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This is a comprehensive Psychology Degrees Guide. Please follow along with us to learn more about the various degrees offered. Psychology is the scientific study of the minds and behaviors of individuals or groups of people. If you become a psychologist, you will be actively involved not only in studying the mental processes, brain functions, and behaviors of others, but also in understanding them. Psychology has strong ties to other sciences, such as social, medical, and even education.

There are different areas of psychology, including behavioral neuroscience, the stress in the brain, hippocampal biology and function, stress-related differences in brain function, neurogenesis and the plasticity of the brain throughout life, the neurobiology of cognitive control, and immune regulation of the brain and behavior.

Clinical psychology focuses on the treatment of mood and personality disorders as well as behavioral responses to a variety of life events, while cognitive psychology focuses more on the scientific study of brain imaging and experimental techniques. Decision science focuses on how cognitive, affective, and social processes can influence our choices and judgment and how we can even improve our self-control, while developmental psychology explores cognition, behavior, and the brain when it comes to developmental changes and in how we learn.

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Are There Certifications For Psychology?

Various states have different education and licensure requirements for people entering into the field of psychology and while certification is not one of the requirements, it can certainly provide students with a variety of advantages in their careers.

Being able to list different certifications on a resume for a job in the field of psychology will certainly help students upgrade their resumes and they will be able to showcase their different skills through which types of certifications they have earned.

For students who want to specialize in certain areas of psychology, certification can become very important in certain entities, such as the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP) and the American Psychological Association (APA), recognize several different psychology specialties and certifications and will help them promote their services to potential patients in the future.

A few of the many certifications that are available in the field of psychology include behavioral and cognitive psychology, applied behavior analysis, behavior therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, cognitive therapy, clinical child and adolescent psychology, and several others.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Graduate Certificate In Psychology Online?

Students who wish to enter into a graduate certificate program can do so at a variety of online colleges and universities. These types of graduate certificate programs can be completed in less than a year and some students can even finish these programs in as little as five or six months. The amount of time it will require for each student to complete a certificate in a psychology program is actually going to depend upon many factors, including how many credits a program requires as well as how many courses are offered and how many courses a student can complete each term. Many online students are able to finish sooner than expected since they can work at their own pace from any location they want throughout the day and night when they have time to dedicate themselves to it.

Are Certifications In Psychology Worth It?

Obtaining a certification in the field of psychology is very important and can definitely advance the career of many graduates in the field of psychology. There’s been a growth in the specialization areas of psychology and a certificate can validate that the student has the training and the knowledge that is required to work in that specific branch of the psychology field.

Certification can also improve a graduate’s chances of obtaining a job since it can give him or her an edge over others who have applied for the same position. A graduate of a certificate program can also garner a larger salary for many different jobs within the psychology field than a graduate without any certifications. For example, a graduate with a certificate in substance abuse may have an edge over a job candidate without a certificate when applying for a job as a psychologist at a drug abuse or alcohol treatment center. A graduate with certifications also shows potential employers that they have gone the extra mile to obtain more education, knowledge, and skills in a certain area of psychology since it is a vast and growing field.

According to, a graduate with a certificate makes an average of $59,000 per year if they only have a bachelor’s degree in psychology while someone with a graduate certificate can make up to more than $100,000 per year.

Online Associates In Psychology

What Is An AA In Psychology?

An AA in psychology is an Associate of Arts degree in the vast and quickly growing field of psychology. This type of degree only takes about two years to complete in a traditional program and can be completed even quicker in an online associate’s degree program. While many psychology jobs will require more advanced degrees, there are still plenty of entry-level positions that are available for graduates who have earned their associate degrees. This degree is a great starting place for a student who wants to continue on with their education to receive their bachelor’s degree in psychology or even their master’s degree or doctorate. By earning this type of degree, students will ultimately save money as well as time while pursuing the degree.

An associate degree in psychology program will teach students how to evaluate and design treatment plans for people dealing with family issues, depression, stress, substance abuse, and much more. While an associate’s degree in psychology is very similar to degrees in social work, human services, and other related fields, they each have their own methodology as well as focus. For example, come on man in the field of social work, graduates will learn how to provide clients with the resources they need to garner programs and services that will be beneficial to them in their situation, while a psychology degree teaches students how to act as one of those specific services that they may need.

Are Psychology Associate Degrees Worth it?

For students who want to continue their education to become a psychologist, an associate’s degree in psychology program will be a great starting point. They will learn the basic skills of psychology and will obtain some amount of knowledge in the field. They can use this education as the first rung on the ladder in their climb to earning their bachelor’s degree and even their master’s or doctorate degree in the field of psychology.

