 

Degree: AAS in Accounting

Fox Valley Technical College offers one of the best online Associate of Applied Science in Accounting degree programs. This sixty-three-credit program teaches students the skills needed for a successful career in accounting.

Students learn the importance of handling sales, payments, expenses, inventory, and purchases. Upon graduation, students will know to prepare and interpret financial reports. In addition, they will become proficient with Microsoft Excel, accounting software, payroll, tax preparation, and cost accounting. In addition to the online format, FVTC offers this program on-campus during the day or evening. Both part-time and full-time attendance options are available to provide the ultimate flexibility to students.

Fox Valley Technical College is a two-year community college in Wisconsin. The school has two large campuses in Appleton and Oshkosh and a hand full of satellite locations. Well known for offering ready-career programs and degrees, Fox Valley also has a robust online offering. In addition to the already low tuition rates, online students at Fox Valley pay the same rate regardless of residency status. FVTC also maintains transfer agreements with many local universities that facilitate an easy move for students who want to earn a bachelor’s degree later.

2. Florida Institute of Technology

Degree: Associate of Arts (AA) in Accounting

The Florida Institute of Technology offers an online Associate in Accounting degree program that includes a background in liberal arts. FIT’s AA in Accounting program gives students a well-rounded education with the same rigorous objectives as in-person programs.

This sixty-four-credit degree program prepares students for entry-level positions in accounting. Students gain knowledge about technical accounting concepts. Management, global business, and statistics are also covered. In addition, students who wish to earn a BA in Accounting can easily continue their education at FIT using the credits earned from the AA in accounting. Not all online classes are offered every semester, so students are encouraged to make a degree completion plan with their advisor.

Florida Institute of Technology opened in 1958 in Melbourne, Florida. The private university is close to Cape Canaveral, where NASA launched numerous missions into space. The FIT was founded by NASA scientist, Jerome Keuper, to meet the critical need for scientists and engineers at NASA and is well known for its engineering and aeronautics colleges. The school offers many undergraduate and graduate degrees, many of which are also available online.

3. Dakota County Technical College

Degree: AAS in Accounting

Dakota County Technical College offers an Online Associate in Accounting that teaches intermediate accounting skills to students and prepares them to enter the workforce. In this sixty-credit program, students learn how to analyze, interpret, and record information about the financial status of a company. In addition, they learn how to utilize accounting software to create spreadsheets, reports, financial statements, and tax returns. Students will also gain a strong understanding of federal tax, state tax, and payroll laws. 

Dakota County Technical College offers online learning to provide flexibility and convenience for students. These online courses follow the same schedule as a traditional learning class and have the same coursework, just with a flexible schedule and online tools. Dakota County Technical College first opened in 1969 and is a Minnesota State University system member.

4. Foothill College

Degree: AA in Accounting

Foothill College offers an online Associates in Accounting to prepare students to transfer to a four-year degree program or to find a place in the workforce.

Students learn to process data, create reports, and measure activities and communities with leadership. In addition, students become skilled at payroll, taxes, analyzing financial statements, and internal and external accounting. They also learn about governmental accounting and the ethical standards of accounting. 

Foothill College offers over 180 degrees and certificate programs. The school first opened in 1957 and is in Los Altos Hills, California. Foothill College offers an online learning platform where students take all online courses. They offer a hotline to any student having problems navigating the online environment. They have an online learning office dedicated strictly to learning in an online environment. 

5. Alexandria Technical and Community College

Degree: AS – Accounting Transfer Pathway

Alexandria Technical and Community College offers an online Associates in Accounting with their Accounting Transfer Pathway (AS) degree. Accounting has long been considered the language of business.

This program prepares students for roles in management with technical training in critical areas. Graduates are prepared for financial accounting, managerial accounting, auditing, and fund accounting. In addition, they will learn skills to make them proficient in QuickBooks, Excel, Access, and TaxWise. 

Alexandria Technical and Community College offers the Accounting Transfer Pathway program for students interested in transferring to a bachelor’s degree accounting program at one of the seven Minnesota State universities. The student has junior year status when they start at one of these schools. This online program allows students to learn in a flexible environment. This program provides the ultimate flexibility for students that want to work while learning. 

6. Southeast Community College

Degree: Associate of Arts (AA) in Accounting

Southeast Community College offers an online Associates in Accounting for students who plan to transfer to a Bachelor’s degree program.

This AA Accounting program is ideal for someone that enjoys number crunching and solving problems. In addition, this program teaches students practical skills to prepare them to enter the workforce in billing, office management, and bookkeeping. 

Southeast Community College offers a flexible program on a full-time or part-time basis. You can take these classes online or in a traditional classroom. This program allows students to select which program fits into their schedule. Through this program, students interact with instructors and classmates through a virtual classroom. Southeast Community College uses state-of-the-art technology to provide students access to their classes. Students can also opt for a hybrid model of classes. 

7. Moraine Park Technical College

Degree: AAS in Accounting

The online Associates in Accounting at Moraine Park Technical Colleges gives students an in-depth look at all aspects of accounting. This program intends to take students passionate about numbers and details and train them for the accounting world.

