10 Best Online Business Administration Certificates

10 Best Online Business Administration Certificates

Obtaining an online business administration certificate can be a real boost to a student’s business-related career since it provides students with the skills and knowledge needed for a variety of entry-level supervisory positions in many different business environments.

Normally, the curriculum of a business administration certificate program will include topics, such as management, foundational accounting, technology skills, and marketing. The online business administration certificate courses that are taken during the program will allow students to move smoothly into an Associate of Applied Business degree in business administration or other types of degrees.

How We Ranked The Best Online Business Administration Certificates

The editors at Online Schools Guide found schools offering a variety of online Business Administration certificates. Then, based on reputation, cost, and future salary, we ranked the programs.

1. Durham Tech

program: Business Administration Management Certificate

The Business Administration Management Certificate at Durham Tech, located in North Carolina and offering more than 100 associate and certificate programs, will teach students a variety of details about the free enterprise system. Graduates of the program will gain a fundamental knowledge of business processes and functions as well as an in-depth understanding of today’s businesses and their roles in the global economy.

Students will embark on a variety of courses, such as business law, accounting, marketing, management, and economics during this online program. Students will learn a variety of skills so they can apply the concepts they learn effectively through excellent communication, team building, computer applications, and decision making that will provide them with a very strong business educational foundation for the future. Graduates will be able to work in a variety of positions at financial institutions, government agencies, and large or small businesses and companies.

2. Wake Tech

program: several business administration certifications

When it comes to the best online business administration programs that are available for area students and business professionals, Wake Tech, located in North Carolina, offers several business administration certifications that specialize in eight areas. Some of the focus options for students are Digital Media, Entrepreneurship, and Human Resources Administration.

In addition, the Business Administration Marketing and Sales Certificate teaches students social media, marketing, advertising, and a range of other topics. And, the popular Project Management Certificate can be completed over two semesters or in some cases, within a mini-semester of eight weeks. Students will be able to land the best business administration career with the business administration certificate salary to go with it after completing these online business administration certificate courses at Wake Tech. They will be able to work in a variety of careers, including in the banking, advertising, energy, healthcare, consulting, and manufacturing fields.

3. Richmond Community College

program: Business Administration Certificate

Richland Community College offers a Business Administration Certificate in which students will learn business law, principles of management, computer programs and basic PC literacy, principles of microeconomics, principles of macroeconomics, and principles of marketing. Graduates will have the leadership and communication skills they need to succeed in the world of business after completing this program. They will be able to garner key positions in a variety of areas in business, such as bank teller or another banking professional position, human resource assistant or manager, and a multitude of other positions they will be qualified to be able to apply for and land to further their careers.

Richland Community College is located in North Carolina and offers a total of 60 degree, diploma, and certificate programs. Graduates of the Business Administration Certificate program at Richland Community College will be eligible to apply for a wide range of jobs in the field of business, including as an administrative assistant, relationship banker, customer service associate, assistant store manager, sales support specialist, store manager, executive assistant, retail sales worker, sales consultant, and even sales supervisors.

4. Rhodes State College

program: Business Administration Certificate

The 21-credit-hour Business Administration Certificate at Rhodes State College, located in Memphis, Tennessee, is constructed to provide students with the skills and knowledge they need for an entry-level type supervisory job in a business environment. Students will learn facets of management as well as team leadership and technology skills and will be introduced to basic marketing and concepts of human resources. This program will assist students in gaining the confidence and leadership abilities they need to succeed in the world of business.

Students will meet on a regular basis with faculty members who have years of experience in business as well as human resources and marketing. The program is offered 100% online as well as in traditional daytime formats and the certificate earned at the end of the program can be applied to an associate’s degree in business administration for students who want to continue their education. Graduates will have the opportunity to work in a variety of different positions, such as human resource assistant, store manager, and customer service associate.

5. Blue Ridge Community College

program: Business Administration Basic Certificate

The Blue Ridge Community College offers the Business Administration Basic Certificate that will provide students with instruction so they can begin to have an in-depth understanding of the many aspects of the free enterprise system. All of the coursework in this program will transfer to the Business Administration: General Business Pathway so students can continue on to earn that certificate as well.

Both programs are offered online to make it easier for students with families, disabilities, or full or part-time jobs to attend classes that fit with their schedules. Blue Ridge Community College is nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Tennessee and offers over 200 degree, diploma, and certificate programs.

6. California Coast University

program: undergraduate certificate program in Business Administration

The undergraduate certificate program in Business Administration at the California Coast University has been designed to teach students how to develop the ability to achieve effective business and industry decisions by not only recognizing issues but also examining alternatives and effectively communicating successful solutions as well. Students will learn a variety of business communication skills as well as organizational theories that coincide with their professional interests and business law.

This certificate program is offered fully online, so all of the online business administration certificate courses are self-paced to make it easier for students to complete the certificate program while they work or take care of a family and other responsibilities. The university is located in Santa Ana, California. 

7. Colorado State University

program: business administration certificate

The business administration certificate at Colorado State University will prepare students to achieve success when they enter into the very competitive world of business by teaching them effective leadership skills, proper communication skills, and creative problem-solving skills. Students will learn new leadership techniques as well as marketing strategies, business analysis methods, finance principles, and business processes, along with strategic planning and decision-making.

