10 Top Online Bachelor’s in Information Technology


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10 Top Online Bachelor's in Information Technology

The top online bachelor’s in Information Technology (IT) programs offer a flexible option for individuals to earn a degree in this high-growth field. People are spending more time than ever before on the internet. We work from home, keep track of finances from our personal computers, and even socialize with friends and family almost daily.

With the increase in cybercrimes, the internet can be vulnerable. Keeping the internet safe is becoming a high priority as well. For this reason, Tech jobs are rising every year. Data storage systems and the rising risks of cyber-attacks are allowing computer and information systems professionals to be needed. 

How We Ranked the Top Online Bachelors in Information Technology 

The editors at Online Schools Guide found schools offering online bachelor in Information Technology or related degrees. Then, we ranked the programs based on cost, reputation, and future salary. Read on for our list of the top ten online bachelors in Information Technology

1. Golden Gate University   

Program: BS in Business Information Technology
Golden Gate University  

The BS in Business Information Technology at Golden Gate University provides online and hybrid course programs. The BS-BIT program is 123 units in length and can be completed in less than two years.

GGU’s online IT degree program offers courses in accounting, data analytics, finance, human resource management, information technology, international business, marketing, operations and supply chain management, psychology, and public administration. About ninety-five percent of students are adult learners, and eighty percent of the course program is taught by working business professionals, teaching real-world applications in today’s economy. The BS program also provides competitive tuition rates and small classroom sizes.

GGU has been named the #1 school for adult learners because it focuses on real-world knowledge for people with real-world responsibilities. The required BS course program includes sixty general units, thirty major units, and thirty-three electives or concentrations; this includes the eighteen required Information Technology courses. 

Program Duration: 123 units, two-year program. 

2. Old Dominion University   

Program: BSBA in Information Systems & Technology
Old Dominion University

The BSBA in Information Systems & Technology at Old Dominion University offers an online program where students can learn advanced technology and understand different aspects of the business.

The BSBA program provides 120 credit hours and can be finished within two to three years if the student applies for at least sixty transfer credits from another accredited university. Courses include software engineering, systems analysis and design, database management, network engineering, and e-business operation classes. Other courses may include accounting, quantitative methods, international business, economics, finance, management, and marketing studies.

Old Dominion University is one of the best online Management Information Systems schools and reports a high satisfaction rate among graduate students. The school also offers a discounted undergraduate rate to qualified active-duty military students. The program is excellent for businesses that depend on the quality of information systems and how they operate to help professionals develop, analyze and maintain them.

Program Duration: 120 credits, two to three years. 

3. Oregon Institute of Technology   

Program: BS in Information Technology program
Oregon Institute of Technology 

The BS in Information Technology program at the Oregon Institute of Technology is an online, interdisciplinary program that connects technology and business management techniques throughout the IT field.

Students learn analytical and problem-solving skills, leadership, communication, and project management disciplines. The online BS in Information technology degree program will also cover applications development, systems analysis, data management, analytics, and information security. Courses in the BS program include principles of management accounting, finance, business law, database programming, relational database design, and networking.

Ninety-five percent of Oregon Tech graduates found employment within six months of graduating. The program is also a hands-on, career-directed technology program, producing innovators in the IT field. It is one of the best online IT degree programs in the Pacific Northwest.  To apply for the BS in information technology degree, students must have a GPA of 2.0 and obtain sixty credits from an accredited institution. 

Program Duration: 181 total credits, 123 core IT course credits

4. Central Washington University

Program: Bachelors in Applied Science (BAS) in Information Technology
Central Washington University

Central Washington University’s Bachelor in Applied Science (BAS) in Information Technology provides both an online and on-campus option to students interested in IT. The program specializes in what is called soft skills and hard skills. The soft skills include management, leadership, project management, business communications, financial management, and professional selling.

Hard skills that are covered in the BAS online IT degree program are database management, wireless communications, web development, server management, computer applications, and workstation administration. The University provides more than 135 accredited college majors and 32 accredited master’s degree programs. The school offers a diverse population for an inclusive learning experience and a small student-to-faculty ratio.

Other concentrations in the BAS program at CWU include cybersecurity, administrative management, and project management. The BAS program at CWU provides twenty-three credits in the Information Technology specialization, not including 46- 48 credits of core courses for completion. This program in Information Technology helps students develop the technical skills they need to succeed in the IT industry.

Program Duration: 23 credits for concentration, 46-48 credits for core courses. 10-week quarters, totaling six quarters to completion.

5. University of Alabama at Birmingham   

Program: BS in Information Systems
University of Alabama at Birmingham 

The BS in Information Systems degree program at the University of Alabama offers an extensive, fully online program. It provides student-centered support staff for all incoming students interested in the IT field of work.

The BS in IT program at UAB offers Collaborative networking opportunities and faculty members that put the students first and best prepare them to be Information technology professionals. The IT course program includes business programming, database management, systems analysis, project management, and business data communications.

The University also offers scholarships to qualified students, and some transfer credits may be accepted. The online learning experience of the BS in information systems at the University of Alabama provides a comprehensive understanding to pursue several career paths with solid technical competencies and strong business skills. The program has twenty-four core courses, 22-25 upper-level credits, and one three-credit capstone course. 

Program Duration: 46-52 credits, fewer than four years.

6. University of Minnesota Crookston 

Program: BS in Information Technology Management
University of Minnesota Crookston 

The University of Minnesota’s BS in Information Technology Management offers an online, comprehensive program that prepares students for technology, networking, and information management careers such as business, finance, telecommunication, government, and education.