Students have in-depth training in teamwork, accounting software, and communication skills. In addition, these students have hands-on experience with computers processing financial information. As a result, they can create reports and make plans, controls, and decisions. 

Moraine Park Technical College offers their accounting degree a pathway to the next level or Bachelor’s degree. MPTC maintains credit transfer agreements with public and private four-year colleges. This program is offered online and can be taken in person and on campus. This provides students the ability to take classes when it is convenient for them.

8. Northcentral Technical College

Degree: Accounting Associate Degree

Northcentral Technical College offers an Accounting Associate Degree that is entirely online. This program prepares students to maintain systems, analyze records, and prepare financial reports.

These reports include balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements. Students will learn about cost accounting, general accounting, taxes, accounting information systems, and specialized areas. In addition, these students learn how to use applications such as Microsoft Office Suite and QuickBooks. 

Students can complete the Northcentral Technical College 61-credit accounting degree online or on campus. In addition, the program is a Pathway program. Students can complete an accounting 31-credit technical diploma before earning an associate degree and transfer to another school to earn a bachelor’s degree. NTC encourages a positive learning experience; all students are expected to be fully engaged. Northcentral first opened in 1912 and is in Wausau, Wisconsin.

9. Lake Superior College 

Degree: AAS in Accounting

The Lake Superior College online Associate in Accounting degree is another excellent pathway program. This program addresses the growing business complexity and globalization that will increase the need for accountants in the next few years.

This associate of applied science degree will prepare students to enter the accounting workforce upon graduation. Students also learn to prepare financial statements, analyze budgets, and calculate income taxes. In addition, students learn how to handle payroll accounting and use software like Turbo Tax and Quickbooks. 

The Lake Superior College educational pathway includes a 31-credit Bookkeeper Diploma and a 60-credit AAS in Accounting. Graduates can then utilize the school’s transfer agreements to pursue a Bachelor’s degree as an accountant after earning their AAS. In addition, Lake Superior College has more than 20 years of experience with eLearning. That means they have the knowledge and expertise to help students when they encounter problems with the online platform. 

10. Northeast Community College

Degree: AA in Accounting

Northeast Community College offers an online Associate of Arts (AA) in Accounting degree. Students learn the most recent principles in accounting and how to use them in real life. In addition, students understand the basic concepts, definitions, and terminology of accounting.

Students enter the workforce and find professional employment upon graduation. Northeast Community College instructors are professionals in their field. Not only do they share knowledge, but their personal experiences with real-life accounting. The credit from Northeast Community College may transfer to a four-year program for those that want to pursue a Bachelor’s degree.

NCC believes that education should not come with compromises. Therefore, they offer online learning to provide flexibility and comfort to students. Online learning allows students to learn and grow while maintaining their commitments at work and home. 

10 Top Online Associates in Accounting
How Long Does it Take to Get an Associate’s Degree in Accounting?

How Long Does it Take to Get an Associate’s Degree in Accounting?

A student typically takes two years to complete an Associate Degree in Accounting. This timeline requires full-time attendance. Students will have to attend school for two semesters each year. Some schools offer accelerated programs to finish the degree faster. Accelerated classes may be available online or in person. For students that opt for part-time classes, it will take longer to earn an Associate Degree. 

What Jobs Can You Get With An Associates Degree in Accounting?

  • Accounting Assistant
  • Bookkeeper
  • Accounts Receivable Clerk 
  • Payroll Specialist
  • Purchasing Assistant 
  • Account Resolution Specialist
  • Billing Specialist 
  • Financial or Accounting Clerk
  • Auditing Clerk

How Much Can You Make With An Associate in Accounting Degree?

Can You Make Good Money with an Associate Degree in Accounting? The amount of money an individual can earn with an Associate Degree in Accounting varies widely because of all the different job positions available. Some companies require employees to have a Bachelor’s Degree, while some accept an Associate’s Degree. For those individuals who have an Associate in Applied Science (AAS), they may earn slightly less than those that have an Associate in Accounting. Remember that these numbers may vary widely based on all criteria. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), some accounting field positions and their salaries range from $40,000 per year to $125,000 per year. A Financial Clerk is on the lower end of the scale earning approximately $41,520 per year. A Payroll Bookkeeper earns around $47,020 per year. A Benefits and Job Analysis Specialist may earn about $67,190 per year. An Administrative Services Manager earns about $98,890, while a Purchasing Manager may earn about $125,940 per year. 

How Can You Advance Your Career With A Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting?

Yes, a person with an Associate Degree in Accounting can then get a bachelor’s degree in Accounting. Most advisors and employers will recommend students’ plans to take this path. Once an individual has a bachelor’s degree, more job opportunities are available with a higher salary. Then, you can earn even more with a Master’s Degree in Accounting!

Some Associate Degree programs are set up so students can continue their education and get a bachelor’s degree. Some schools go as far as creating relationships with other schools so students can transfer all their credits. These are often called pathway programs. 


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