10 Top Majors for Law School Candidates


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10 Best Majors for Law School

The top majors for law school prepare students with a broad background in social sciences, humanities, and communications. Majors for Law School come from many disciplines. There is no golden ticket to law school. Not even if you pick the perfect undergraduate field of study, excel on the LSAT, and are a boss in the courtroom. Alright then, what are the best majors for law school to get you as close as possible?

The truth of the matter is, pre-law is any degree. I would be lying if I said it wasn’t helpful to ensure your education includes some key ingredients that will make you a more successful law student, but this is genuinely a personal path.

What Major Looks Good for Law School?

Many pre-law students choose something that relates to the legal path they are interested in forging. For example, an aspiring environmental lawyer might choose a degree within the environmental sciences. Immigration law majors will have studied the ins and outs of immigration policy.

The law is one of those fields that people often pick for personal reasons. So. it is helpful that you dive into that purpose in your undergraduate career. Setting an intention like this will prepare students for the highly rewarding and challenging career path ahead. 

What Major has the Highest Law School Acceptance Rate?

As mentioned, there is no perfect course of study for a prospective law student. But we have compiled a list of 10 majors with the highest acceptance rates to law school. Many perfect fits did not make the list. However, many paths could lead to successful entry into law school. One thing this list does not do is suggest one major will make someone a more successful law student.

What Majors Score the Highest on the LSAT?

The LSAT has a strong focus on critical thinking. So, be sure whatever major you pick allows you to continue to hone and practice those skills. So. read on to find out the best undergraduate majors for law school and the best pre-law programs for undergraduates. Good luck!

1. Political Science

Political Science is a well-rounded discipline that is sure to get you on the right track for law school. This degree heavily applies the law to political theory and provides a firm backbone of the inner workings of the judicial system. Graduates of a political science degree will also emerge an understanding of the operations of government and how they apply historical rules to contemporary law practices.

This craft also includes studying how laws came to be and how their application has changed over time. What makes this a well-rounded discipline is an emphasis on public speaking that is paramount to being a successful lawyer. 

2. Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice is one of the best majors for Criminal Law. A degree in Criminal Justice is a natural fit for a pre-law student and can prepare you for what is in store in this chosen career path. Often this major includes an immersive experience in court proceedings and a variety of other aspects of the legal system that make law school that much easier.

However, it may surprise you that some schools frown on the Criminal Justice major, as specializing in a related interest often shows character and a more well-rounded approach to law. It seems that some law schools look more deeply at the academic records and accomplishments of Criminal Justice majors than students who majored in something else.

3. Psychology

Is Psychology a good major for law school? Well, Psychology is the study of the inner workings of people-how they think, behave, and why they believe what they believe. How is that not a perfect discipline for a future lawyer? Psychology students study to develop a firm grasp on decision making, which includes the reasons why people might commit a crime.

Students develop an understanding of bias, including stereotyping and discrimination that might play a role in the reasons why some people are wrapped up in the legal system at all. In psychology coursework, students will often learn how to network effectively, which is a valuable skill for anyone practicing law. 

4. History

Students of history not only learn the background story of legislation and law, but they also learn how to learn efficiently. History students benefit from a foundation in treaties and the evolution of courtrooms that will provide the expertise that many other pre-law students do not have when they enter law school.

The discipline of history relies heavily on a firm grasp of critical thinking, which is one of the most valuable skills for a law student and, ultimately, a lawyer. There is a significant amount of research and learning methodology that will also be well applied to the legal disciplines, effectively making this an excellent precursor for law school. 

5. English

It is no surprise that many English majors enter the world of law. It is an excellent fit because students come into LSAT prep with a comprehensive skillset in persuasive writing and reading comprehension. Every lawyer must have stellar writing and reading skills as well as the stamina to take copious notes and pine through stacks and stacks of legal briefs.

Not only is the reading part important, but then they must retain, apply, and problem solve what they read. English majors also have the underpinnings of argument development and making the connections between texts and circumstances. English, it turns out, is one of the best undergraduate majors for law school is clear. The possibilities for these majors with a law degree are endless. 

6. Communications

Undergraduate Communications graduates emerge with professional training in public speaking, writing, and even negotiating. Some of the other critical transferrable skills from this discipline to law include conflict resolution, leadership, team building, and of course, critical thinking.

Communications also give students the finger on the pulse of the current social and political sphere, not only ensuring they are up to date, but gaining the skills to continue to follow trends that are necessary for the effective practice of law. Communications students also learn how to meet people where they are, meaning they have a developed way of communicating with different types of people, which is an asset for any legal advisor. 

7. Sociology

Sociology is a perfect fit for a potential lawyer, as it is the study of society, diverse populations, and culture. Students come out of this major with authority on issues that society faces like racism, poverty, movements for racial and economic justice, and even the rights of LGBTQ people. The discipline deeply informs the law and its discrepancies in Sociology.

Many lawyers are driven by a desire to fight against injustice, and this is the perfect backbone for any such pre-law student hoping to impact public policy and the landscape of Justice. 

8. Arts and Humanities

Many may think that the Arts and Humanities are within the worst majors for Law School, but that could not be farther from true. First of all, many legal disciplines require an understanding of the arts, like copyright law, and lawyers for creative arts.

Students of the Arts and Humanities often leave their undergraduate education with an understanding of different cultures and societies throughout the globe, as well as a strategic approach to academia and comprehension. Students emerging from such disciplines have undertaken a wide range of coursework, offering a well-rounded perspective on the world. 

9. Science

Many sectors of the law require scientific knowledge, including Medical, Environmental, Pharmaceutical, Space, and Maritime law. Science majors who are interested in these and many other relevant legal disciplines that incorporate STEM stand out among applicants with different specialties. Science majors also learn how to study data efficiently and often have a knack for analysis and forming useful conclusions.

These are all critical ingredients for an excellent lawyer. Logical reasoning, high-end research, and communicating complex ideas are essential aspects of all forms of law, making a science major a superb candidate for law school. 

10. Business

A valuable skill set for all lawyers is to understand corporate structures, negotiations-including in the world of business, and writing and upholding contracts. These skills are heavily focused upon in the academic career of a business major. There are also business lawyers that this undergraduate niche heavily supports.

Many other disciplines of law benefit from a business background and therefore make graduates competitive candidates for law school. The business major also gives students skills in crafting compelling arguments and arbitration, which are essential skills for any lawyer. 

Your Path to Law School

There are many educational avenues for a student interested in excelling on the LSAT exam and getting accepted into their top choice law school. Law is an exciting and evolving field that will never be obsolete. It is also full of so many facets that can accommodate a wide variety of disciplines, skillsets, and passions. It is merely one of those career paths that benefit from the student following their heart and listening to a personal calling.

If you hold the faith that your well-studied passion will allow you to go all the way, you can emerge in the field of law doing what you care about the most. Allow this list to inspire you and take it further. Find a way to turn what you love into a relevant pre-law experience. Our world always needs good lawyers who are ready to be on the right side of history.


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