For students who do not want to continue their education to get a higher degree in the field of psychology or for those who want to work in the field for a while before embarking on more courses, there are plenty of entry-level roles they will be qualified for within the field of social science in psychology or even mental health and substance abuse.

While a graduate with an associate degree in psychology may not be able to work in a direct role as a practitioner in the field, they can garner a position in a support role for psychologists or obtain a job in the human and social services fields. Some of those jobs include addiction counselor assistant, clinical social work aide, or casework aide. They can even obtain a position as a clinical assistant or even a residential care assistant.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for someone in the human and social services field is around 36,000 per year with the potential of making close to $50,000 per year.

What To Do After Getting An Associate’s In Psychology?

An associate’s degree in the field of psychology can prepare students for a variety of different career paths. These include jobs in a variety of different work settings, such as law enforcement, medical facilities and hospitals, correctional institutions, schools and universities, and even state, federal, or local government agencies.

Depending on the preference of the student and the career path that they have chosen in the field of psychology, they can take on a role that is service oriented or even a research role at a university. Additional education in the field of psychology may be needed to advance in some jobs.

Some of the jobs that graduates will be qualified for include working as a teacher’s aide, a home care aide, a family advocate, a social services assistant, and even as a youth counselor. There are several other areas of the field that they can work in without having to obtain a higher degree.

How Can I Be A Psychologist?

After obtaining an associate’s degree in psychology, a student who wants to further their education to become a psychologist can start by obtaining their bachelor’s degree in psychology from an accredited program. This may include at least a one-year internship in which they will work in the field if they have not done so already with their associate degree. The students will then need to obtain either a master’s degree or a doctorate in the field of psychology to become a psychologist, which will include an internship and even certification programs in an area in which they want to specialize in.

Becoming a psychologist can take up to eight years, but students can opt to take many of the courses throughout their education online or even obtain their entire degree online besides their internship or postdoctoral work. An online program may take much less time than an eight-year educational path at a traditional school. This is because students in online programs have the flexibility and opportunity to work at a much faster pace than students who attend school in person. An online program allows each student to choose their schedule and to work on their courses during the day or night around family obligations and job obligations.

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What Can I Do With A Bachelor’s In Psychology?

A Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree program allows students to focus on the psychological principles of human behavior. Students will learn information and an array of skills, such as critical thinking, verbal and written communication, problem-solving, research techniques, and how to apply what they’ve learned about psychology in a variety of different situations.

Graduates will have the skills they need to secure jobs in the field of psychology in a variety of industries, including government, health care, education, and business. Psychologists who continue on with their education and earn a master’s degree in psychology or a doctorate can even opt to open their own practice and be their own boss.

Listed below are a few of the types of jobs that are open to graduates with a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Mental Health Counselor

Graduates can work as mental health counselors with clients to help them deal with a variety of conditions, such as how to handle stress, anxiety, depression, and even grief. They will work with individuals, couples, and even families in other groups to improve relationships.

Human Resources Specialist

Graduates can secure a job as human resource specialists. In this type of position, the human resource specialist will work to improve employee relations, conduct training courses, and will work on the compensation and benefits for employees in a variety of different companies.

Social Worker

Since social work and psychology are so closely related, students with a bachelor’s degree in psychology will qualify for a variety of different careers in the social work field. They can work for government agencies and handle complaints of child abuse and other issues or even work at hospitals and companies as an on-staff social worker.

There are several other jobs that graduates from this type of program can opt for, including corrections officer positions and medical service managers.

Is It Better To Get A BS Or BA In Psychology?

Students in a Bachelor of Arts program for psychology will attain knowledge with a wider focus than those who opt for a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology. Students in the Bachelor of Arts program will learn about all the aspects of the mind and will be able to apply that knowledge to the elderly, adults, children, and a variety of other populations. A Bachelor of Science degree program in psychology takes on a more technical and scientific approach to learning the knowledge the students will need to be able to apply in the psychology field. The coursework in a Bachelor of Science program will more than likely relate to clinical applications of psychology, such as cognitive psychology and neuroscience, then the students will receive in a Bachelor of Arts in psychology program.

Is A BA In Psychology Worth It?

Graduates with a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology can work in a variety of different fields and job positions. According to, graduates who end up working in the field of human resources can earn an income that is between $51,000 and $99,000 per year. For graduates who want to work as mental health counselors or mental health therapists, they can garner a salary of about $50,000 per year.

