10 Most In-Demand Degrees


Globalization has impacted every employment sector, and the world as we know it is rapidly changing before our very eyes. Many of the jobs our parents held have become obsolete, just like handwriting and video stores. When considering an academic course of study, it is essential to ask what are the most in demand jobs? If you want to take it a couple of steps further, ask what will be the high demand jobs in the next 10 years? We have seen many fad industries come and go, so it is crucial when thinking about the most in demand jobs for the future, that we consider careers that will always be in demand. We have compiled a list of 10-degree paths that are sure to highlight jobs in demand in 2020, and also top careers to get into as we look towards the future. The market considers these jobs timeless, though who knows anything about what the future holds for our world? 

This list of Most In-Demand Degrees spans a variety of disciplines, so there should be something that piques your interest. Maybe even something that you may not have considered before. Roll up those sleeves and begin your journey that will open you to an educational path of lucrative sustenance. Here you can start to grow a passion with an investment in skills that will lift you into the workforce easier than many other options. 

1. Computer Science

One of the remarkable aspects of a Computer Science Degree is that it can impact pretty much every single industry. It is not a stagnant field as the cyber world is ever-evolving, and will continue to do so beyond our wildest dreams. Many specializations can become your niche within the degree track of Computer Science, including Management Information Systems, as Big Data is always alive and thriving. As far as numbers and stats go, there is still a need for more experts. Right out of undergrad, there are a phenomenal amount of opportunities for Computer Science majors. Many of these pay a median of $60,000 out of the gate. 

2. Information Technology

Not unlike Computer Science, Information Technology careers are always on the rise. The other thing about this course of study is that it can students can apply to almost any industry or career path. I do not know a single company, non-profit organization, doctor’s office (and on and on) that does not have at least one IT person on site. Not to mention all of the call-in IT support for the products you buy and piece of technology. This field is about learning software and the anatomy of hardware and using data securely and effectively. Studies have shown that the IT field has grown considerably in the last decade with an expected incline in the next. Right out of undergrad, graduates can land a job that pays a median of $80,000 and imagine if you continue with your education. 

3. Pharmacology 

Pharmacology only requires you to obtain a bachelor’s degree with the option of growth upon seeking an advanced degree. It is a relief to know you have options of staying where you are upon graduation and still being successful. This field has one of the highest projections of growth, and also has a median salary of over $100,000. Not only is it a sustainable degree and growing, but many feel that with this industry, they can make a change in people’s lives, as so many people are reliant on pharmaceutical drugs to stay alive and well. 

4. Software Engineering

Software Engineers have one of the highest median salaries as far as in-demand degrees go. Out of the gate, a software engineer has a median income of a whopping $150,000. As I write this, I realize I went into the wrong industry! Software and apps are always in motion with an exponential predicted rate of continued growth. As generation Z grows up, who knows what software will have evolved to be? If you stay on the front lines of this industry, it seems like a guarantee that you will never be out of a job, and you will be able to use your creativity to make and grow technology. 

5. Finance

Finance is definitely on this list of jobs that are not going anywhere. Like IT, I can’t think of any institution, business, or medical office that does not have a finance department. It is critical to have an expert in this field on hand for the health of any organization. This degree can lead you to account or tax expert roles. The list is long. Financial managers are particularly in demand and are expected to continue to be needed. Not to mention a degree in finance and offer an income between $70,000-$120,000– not bad at all. 

6. Business Administration

Business Administration is an ever-evolving field and a super in-demand degree path. A BS in BA is another one of those degrees that can be applied to almost any industry, not only in the for-profit sector. Those who enter business administration can be on a CEO track, as well as management and a variety of other organizational leadership positions. There are lots of benefits to this path of study, as there are lots of opportunities to study online, and you can be successful without getting a graduate degree if you decide not to. Many people with associate’s degrees can access fairly lucrative entry-level positions.

7. Data Science 

The median salary for a data scientist is $110,000. There are many places you can take this path. Data Science encompasses the concepts of big data and data mining. It is a field that favors methods, algorithms, statistics, and specific systems. Many people go into programming, and they often emerge from their degree programs as problem-solving experts. Data Science is another career path that is only expanding and filtering into other sectors. It brings together machine learning, statistics, and data analysis to form a synthesis of numbers and algorithms that are critical to the survival of many businesses and organizations. 

8. Health Science

The Health Sciences are linked to many careers, including Healthcare Administration, and is more and more in demand as life expectancy grows and medical technology evolves. Students emerge from this degree route to work in many settings, including rehab facilities, palliative care centers, hospitals, doctors’ offices, and even in-home situations. This degree gives students a foundation in data analytics, administrative tasks that can include finance, and even communications. Experts estimate that the field will grow by 20 percent by 2026, ensuring that there is no shortage of career opportunities. Health Science is also a career path with an average salary that jumps with the amount of education. 

9. Education

Unfortunately, our education system is, by many accounts, broken. Despite this, there is a high demand for teachers worldwide. There are many opportunities for education majors to work from the inside out regarding education advocacy while working towards a more effective education system. Another benefit of this academic course is that there are many opportunities to study online or at campuses considered transition sites. Teaching is one of the few evolving career paths on this list that can help you genuinely connect with your passion for social change, though it is not going to be one of the highest paying. There are many places you can go with an education degree, with ample opportunities to accessibly achieve an advanced degree in the field.

10. Human Resources

It is uncommon to find a comprehensive business, organization, or educational institution that doesn’t have a human resources department. The human resources departments are made up of the people who handle employee grievances, conflict mediation, and daily tasks like onboarding and hiring. Those in human resources also organize professional development training and staff parties and outings. It is their unique job to ensure that there is equity within the organization. Students of human resources engage with coursework like business, leadership, psychology, and even finance. There is so much growth potential in this field. It is expected to expand as much as 9 percent by 2026. 

The current world of employment leans on a few industries to hold up innovation and sustainability. It is an exciting time to engage in aspects of STEM and tech, as well as education and health sciences. Many fields are not going anywhere. Focusing, however, on the careers that are not only going to have a more profound impact as the world changes, but also the ones that will increase in demand and earning potential is the goal of this list. There are so many opportunities that a degree can provide. Many unusual degrees are wild cards, and may not spit you onto a path that promises success. It makes sense in an uncertain world to pick a way that will be more likely to create a sustainable outcome for you and your family. It does not mean you can’t do something you love, however. You can still use your education as a time to expand your horizons, find electives that arouse your most profound sense of inspiration and motivation. Find ways to bring together the artist and the scientist in you as you carve out a career on which you can depend.