This program is great for people searching for new opportunities in their careers or to advance in their current ones and will provide students with a variety of proven business strategies and tools. The program is fully online and taught by working professionals in the field of business. Students connect with instructors and their fellow students via email, chat, video conferencing, and class discussion boards. The credits that graduates earn from this program can be transferred to their master of business administration degree program.

8. CSU Global

program: Undergraduate Certificate in Business Administration

CSU Global offers the Undergraduate Certificate in Business Administration program that will prepare students to take on higher-level positions or new positions in the business world while giving them the tools to achieve their career goals as a decision-maker, a leader, and a problem solvers. Students will learn about leadership and management as well as the legal and ethical issues that can come up in the area of business. Graduates will also gain organizational innovation and change knowledge to help take companies to the next level.

Students will learn how to apply the management skills they learn in decision-making and analysis of the organizational structure in their real-world careers. They will also look at business ethics and legalities and environmental, social, and corporate entities. CSU Global is located in Aurora, Colorado, and upon graduation, students can land jobs in the hotel or restaurant management industry, human resource departments, banking positions, or an array of other positions in the world of business.

9. St. John’s University

program: Advanced Certificate in Business Administration

The Advanced Certificate in Business Administration at St. John’s University in New York City is an 18-credit, graduate program that was created for those working in the field of business to strengthen their business skills and enhance their knowledge of business practices. The program requires three courses for a total of nine credit hours from the master of business administration core classes. Graduates will be prepared to finish their master’s of business administration degree and advance in their careers or garner new positions at other companies.

This online master’s degree in business administration certificate program will provide graduates with the business administration skills needed to qualify for a variety of different positions, including financial analyst positions, sales manager positions, and management or market research analyst positions, along with many others. Graduates of the Advanced Certificate in Business Administration at St. John’s University business administration certificate program will be able to apply for jobs in a variety of areas, such as finance, strategy, operations, information systems, accounting, and management.

10. The University of Texas at Austin

program: Business Management Certificate Program

The University of Texas at Austin offers a Business Management Certificate Program that is designed to help students level up in their careers by teaching them how to further develop the business skills that are needed to become more effective supervisors, managers, or leaders. In this online business administration certificate program, students will learn soft skills as well as technical skills to prepare them for the real-world field of business.

The classes for the course are taught by working professionals who are leaders in their fields in the area of business to enhance the knowledge of students and teach them how to further develop their skills and knowledge when it comes to emotional intelligence, data analytics, project management, coaching, and human resources. This is a great program for both entrepreneurs and business owners as well as supervisors and managers at all levels of careers.

What are Undergraduate Business Certificates?

There are two different types of business certificates that students can work towards earning, including an undergraduate business certificate that is offered by a variety of colleges, universities, and schools of business that will offer students who are not business majors the opportunity to complete coursework in the field of business administration.

Most undergraduate business certificates require students to complete about 12 to 15 credit hours of course work. These types of certificate programs are offered in a variety of subfields in the business industry, such as finance, healthcare, administration, leadership, and accounting.

What are Graduate Business Certificates?

A graduate business certificate program will offer instruction for students that will propel them to higher levels in their business careers. This type of certificate program is designed for students who may not have undergraduate business experience or coursework or who are not interested in completing the curriculum for a graduate business degree.

Graduate business certificates are similar to undergraduate business certificates in the fact that their purpose is to show future employers certain competencies that students may already have in business. The coursework for a graduate business certificate is very similar to that of an undergraduate business certificate and will include courses that prepare students to work in a variety of fields in the business world, such as health care real estate accounting, and administration. Students are required to take 15 to 20 credit hours of coursework for this type of certificate.

Is a Business Administration Certificate Worth It?

Yes, a business administration certificate is definitely worth it for many people, since earning this type of certificate will not only look good on a resume but will help better prepare graduates of the programs to advance in their careers. Some certificates in business administration programs can even help people enter the world of business for the first time.

Business Administration Certificate Coursework

Students will learn about a variety of subjects, such as business law in management fundamentals, that can help them land an entry-level job in the business field. Also, a certificate program in business is great for people who have been working in the field of business for many years but do not have the certificate to match the knowledge they have gained from real-world experience.

What Can You Do With a Business Administration Certificate?

A certificate program in business administration can also be a wonderful opportunity for students to increase their knowledge that can help set them up for advanced-level positions within a company they currently work for or a new one in the future. Students can develop their expertise in certain areas of business which will increase their chances of promotions in the future or of landing a better position at a different company.

Is a Certificate Enough to Get a Job?

A certificate in business administration program will allow graduates to be qualified to apply for a variety of leadership-style positions in the field of business. Graduates can land a job as a sales manager who works to oversee a sales team by motivating employees to meet their quotas and attract new customers.

What Jobs Can You Get with a Business Administration Certificate?

Graduates can also work at a company in the position of administrative assistant to higher-level officials at all levels of business. Some tasks will include managing financial records, reviewing documents for errors, and entering computer data into the company system

Graduates can also work as loan officers in the sales department or in the banking industry, or as a purchasing agent for a company. Other possible business-related positions include logistician, bank teller, customer service representative, and a variety of others.


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