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Education Degrees Guide discusses certificates, associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and PhDs in Education. A career in education encompasses an array of different positions. Some career paths that students can choose from include teacher, school administrator, early childhood development, educational leadership, and several others.

Some students may have a goal of working directly with students and may already be in the teaching field. Other students work in the area of creating educational initiatives that will affect students and the education they receive. Many graduates that enter into the field of education seem to stay in some aspect of education throughout their careers.

Online Certificate In Education

Is Education A Good Career?

A career in education can be very rewarding since educators have a direct effect on the lives of the students they teach. For students who earn a degree in the field of education, many will work as teachers, while others will want to work in education administration or even in the field of social work or school counseling. Teachers have the most power to transform the lives of the students they teach inside the classroom. Students with a degree in education can work as elementary school teachers or as teachers at the junior high or high school levels.

They will have many job responsibilities, such as creating lesson plans each week, administering tests and quizzes to their students on specific subjects, analyzing the progress of students and reporting that to administration and parents, and even creating rules for their classrooms and enforcing those rules. 

For graduates who are more interested in the administration side of education, they will have several job options to choose from, such as that of a high school, middle school, or elementary school principal. They can also secure a position as a vice principal or even a dean of students and will help advance the school’s curriculum and assist with professional development and instructional guidance for teachers.

What Is A Certificate In Education Used For?

A certificate in education is used in many ways, such as validating the knowledge as specific skills of this student after they complete a graduate certificate program. Furthermore, a certificate program is different than a degree program since it tends to be laser-focused on one particular area of the field of education. They are ideal for students who need to learn an additional skill for their current position or to advance to a higher position. Ans can also assist students in upgrading their knowledge of technology, gaining continuing education points, and to be able to have a professional certificate in a specific area of the field of education.

Many times, students earn graduate certificates and then use them as stepping-stones to entering a master’s degree in education program. Some graduate certificates are actually part of a master’s degree program, so in other words, students will graduate with their master’s degree as well as a certificate in a certain specialized area within the field. Certificates can be a great path for students to advance in their careers or to earn promotions. Students can earn a graduate degree usually in less than one year, which is a much shorter timeframe than a degree program.

By earning a certificate in education, graduates will be able to earn the credentials and qualifications that may be required for a new position they want to advance to. A certificate program is less expensive and will take less time than a master’s degree program. Some industries, such as certain areas of the education field as well as legal and medical fields, may require graduate certificates for students to become licensed in specific job positions.

How Do You Get A Certificate In Education?

Most students entering into a certificate in education program will already be working in the field and will have already earned a bachelor’s degree in education. Students entering into a graduate certificate program want to receive the additional training and education that they need within their fields for their current position or to be promoted to an advanced-level position. Normally, a certificate in education only takes about a year to complete. Many undergraduate certificate programs as well as graduate certificate programs are now available fully online. This is a great way for students to earn their graduate or undergraduate certificate in education while still working full or part-time jobs, raising a family, and tending to other responsibilities and commitments.

It also provides an opportunity for students to work at their own pace, which means some students may even complete the program in just a few months, depending on how much time they have to dedicate to their coursework. Undergraduate certificates in education will help students to be able to secure positions as teacher aides or classroom assistants while working directly with children or teens. Some college students in bachelor’s degree programs also enter into an undergraduate certificate in education so they will have a teaching certificate to add to their credentials when they start to job hunt.

Online Associates In Education

What Is An AA In Education?

An Associate of Arts or AA Degree is a two-year degree program that normally takes around 60 credit hours to complete. An associate degree in education will give students the foundation of general education as well as career skills in a variety of subjects, such as liberal arts and social sciences. Many students working to earn their associate degree in education are interested in continuing their education at a four-year university or college to earn a bachelor’s degree in education.

Some students may want to earn an associate degree in education so that they can begin working in the field of education as a teacher’s aide, classroom aide, or other position. This allows the graduate with an associate degree in education to directly work with students and maybe even decide if they want to continue their education to become a teacher or education administrator.

Graduates with an associate degree in education may even be able to work as preschool teachers. An associate degree can also help students get accepted into a bachelor’s degree in education program, since many schools require students to already have college prep classes under their belts, such as math, social science, English, and a foreign language.

Is It Hard To Get Into An Education Career?

College and university programs that are available for students to earn a degree in education focus on educational theory as well as hands-on experience. Graduates can work as teacher aides, classroom aides, and eventually teachers of elementary, middle school, and high school students. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average pay for a new teacher is around $55,000 per year. It is up to graduates with a degree in education to determine if they will specialize in certain subjects or if they will be general educators.

Students can earn their degrees as well as state certifications if they want to specialize in certain areas. For example, if a high school teacher wants to teach biology, they can specialize in that particular area. Most teachers are very satisfied with their career decisions since they work diligently to make positive differences in the lives of children and teenagers.

What Jobs Can You Get With An Associate Degree In Education?

