What Software Engineering Jobs Can You Get with a Bachelor’s?

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There are many Software Engineering jobs available for individuals with a bachelor’s degree and also higher-level roles with a master’s.

If you want to pursue an Online Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering, then you probably wonder about the job duties of a software engineer. There are more than a few different answers to this question. What software engineers do covers a gamut of business, industry, and personal needs.

What Do Software Engineers Do? 

Software engineers develop and build software. These systems for businesses and organizations are software and programs for operations, gaming, and security needs. However, with the reliance on information and technology, computers, and software programs to perform countless functions today, there is much that software engineers don’t do.

The daily operations of most businesses and organizations depend on computers and technology. Aspects such as payroll, timekeeping, inventory, and other day-to-day operations are dependent on software and programs. That translates into the need for software engineers and the expertise to develop, maintain, and support these systems.

What Jobs Can You Get with a Software Engineering Degree? 

What Jobs Can You Get With A Software Engineering Degree?

Maybe more important than what software engineers do question is what jobs you can get with a software engineering degree. Unsurprisingly, there are various roles, positions, and also opportunities available in the market today for software engineers.

Here is a list of software engineering jobs you can obtain with an online bachelor’s degree in software engineering.

Software engineering jobs include: 
Software engineer
IT consultant
Database administrator
Applications developer
Game developer
Information systems manager
Application analyst
Cybersecurity analyst
Multimedia programmer
Web developer

There are many software engineering jobs. However, these are only a few of the software engineering jobs available with an online bachelor’s degree in software engineering. Software engineering jobs can also take many forms, from remote and travel positions to more traditional working environments.

Where Do Software Engineers Work?

Where Do Software Engineers Work?

One of the many benefits of working as a software engineer is the flexibility these positions can offer. Can software engineers work from home? Where do software engineers work on-site or in an office?

Do software engineers travel for work? The answer is yes to all the above, as an online bachelor’s degree in software engineering opens many doors and opportunities. 

Which Field is Best in Software Engineering? 

Which Field Is Best in Software Engineering?

Are you a business junkie? Do you crave the action of the finance industry? Is gaming and tech innovation your passion? Is the world of medicine one of your greatest interests? The best field in software engineering can be virtually any industry or field you favor.

Software engineers are working behind the scenes in nearly every type of business. They develop, test, design, troubleshoot, and support the technology and software that makes the world work today.

What Is The Salary For A Software Engineer? 

What Is The Salary For A Software Engineer?

The average salary for a software engineer is above average and can provide a comfortable lifestyle. According to statistics and data from the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, the average salary for a software engineer is about $110,140 per year

These include positions like software developers, quality assurance analysts, and testers. It is also worth noting that some software engineering roles require a master’s degree. However, many software engineering positions are available to those who have earned an online bachelor’s degree in software engineering.

In addition to these above-average salaries, software engineers often earn considerable compensation and benefits packages too. There is a high demand for qualified and talented software engineers, so the job market has never looked stronger.

What is the Job Outlook for a Software Engineer? 

What Is The Job Outlook For A Software Engineer?

This strong job market is among the many advantages and benefits of earning a software engineering online bachelor’s degree. Furthermore, the increased demand for computer software creates more need for these workers. And the job outlook for software engineers and other related positions is impressive, with these jobs growing faster than average.

Based on the U.S. Dept of Labor information, job growth above 20% puts the software engineering job market well ahead of the curve. Moreover, software engineers’ already strong job outlook looks even better considering the range of industries where software engineers can find employment. In this information age, a technology-driven world means software engineers have never been a more valuable commodity. Additionally, the future only forecasts more good news.

Finding Your Career as a Software Engineer

What is the job outlook for a software engineer, developer, and also those with a bachelor’s in software engineering? Good is an understatement, and for software engineers, the future is as bright. With an Online Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering, your future can look like whatever you choose, literally and also virtually.


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