The BS-IT program is 120 total credits, with fifty-five core credits towards the major. Courses may include an introduction to management information systems, messaging systems, project management, and networking standards and protocols. Several start dates are available throughout the academic year. Students in the program will learn analytical, computer science, and mathematical skills to better prepare them for a career in Information Technology.

IT graduates also learn skills in technology-related positions, such as information network administrator, webmaster, systems engineer or analyst, applications developer, project manager, and information systems manager. Learning how to integrate today’s new and advanced technology into an organization’s infrastructure makes the BS in Information Technology worth the challenge.

Program Duration: Total credits: 120, 55 core courses.

7. University of Cincinnati   

Program: BS in Information Technology
University of Cincinnati  

University of Cincinnati’s BS in Information Technology is an online and on-campus program accredited by ABET. This intensive program will provide innovation, research, leadership development, and interdisciplinary problem-solving.

The BS in information technology offers real‐world experiences. University of Cincinnati’s IT program assists users within organizational and societal contexts through computing technologies’ selection, creation, application, integration, and administration. Concentrations are also available in the information technology degree program. They are software application development, networking, cybersecurity, and also game development simulation.

The average undergraduate student will complete the BSIT program within five years. The UC College is ranked 11th as Best Online Information Technology Graduate Program by US News and World Report. Before graduating, the school of Information Technology offers five semesters of paid work experience as part of the Co-op program. This allows students to use classroom knowledge within the IT industry before graduation. 

Program Duration: depends on concentration track. minimum- 120 credits, five years. 

8. Loyola University Chicago   

Program: BA in Computer Information Systems
Loyola University Chicago   

The BA in Computer Information Systems at Loyola University is an online IT degree program designed for undergraduate students looking for an accelerated program offering training in high-tech skills and will graduate with the knowledge of mastering computer technologies.

The program will cover financing, accounting, management, marketing, and entrepreneurship courses. A technical computer science skill set is recommended and is perfectly designed for students interested in any small business. The faculty members at Loyola University are experienced experts that currently work in the IT industry.

Loyola University provides several BA degrees other than the BS in CIS program. This includes Business Administration (Bachelor), Mass Communication (BA), Ministry and Theology (BA), Criminology & Justice (Bachelor), Psychology (BA), and Interdisciplinary Studies (BA). Various master’s and doctoral degrees are also available to eligible graduate students. The school is ranked among the Best Online Bachelor’s Programs by U.S. News & World Report.

Program duration: 120 credits, four-year program. 

9. Oklahoma State University   

Program: Bachelor in Information Technology
Oklahoma State University  

Oklahoma State University’s Bachelor in Information Technology is entirely online. This technology-intensive program offers flexible scheduling and is also application-focused. Designed to help students gain experience in a variety of areas in information technology, this program is diverse. Topics include computer hardware, scripting, operating systems, programming, networking, web development, database, and also IT security.

The BS-IT program assists students with career opportunities in various career fields. The program will help students prepare for work in high-demand locations, provide post-secondary credentials, and complete professional certifications and degrees. Graduates may find work as managers and also supervisors.

Graduate students in the BS in IT degree program at OSU will find employment within six months after graduation with an almost 100 percent career placement rate. The BSIT program is one of the most affordable BS in information technology degrees nationwide. 

Program Duration: two to three years. Fully online.  Hybrid format available. 

10. DePaul University   

Program: BS in Information Technology
DePaul University   

The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Information Technology at DePaul University prepares students for the IT industry. This program provides the necessary skills students need to work in all types of organizations and businesses.

Students acquire knowledge of problem-solving, programming, networks and communications systems, databases, internet and web technologies, security, and project management. Furthermore, students in the program develop an understanding of business concepts and technical communications. This BSITprogram offers students two concentrations in the standard format or a focus on web development.

The BS in Information Technology is one of the best affordable programs in the IT field. However, some scholarships are available to those who are eligible. Completion of the program includes a minimum of 192 credit hours, which includes forty-eight courses. To graduate, all students in the BSIT program must keep at least a C average or higher in WRD 103, WRD 104, and all Major and Minor courses. 

Program Duration: 92 credit hours (generally 48 courses) 

Demand for BS in Information Technology Degree Programs

Is getting an IT degree worth it? Technology is one of the fastest-growing industries throughout the Nation. And the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)forecasts a 21 percent increase in technology-related jobs between 2021 to 2031, depending on the job occupation.

Working IT professionals are in high demand. Furthermore, many companies and organizations seek the right person to handle their business demands. Areas of interest include cybersecurity, web development, and also video game development.

Where Can You Work With a Bachelor’s in Information Management?

Earning a BS in information technology degree provides the best option to advance in the IT career field. The IT field is also very diverse. Graduates can expect employment in management positions for private businesses and industries, corporations, financial institutions, or federal, state, and local government agencies.

There are many areas within the field where professionals can find employment. Here is a short list of IT job and career opportunities.

  • Consulting
  • Database Administration
  • Database Programming
  • Network security
  • Programming
  • Project management
  • Software development
  • Web development

Your Career

Working IT professionals are in high demand, and many businesses and organizations are looking for the right person to handle the demands of corporations. Areas of interest include cybersecurity, web development, and video gaming.

Building an IT career takes grit, a great work ethic, and a strong understanding of computer technologies. Getting a Bachelor of Science in Information technology will provide a student with the necessary skills to become a professional in the IT career field.


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