Education is a very rewarding field and is in high demand currently. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a five percent job growth rate for all education, training, and library positions between the years of 2019 and 2029. To pursue an associate degree in education, students will graduate with a strong knowledge base when it comes to this growing field. Students will also gain several hours of supervised classroom experience.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, childcare workers can earn about $26,000 per year while teacher assistants can make around $30,000 annually. The position of a preschool teacher is one of the most lucrative careers that graduates with an associate degree in education can secure and it pays around $32,000 per year. Many graduates with an associate degree in education end up working in elementary and high schools as well as childcare facilities.

Is An Associate’s Degree In Education Worth It?

For students who enjoy teaching others and want to work with children or teenagers while making a difference in their lives, a career in education can be very rewarding and fulfilling. An associate’s degree in education is definitely worth the two years it will take students to complete the degree program in a traditional setting. Students now have the option of completing the program in less than two years by doing their coursework fully online.

This affords students the opportunity to continue to work in full-time or part-time positions while receiving their education and earning their degree. It also helps students who are already raising a family or have other commitments while obtaining their associate degree in education. Students can work at their own pace at any time of the day or night, which means they can complete a two-year program in less than 18 months. This offers students an opportunity to earn their degree faster so they can enter the field of education right away. Some students may even be using their associate degree in education as a stepping stone into a four-year college or university program to earn their bachelor’s degree in education.

Online Bachelors In Education

How Do I Get A Bachelor In Education?

Students can roll in a bachelor’s in education degree program whether they have previous experience in the education field or an associate degree in education or not since neither is needed. A bachelor of education degree program requires students to earn at least 120 credit hours of instruction at a post-secondary college or university. Students will also have to complete a minimum amount of practical experience within classrooms assisting teachers so that they can get the hands-on experience and skills that they will need in the future.

While most traditional bachelor’s in education degree programs take four years to complete, students now have the option of taking their classes online. Since students can work at their own pace, many will continue working full or part-time jobs and honoring other commitments. This will also allow students to graduate from a bachelor’s in education degree program in less than four years and maybe even as little as two years. Students that complete their classroom hours fully online must also complete a minimum number of hours in a practical setting as required by the college or university they attend.

Is A Bachelor In Education Worth It?

A bachelor in education degree is definitely worth it for students who have a passion for teaching or training others. Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in education will have many career opportunities. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, 35 percent of all jobs require a bachelor’s degree. Upon graduation, students who receive their bachelor of education degree can work as teachers at elementary, middle school, or high schools or they can opt to continue their education to earn their master’s degree in education while specializing in a certain area of the education field. Students can also specialize in a certain area by earning undergraduate certificates while they are completing their bachelor’s degree in education or they can earn graduate certificates after they have received their bachelor’s degree.

What Can I Do With A Bachelor’s In Education?

Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in education will have many career opportunities. While many graduates will opt to work as a teacher in an elementary, middle school, or high school setting, others can work in the social work field, as an education administrator, as a teaching assistant, or even as a school counselor while working with students of all ages. A bachelor’s degree in education will prepare students for careers in the teaching field.

Students can pursue their degrees online, which offers them more flexibility and convenience than a traditional bachelor’s degree in education. This will allow graduates to enter into the teaching profession or other areas of education sooner than traditional students since they can work at their own pace and possibly complete the bachelor’s degree in education program much quicker. Online students must keep in mind that there will be practical components to a bachelor’s degree in education program. This means students will have to work in the field to learn the skills needed to become a teacher in the future.  A bachelor’s degree in education includes general education coursework along with specialized classes and practical requirements in classroom settings.

Is Education A Stressful Job?

The field of education has plenty of jobs available currently because the job market for this type of position has been shifting. This is due to a large number of teachers deciding to change their careers or have begun working in other areas of education. Many of those that have changed careers cite teacher stress as one of the main contributing factors to their decision to leave the profession.

Teaching is a very stressful field, but it is also rewarding at the same time since teachers make a difference in student’s lives in a very positive way. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, teachers make around $60,000 annually for their first year of teaching. While the field of teaching may be stressful, it can also be very rewarding and lucrative. Also, once a student earns their bachelor’s degree in education, they will have many other doors opened for them, such as social work, school counselor, and school administrator positions. This will allow graduates to be flexible when it comes to career advancement or changes in the future.

Online Masters In Education

Is A Master’s In Education Hard?

A Master’s in Education is an advanced degree that assists teachers and other educators to make the move from the classroom to the education system itself. Students already working as certified teachers or students who are at the stage of preparing to become teachers can enroll in a master’s in education program if they already have a bachelor’s degree. A master’s in education degree program will provide a much broader range of knowledge and skills for students to utilize in the field of education.

Graduates may continue to work as teachers or secure advanced positions in which they can work with policies and procedures within school systems to make positive changes that will ultimately help improve the lives of the students that they serve. A Master of Education degree program will teach students how to understand educational systems and the components behind the education system, along with ways they can collaborate with others to influence needed changes in the education system.

All master’s degree programs are more difficult than associate and bachelor’s degree programs, but there are many positive reasons to pursue a higher degree. Students can choose to specialize in certain areas of the education field that they are most interested in and to be able to facilitate positive change in the system.

Do I Need GRE For A Master’s In Education?

