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Engineering Degrees Guide discusses certificates, associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and PhDs in Engineering. Considered to be a very creative aspect of science, the field of engineering also includes math and evidence. Students that enter the field of engineering will use creative applications of various scientific principles to be able to develop and design structures, manufacturing processes, and more.

There is a broad range fields under the umbrella of engineering and each focuses on certain areas of math, different types of applications, and applied science. Engineers are tasked with developing certain operating conditions within factories and other areas with safety for others as well as property at the forefront, along with the economics of operating different types of machinery and equipment.

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Is Engineering a Good Career?

Graduates with a degree in engineering will have a lot of different responsibilities, such as brainstorming different ideas to create solutions for various issues. They will work to develop plans for developing mechanical and structural devices. Engineering graduates will also analyze a variety of existing data so that they can identify all of the things they need to consider for each project they tackle. Engineering is a good career for students who enjoy science and math. Engineers can earn very good salaries since their work has a major impact on the company they work for in a direct correlation with the company’s profitability. For students who want to make a positive impact on the world or society around them, engineering can be a great field to consider. Many engineers have worked diligently to create important breakthroughs in the world of technology which have a significant impact on the quality of life for many people, locally as well as throughout the world. For example, there are people within the engineering field right now working towards alternate forms of energy to help prevent climate change. For students who enjoy producing tangible results, engineering is a great field for them to enter. Graduates will have a very diverse group of opportunities to choose from when they begin to enter the workforce. Some jobs will require more hands-on, practical skills, while others will focus more on analysis and digital tasks.

What Is a Certificate in Engineering used for?

Many graduates with a degree in engineering will enter into a certificate program and there are literally hundreds to choose from. Certifications can assist graduates in gaining credibility and increasing their marketability when job hunting or applying for promotions. A certificate program will broaden the professional knowledge of the graduate which gives them an edge over their competition when interviewing for new job positions. A certificate can also help a graduate secure a higher salary and will open doors for them in the future. Graduates can choose which types of certificates they want to earn and once they do, their certificates will show employers the areas in which they have the most knowledge and interest. A certificate program will help students develop a certain level of expertise in areas outside their degree in engineering. The typical path for engineering graduates to pursue certifications is to first obtain their bachelor’s or master’s degrees and then work in the industry for a period of time. Engineering certifications require certain standards as well as ongoing research to meet the current needs of organizations in the overall field of professional engineering.

How Do You Get a Certificate in Engineering?

Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in engineering or even a master’s degree in engineering can enter into a certificate in an engineering program that will help to increase their knowledge as well as their marketability. Certifying agencies will want students to train, then apply and take a test to earn their certificates. Those agencies normally offer the training needed for a certificate program, but students can also receive it from an outside organization. The certificates are governed by several issuing organizations, which are the ones that will set the standards, assess the applicants, and then award the certifications in a variety of specialized areas of the field of engineering. A certificate program allows graduates with a degree in engineering to achieve higher levels of knowledge to not only advance their careers but to increase their viability in finding solutions for issues within the workplace or other areas. For example, if there is an issue with a bridge and a graduate works for a municipality or county that is responsible for the bridge, they can specialize in a certain area of engineering. This will help them attain the knowledge and skills they need to find a solution to the issue with the bridge.

Online Associates In Engineering

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What is an AA in Engineering?

An AA in engineering is an Associate of Applied Science in Engineering degree. It is considered to be a two-year technical degree and it is offered through a variety of colleges and technical schools throughout the United States. Many students who embark on an engineering program online are able to complete it in less than two years since they can work at their own pace and possibly finish their coursework sooner than expected. Students in an engineering program working towards their associate degree can also embark on a hybrid program that includes both online and in-person classes. Engineering programs consist of an intense study of engineering technology along with math, science, chemistry, physics, and computer science. Many students will have a variety of options to choose from, which can include engineering science, engineering technology, or pre-engineering. These programs will form the basis for a student who wants to continue their education by pursuing a bachelor’s degree in engineering. A two-year associate degree will also help a graduate garner a position as an engineering technician and will allow him or her to be eligible for a variety of entry-level career opportunities.

Is it hard to get into an Engineering Career?