The field of psychology is quickly growing and the area of study in psychology is consistently one of the most popular majors for students at a variety of colleges and universities throughout the United States. Some people think that a bachelor’s degree in psychology is not worth it because there aren’t that many jobs available without a master’s or doctorate in psychology, which is simply not the case. There are a variety of jobs available that students can apply for and a variety of different industries, from business and government to medical facilities and more. obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology is definitely worth the time, money, and effort for graduates.

How Fast Can You Get A Psychology Degree Online?

Online psychology programs offer students the flexibility to complete their coursework at home or from basically any place that they feel comfortable. This also means that students can complete their psychology degree at their own pace, which includes receiving it much faster than attending a program that is done in person.

There are many accelerated psychology programs that are created so that students can accomplish multiple goals at once. Most students can complete their psychology degree program in about 18 months, and some can even do it in less time. Traditional psychology programs normally take two to four years to complete, so accelerated programs allow students to receive their degrees much quicker. Also, for students who want to continue their education after receiving a bachelor’s degree in psychology, they can get their doctorate and master’s degrees much faster by enrolling in accelerated online psychology degree programs.

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What Can I Do With An Online Master’s In Psychology?

There are many positions in other opportunities that are afforded to graduates with advanced degrees in the field of psychology, including master’s degrees in the field. For graduates with only a bachelor’s degree in psychology, a master’s degree program or doctorate program in the field of psychology may be very beneficial to them if they want to advance in their career or open their own practice as a psychologist.

There are many colleges and universities that offer online psychology programs so students can obtain their master’s degree in psychology by working at their own pace and around any other obligations in their lives. Most master’s degree in psychology programs that students can take online require 36 credit hours and will only take around 18 months to two years to complete. If the program is more specialized, students may need to have more hours working in the field or conducting research, so it may take a little longer to obtain their degree. Students can choose from a Master of Arts degree in psychology which is more of a liberal arts-focused curriculum or a Master of Science degree in psychology which is more focused on STEM-related subjects.

Students enrolled in a master’s degree in psychology program will learn a variety of theories and principles when it comes to human behavior and the brain, different life phases in situations, and how, as a professional, they can use that information to assess the mental competency of their patients and to help them with the issues they present with.

What Field Of Psychology Makes The Most Money?

When it comes to the field of psychology, there are several different majors or specialized areas of the field in which graduates can earn a substantial income. Each type of job opportunity is special in its own way and it’s up to each graduate to decide which type of job they want to secure.

Some of the jobs they can opt for include outpatient care center psychologist, industrial-organizational psychologist, forensic psychologist, military psychologist, or even psychiatrist after they obtain their doctorate.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, outpatient care center psychologists can make around $134,000 per year and we will perform a variety of tasks, such as screening patients for depression or other mental health issues, conducting psychiatric evaluations, and other diagnostic tests, or even designing medication management strategies for their patients.

While an industrial and organizational psychologist helps with human behavior and other issues to improve workplace efficiency and productivity while making a salary of around $96,000 per year, a forensic psychologist can work with crime victims, law enforcement, and the legal community to analyze the psychological characteristics of a variety of different cases. A forensic psychologist makes about $71,000 per year, according to

A military psychologist works with a variety of health care personnel to provide both psychological as well as psychiatric treatment to members of the military and their families. This position pays around $70,000 per year.

While some graduates may want to work in the field of education and help others become psychologists, those entering the field of psychiatry can earn the top pay in the field of psychology at about $218,000 per year.

Is A Psych Master Worth It?

A Master of Science degree in psychology provides students with the information and skills they need to study the human mind as well as mental health issues and add more analogies of the mind along with the brain and its functions. This type of insight the students gain from a master’s degree in psychology program is some of the main benefits of majoring in the field of psychology.

While it can take a significant amount of time and money to earn a master’s degree in the field of psychology, graduates can see a very positive outcome from expanded job opportunities that come along with higher pay. Students who specialize in certain areas of the psychology field or who continue on for their doctorate degree can even work in their own practice while helping others who are suffering from mental health issues, substance abuse, and other issues.

Graduates with a master’s degree in psychology will earn about $71,000 per year on the low end in the positions that are available within the field and can garner an income as high as $200,000 or more per year, depending on the area in which they choose to work in.

Is A Master Of Science Or Master Of Arts In Psychology Better?

If students opt to enroll in a Master of Science in Psychology degree program, they will gain a stronger liberal art focus when it comes to assessing their patience and helping others throughout their careers. A Master of Science in Psychology degree program is focused on more of the research and scientific side of the field of psychology. Most students who want to work one-on-one with patients, clients, and others in the field of psychology in a variety of different positions will more than likely benefit from a Master of Arts in psychology degree, while students who want to take on an educational or research position in the field of psychology will benefit more from a Master of Science in Psychology degree program.