Many colleges and universities require an admissions test for prospective students. So, individuals who apply to a Master of Education degree program may need to take a test. While not all universities and colleges require that students take the GRE (Graduate Record Examination), many still do as part of the admission requirements for graduate students.

The GRE is a tool universities use to determine if a student is ready for a master’s degree program. It tests critical thinking skills, knowledge of the field, and several other topics. The GRE subject tests in the disciplines of several areas, such as English literature, psychology, physics, math, chemistry, and biology.

How Do I Prepare For A Master’s In Education?

There are many things students with a bachelor’s degree under their belts can do to prepare to enter into a master’s degree in an education program. First of all, students should review the curriculum that they will be taken to earn their master’s in education degree at the university or college of their choice. Reviewing what lies ahead and what is expected of them, it helps students become more at ease with the program.

Students can also research the different professors they will have for their classes and what will be expected of them by each professor. And they can prepare to network with others to help facilitate a successful master’s degree in an education program. Some students also write down their professional goals, which will help them ensure that they are focusing on the right specializations within their master’s in education degree program.

A master’s degree program is designed to give students more insight into the education system itself as well as its different components. The program will also provide students with the tools and knowledge to effectively make changes at the administration level of schools that can positively affect students. This may be done through curriculum development, school counseling, or even through corporations that serve school districts.

What Field Of Education Pays The Most?

With a master’s degree in education, graduates have many doors open for them when it comes to career choices. One of the areas of education that seems to pay the most is within the education administration system. Students can obtain a job as a school principal which pays around $91,000 per year, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. Graduates oversee the education of students in a school setting and develop the curriculum. They also review the performance of teachers and other educators to ensure they can create a conducive environment for students to receive their education.

They can also secure a position as chief administrators at high schools, universities, and colleges. This position requires graduates to manage the day-to-day operations of the school while providing instructional leadership to all departments in creating a strategic plan for the school district. This position is also called a Superintendent. The average salary for this position is around $89,000 per year. Graduates can also secure jobs as an academic dean which pays around $84,000 per year, a university professor which pays around $73,000 per year, or a college or school librarian position that pays over $60,000 per year.

Online Doctorate In Education

A doctorate in education degree program gives students the knowledge and skills to become leaders in their field. While a PhD in education is for those who want to continue teaching conduct research in the field of education.

What Is a Doctorate in Education?

Both of these degree programs are similar as they are both the top level of education that students can achieve in the field of education. A doctorate in education degree is considered to be a terminal degree that mainly focuses on preparing students to become academic or administrative leaders at elementary, middle school, high school, and higher education levels.

Graduates with a doctorate in education degree can use existing research to make improvements to the practices that are currently used in the field of education while developing new research on their own. Students will take a variety of classes during the doctorate in an education degree programs, such as public-school finance, school law, curriculum development, action research, education leadership, postsecondary teaching, urban leadership, and organization management.

How Long Does a Doctorate In Education Take?

A Doctorate in Education degree program normally takes around three years to complete, though for some it may even require four or five years to complete the program. The length of a doctorate in education degree program will depend largely upon each student’s circumstances and whether they attends classes in-person via the traditional route or decides to complete their degree program online. A fully online doctorate in education degree program can be completed in much less time since students can work at their own pace.

While some students choose to complete their coursework for their doctorate in education degree online so that they can continue to work full-time or part-time jobs, raise a family, or honor other commitments, other students choose this option so that they can earn their degree much faster in as little as 18 months to two years. An online doctorate in education degree program allows students to complete their coursework at any time of the day or night, seven days each week if they so choose. This means they can work ahead so that they can complete their coursework sooner than expected and receive their doctorate in education degree.

Is It Worth Getting A Doctorate In Education?

Yes, it is definitely worth it to earn a doctorate in education degree for many students who are already working in the field of education. The primary goal of many students in this type of program is to become leaders within the school district that they already work for. By earning a doctorate degree, graduates will have an edge over others when it comes to promotions, new careers, and career advancement.

Many graduates want to become leaders within their school district to make the necessary changes to the curriculum and the school strategic plan to have a direct positive effect on the lives of the students they serve as well as the faculty members and other staff. Graduates will be responsible for conducting research and studying current social and political issues that can impact students as well as teachers. They will develop teams and procedures while collaborating with internal and external partners and will be responsible for managing and planning budgets.

With a doctorate in education, many graduates also end up in positions as superintendents of school districts, school principals, admission directors, or academic deans at colleges and universities, or can even become a professor at a university that will be eligible for tenure since a doctorate in education degree is a terminal degree.

What Can You Do With A PhD In Education?

A doctorate or PhD in education qualifies individuals to work in a variety of positions. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median weekly salary for professionals with a doctoral degree is around $2,000. This equals out to about $95,000 per year for a full-time position. Many graduates with this type of degree will become leaders in their field as well as their school districts. They can conduct research or work as academic professors while working towards tenure.

Graduates will be able to conduct analysis on curriculums, develop new curriculums for school districts, and even provide further education for teachers and support staff. Some graduates may even become superintendents of school districts. These professionals make changes to the curriculum and also ensure that a budget is in place for the school district. From researcher to college president or Superintendent of a school district, there are many avenues for graduates with a doctorate in education degree.


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