Students who are interested in a career in engineering can choose from several different associates in engineering degree programs. They can obtain an associate of science degree in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, engineering technology, petroleum engineering, engineering management technology, and even in civil engineering. This can help determine what types of jobs graduates want to pursue within the field of engineering. It is not that difficult for a graduate to enter into an engineering career because engineering is currently considered to be one of the most in-demand and fastest-growing career opportunities in the United States job market, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. To find the best position, graduates should take some time to research various career opportunities, then put together a career portfolio to help them out in their job search. Graduates should also create an amazing resume and cover letter to go with it that will impress potential employers and show them that they are serious about obtaining a long-term position. Graduates can also opt to continue their education to earn their bachelor’s degree in engineering, which will make them even more marketable within this growing career field.

What Jobs Can You Get With an Associate Degree in Engineering?

Graduates with an associate degree in engineering can apply for a variety of jobs. Some of those include mechanical engineer jobs, such as test lab leaders and project mechanical engineer technicians. They can become engineer technicians within the design engineering field or even the biosource engineering area of this constantly growing field. By obtaining an associate degree in engineering, graduates can enter the workforce as engineering technicians much sooner than someone pursuing a bachelor’s degree since it is only a two-year program versus a four-year bachelor’s degree program. Graduates working as engineering technicians can learn all the ins and outs of the engineering field while already earning a salary and advancing in their careers. An associate degree also provides a basis upon which they can build to obtain their bachelor’s degree in engineering and become a full-fledged engineer.

Is an Associate’s degree in Engineering worth it?

For students who enjoy science and math, an associate’s degree in engineering is definitely worth it. Graduates can work as engineering technicians and a two-year degree is much more affordable than pursuing a bachelor’s degree at a four-year college or university. Also, students can earn their degree much quicker, which means they can enter the field of engineering much sooner. Students who pursue a two-year associate degree in engineering fully online, or through hybrid classes which combine both online and in-person coursework, can obtain an associate degree in less than two years. While graduates of an associate degree in engineering program will not earn as much money as graduates with a bachelor’s degree, they can still secure a very good salary as engineering technicians. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, engineering technicians earn a median annual wage of about $50,000 per year to nearly $68,000 per year depending on what area of engineering technology they enter into. A graduate with an associate degree in engineering can earn about $10,000 per year above the current median wage for all other workers who have earned an associate degree in other fields.

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How Do I get a Bachelor’s in Engineering?

Considered to be a traditional degree in the field of engineering, a bachelor of science degree in engineering will prepare students to work as computer scientists and professional engineers in a variety of different areas. Students will study an array of different subjects, including mathematics, general engineering, and physical and life sciences. They will also have to fulfill general education requirements in the area of humanities or social sciences that are put in place by the college or university they choose to attend. Students can opt to enroll in a Bachelor of Science in Engineering program or a Bachelor of Engineering Technology program. The technology-based degree will still include applied sciences and mathematics but will emphasize the basic principles and applications of the technological side of engineering. Students with this degree will have a variety of job opportunities also, including in the fields of practical design and even production work. Students will have extensive laboratory experience when they graduate also.

In today’s growing world of technology, many students may opt to enroll in an online bachelor’s degree in engineering program which has many advantages. This program is much more convenient and flexible for students who are working adults who want to earn their degree or build upon the current skills they already possess. Students can earn their degrees while still working full-time and honoring other commitments they have. This also means that students can work at their own pace and possibly graduate much sooner than the traditional four years it takes to obtain a bachelor’s degree by attending classes in person.

Is a Bachelor’s in Engineering Worth It?

According to a recent survey of 1,350 engineers by Electronic Design, 90 percent said they recommend the field of engineering a career path for young people. Another survey by Machine Design found that 87 percent of the respondents to the survey are satisfied to extremely satisfied with their job. A bachelor’s degree in engineering program combines in advanced engineering topics with general topics that are focused on the practical experience needed in the workforce. And engineering degree is very highly valued so graduates will have a wide range of career opportunities. They can work in a variety of different areas, such as structural engineering, aerospace, computer hardware, and even mechanical engineering. The average salary for an engineer is around $92,000 per year, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. Based on all of the above information, yes, a degree in engineering is well worth the effort for students who have an interest in the field.