Students can also specialize in certain areas of the psychology field, whether they obtain a Master of Science and psychology degree or a Master of Arts in psychology.

Online Doctorate In Psychology

What Can You Do With a Doctorate In Psychology?

Students who graduate with a doctorate in psychology can work in a variety of job positions. A doctorate in psychology is considered a terminal degree in the field of psychology which is the highest level of education a student can attain in this field. A doctorate in psychology takes up to seven or eight years of original research and intensive studies as well as hands-on clinical experience. Only about 7,000 students per year earn a doctorate in psychology, according to the National Center for education statistics.

Since graduates will be working in their chosen field of psychology for decades to come, they will want to ensure that they choose the correct career path since psychology is such a vast field that is growing and changing every day.

For those who want to be their own boss, opening their own practice as a psychologist is definitely an option for people in this field. There are also plenty of job positions available to graduates of a doctorate in psychology program, such as that of a clinical psychologist. This position allows graduates to work directly with individuals as well as groups who need professional psychoanalysis to help them work through a variety of mental health issues. Graduates may work in clinics, hospitals, long-term care facilities, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, or open their own practice. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, psychologists in general make about $121,000 per year on the low end. Some other job prospects for graduates with a doctorate in psychology degree include research psychologist, academic instructor in psychology, industrial and organizational psychologist, forensic psychologist, and several others.

Can I Skip A Master’s Degree And Do A PhD In Psychology?

To obtain a doctorate degree in psychology without first earning a master’s degree in the field, students will definitely need to at least have their bachelor’s degree in psychology. For students to be considered for a doctorate program without a master’s degree, they will need to demonstrate a very strong academic performance in their undergraduate courses to ensure that they have the skills, as well as the perseverance, they will need to handle a doctorate program. students will also need to submit a very strong research proposal to prove that they are very well versed when it comes to research skills in the field of psychology.

Students who have worked in the field of psychology after obtaining their bachelor’s degree or who have earned certificates in the field of psychology may also be ready for a doctorate program.

Should Earn A Doctorate In Psychology Or A PhD?

When it comes to the highest levels of education in the field of psychology, there are two that students can choose from which include programs in which they can obtain a PhD in psychology or what is referred to a PsyD which is a doctorate of psychology degree

A doctorate in psychology degree is just as prestigious as having a PhD but it’s more marketable when it comes to the job field. There is a growing demand throughout today’s current workforce for those with a doctorate in psychology whether it is a PsyD or a PhD. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is a projected 14 percent growth in the demand for psychologists through the year 2026 and it is mostly focused on those with a doctorate degree.

Both of these programs offer students the academic and research skills and information to practice psychology one-on-one with patients while cultivating a very meaningful career that can have lasting positive effects on the lives of others.

When it comes to a PhD in psychology, there is a more rigorous admission process. It has a very strong focus on the area of research and psychology so the program is better for students who want to continue on to become academics in the field and will be able to teach patient care, forensic psychology, and a variety of other subjects.

For students who want to work one-on-one with patients on a regular basis and have a more hands-on type of psychology practice, they can obtain the skills needed for this in a doctorate of psychology degree program.

Is An Online Doctorate In Psychology Respected?

With the rising popularity of online programs through most universities in colleges, an online doctorate in psychology degree is very well respected by employers as well as the community in general. Online students in the field of psychology will gain the same amount of skills and knowledge as students who learn in a more traditional setting. Since most colleges in universities offer students the same type of degree whether they are online students or traditional ones, most employers can’t even tell the difference.

The main thing that students should do before enrolling in an online degree program in psychology is to look at the school’s accreditations to ensure that it is recognized by the United States Department of education for higher learning institutions.

Is A PsyD Worth It?

A doctorate in psychology degree is definitely worth it for students Who want to work directly with patients and make a positive and lasting effect on their lives. Students can work in academia teaching others the field of psychology or even as a researcher themselves. Students can opt for a variety of jobs, such as becoming a research psychologist for a government agency or nonprofit group to help discover new treatments that can help people with mental health issues, for example.

Graduates with a doctorate degree in psychology can work in a variety of positions besides research psychology, including neuropsychology, forensic psychology, educational psychology, developmental psychology, sports psychology, and an array of other job positions. Students with this degree can even open their own practice if they so choose to do so. The pay for graduates with a doctorate degree in psychology ranges from $70,000 per year to more than $200,000 per year depending on what area of psychology they choose to make part of their career.

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