What can I do with a bachelor’s in Engineering?

Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in engineering we’ll have an array of different career opportunities throughout a variety of different industries when they graduate. Some of those areas include IT, finance, supply chain, aerospace, biomedical, and so many more. Some of the most popular jobs for graduates with a bachelor’s degree in engineering include aerospace engineer and computer hardware engineer. An aerospace engineer will be tasked with designing missiles, satellites, and even spacecraft and will make around $85,000 annually. A computer hardware engineer is in high demand and will help develop, research, design, and even test various components in computer systems. This type of position pays around $86,000 per year. More common positions include mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. Those jobs pay over $70,000 per year and are needed within various industries throughout the country. Software and structural engineering are also very popular. As a software engineer, the graduate will apply the principles of engineering to be able to analyze and make changes to existing software while making around $88,000 per year. A structural engineer can work for cities, counties, and other government agencies as well as within the private sector to design things like buildings, bridges, and other structures. The average wage for a structural engineer is around $71,000 per year. There are a variety of other engineering positions that graduates with a bachelor’s degree in engineering will be eligible to apply for.

Is Engineering a Stressful Job?

According to people who already work in the field of engineering, it can be a very stressful field, yet they enjoy it very much. Engineers are responsible for a variety of different tasks depending on what area of engineering they are hired to work in and some of those can be very stressful. For example, if a graduate gets a job as a mechanical engineer, the workflow at a company may directly depend on that person completing a large project in a short amount of time to keep things running smoothly. A structural engineer can be tasked with designing a bridge that has to be safe as well as durable and cost-effective. These jobs can be very high stress situations but for a graduate with a bachelor’s degree in engineering, they will be prepared to take on the responsibilities of their positions.

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Is a Master’s in Engineering Hard?

When it comes to careers in the STEM areas of science, technology, engineering, and math, there are many job opportunities and with those, come higher pay than many other careers. A master’s degree in engineering has held a reputation for being a very challenging academic pursuit for many years. It is not as simple as just taking math and physics classes, which means the coursework can be very difficult, but the outcome is wonderful when it comes to entry-level positions as well as long-time careers. For those who have worked in the field of engineering for several years and already hold a bachelor’s degree in the field, the obvious next step is to embark on a couple of years of classes to earn a master’s degree in engineering. At the master’s degree level, engineering students can specialize in the area of engineering of their choice, which can include mechanical, electrical, software, biomedical, aerospace, computer hardware, and a variety of other areas of the very diverse and large engineering field. The classes will be challenging, and a master’s degree program normally takes about two to four years to complete. The upside is that many master’s degrees in engineering programs are now available fully online, which means students can work at their own pace and actually earn their degrees in less than two years.

Do I need GRE for a master’s in Engineering?

Students who are interested in heading back to school to earn their master’s degree in engineering may be interested to know if they will need to take any kind of standardized test to gain entry into the program. One of the most common tests for students to take for admission into Graduate School is the GRE which stands for Graduate Record Exam. Not all universities require this exam for entry into master’s degree programs, but many do. It is a way for the university to be able to test the analytical writing, critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, and verbal skills of potential students for the program. It basically lets the Graduate School program admissions official know if the student has the skills that are needed to succeed in a master’s degree in engineering program. The GRE test will apply to both the management and engineering areas of the program.

How do I prepare for a master’s in Engineering?

There are many ways that students can prepare to embark on their path to earning a master’s degree in engineering. Most students will already have several years of experience working in the engineering field and all students will already hold a bachelor’s degree in engineering. To be more prepared to enter into a master’s degree in engineering program, students should first set their graduate school and post-graduate school goals. Students should also know and understand the requirements that are expected by the university of their choice when it comes to test scores and grade point averages. Students can explore a variety of different graduate engineering programs ahead of time so that they choose one that they are the most interested in and possibly already experienced in. Students should also find out the various research requirements that will be expected of them. Students should write a very thoughtful and riveting statement of purpose for the admission department at the university of their choice and provide a relevant resume. It also helps if students have several high-quality letters of recommendation.

What field of Engineering pays the most?

When it comes to the field of engineering, the average salaries are higher than the average salaries of many other professions. This is due partly to the fact that engineering jobs require an array of different technical skills that are in high demand as industries become more and more reliant upon technology.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, mechanical engineering salaries are about 88,000 per year while mining and ecology engineers make more than $90,000 per year. The highest-paying position is that of engineering manager, which garners an annual salary of about $141,000 per year.

Other high-paying positions within the field of engineering include environmental engineer with a salary of about $88,000 annually and biomedical engineer, which pays about $93,000 per year. A systems engineer can secure an annual salary of around $98,000 per year, while an electrical engineer can earn more than $103,000 per year. Chemical engineers are tasked with using science in the production of compounds that are used in people’s everyday lives, such as food, fuel, and medications. This type of position pays more than $108,000 per year.

Online Doctorate In Engineering

What is a Doctorate in Engineering?

A doctorate degree in the field of engineering is awarded to students who have completed advanced coursework, along with a practical project, in the field of engineering and applied science. This knowledge will be used to assist in solving problems within the industry of engineering. In the United States, this degree is considered to be a terminal professional doctorate and is equivalent to a Ph.D. in engineering. It is, however, a little different in the fact that it has a more solid base of industrial concepts, and it is usually geared toward working professionals. This degree is the highest academic qualification that students can work towards within the field of engineering. Upon successfully completing a doctorate in engineering degree program, graduates will have several doors open for them. They can gain employment as a full-time university professor that will be on track to receive tenure. Graduates can also work as postdoctoral researchers within the field of engineering. Graduates can use the academic title of doctor after they have completed this degree program which includes the submission of a very significant project. This is oftentimes referred to as a thesis or a praxis and will encompass practical methods as well as applied scientific methods and products to achieve the main goal of finding a solution to a variety of complex industrial issues. Students will need to defend their work, possibly in front of a panel of experts who are referred to as a dissertation or thesis committee. Requirements for the program can vary from university to university, but students must learn the overall basic concepts and skills to receive a doctorate degree in engineering.

How Long Does a Doctorate in Engineering Take?

It can take students three to five years to complete the coursework to receive a doctorate in engineering degree. This degree will allow students to conduct research and create solutions that can be groundbreaking in the field of engineering. They will work towards finding solutions to problems in a variety of areas, including environmental, technological, medical, and even the aerospace industry. The work of engineers across the United States and other countries has a direct impact on the lives of people throughout the world from all walks of life

This degree program can be completed in less than three years if students enroll in a fully online program. An online program allows students to work at their own pace while even still working a full-time job or raising a family. If they work ahead in their classes, they can actually complete the program in less than two years.

Is it worth getting a doctorate in Engineering?

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, professionals who have earned a doctoral degree in engineering can secure a salary of 17 percent more than professionals in the field with master’s degrees and about 30 percent more than those who only hold a bachelor’s degree. That means that even though a doctoral degree in engineering will take a lot of time and money, it is well worth it in the end.

Graduates will enjoy professional advancements since companies are more likely to hire an engineer with a doctorate degree for a leadership position with the high pay range that goes along with it. Graduates also have more job security if they enter the field of academia. This means that a professor at a university with a doctoral degree in engineering will be in line for tenure since they hold a terminal degree in the field.

What can you do with a Ph.D. in Engineering?

Graduates with a doctorate or a Ph.D. degree in engineering have a high level of knowledge within their field of study. A career in engineering is very lucrative with the average meeting salary being around $92,000 per year, according to the United States Bureau of Labor statistics. The Bureau also estimates that more than 41,000 new engineering jobs will be created between the years 2016 and 2026.

Graduates with a doctoral degree in engineering will be able to secure a variety of different positions, including that of a chemical engineer. According to, this position pays nearly $120,000 per year and also includes bonuses and profit sharing. As an aerospace engineer, graduates can garner a salary of around $114,000 each year. The job growth rate in this field is expected to be about six percent per year until 2026.

Graduates can choose to work in the field of engineering management also. This specialized field will require the graduate to have plenty of technical skills as well as strong organizational skills. Graduates can garner positions in smaller-scale projects as well as large-scale ones in a variety of different industries. Since this job is a very complex one, they can make a base pay of about $117,000 per year. A petroleum engineer can make nearly $130,000 per year and that area of engineering is expected to see a job growth rate of about 15 percent over the next decade.


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