Top 10 Engineering Master’s Online Schools


Okay, you have earned your bachelor’s degree in engineering. Now what? Many graduate students may find work right after completing their undergraduate degree. And if that’s the case with you, great! However, this does not always work for some. Many employers of businesses or companies hiring engineers look for applicants that can supply more than just the four-year degree. In addition, employers may require prospective candidates to obtain a master’s degree in engineering, along with a concentration in a particular emphasis or focus. Doing so will complement not only the BSE degree, it will provide the graduate with better chances toward promotions and higher salaries within the Engineering industry. Below shows the top 10 engineering master’s online schools for 2020. Some factors are based on class sizes, affordability, accreditations, rankings and credit hours.

1. North Carolina State University

For Graduate students who have earned the undergraduate degree in engineering and want to expand their knowledge toward the graduate level degree, North Carolina State University provides several options for the Master’s degree in Engineering for students to choose from. At NCSU, there are a total of sixteen engineering concentrations within the Masters in Engineering. Each concentration is nationally ranked and requires a completion of thirty credit hours of graduate level courses. The engineering curriculum provides flexible class schedules for online students, allowing working professionals to finish their degree at their own pace. Students will dive into courses that offer a strong skill set pertaining to their specific concentration. Graduate students in the MSE programs have the option to learn a variety of interests; from aerospace engineering to civil engineering to environmental engineering. The MSE programs are among the best online engineering masters programs throughout the Nation. In most cases, there is no thesis required for the program and the GRE may be waived in certain specializations. 

Program Highlights: 30 credit hours, minimum of 6 MAE courses required for graduation, Project work is required in some cases. GRE may be waived. 

2. Arkansas State University

Arkansas State University’s Master of Engineering Management (MEM) program offers an interdisciplinary curriculum, designed for graduated students of a BSE degree program; such as the BS in Civil Engineering, BS in Mechanical Engineering, or the BS in Electrical Engineering. The MEM online degree is identical to the on-campus MEM program and provides thirty credit hours. In most cases students will complete the program in as little as twelve months. The technical and leadership skills learned in the masters in engineering program will help advance the graduate in management positions with career opportunities in the field of engineering. There are ten seven-week courses required for completing the program. The Master’s degree in Engineering at ASU is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, Inc. There is no thesis required to complete the MEM program.  The Master’s degree in Engineering Management is one of the most affordable MEM online programs for 2020.    

Program Highlights: 30 credit hours, top rankings, accredited, 12 month program, 7 week courses. 

3. Louisiana Tech University

Louisiana Tech University offers two options for the graduate-level degree, MS in Engineering program. Students can also choose the MS in Engineering and Technology Management or the MS in Industrial Engineering. Some MS in Engineering programs do not require students to take a  thesis course. Each program can be completed in one to two years. The graduate programs provide a strong research focus and an interdisciplinary curriculum. Courses may include systems design, engineering management, project management, and financial analysis. For the concentration in Industrial Engineering, the core courses will cover areas such as operations research, theory and application of lean manufacturing and management, statistical analysis for six sigma, and manufacturing and operations analysis. Each program provides thirty to thirty-six credit hours, depending on the concentration chosen.  Louisiana Tech University is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. It would be in the best interest of the student to come into the graduate program with a BS in Engineering or related field. 

Program Highlights: 30-36 credit hours, 1-2 year program, several concentrations, no thesis required. 

4. University of Tennessee–Chattanooga

University of Tennessee offers an MS in Engineering Management program, designed for working adults with the option of both part time or full time courseloads. The MS in Engineering provides the availability of two concentrations for graduates: Engineering Management and  Construction Management. Both concentrations are thirty-three credit hours long and offer applicants to apply in the spring, summer and fall semesters. The courses give students the opportunity to gain both practical and strategic skills that will help lead them closer to managerial positions in an engineering field. Students should have an intuitive foundation in technology, computer science, research, and construction when enrolling in the MS in Engineering degree.  The University of Tennessee provides a regional discount for the states that border Tennessee, including South Carolina. 

Program Highlights: 100% online, 3 start dates per year, 15-week courses, flexible class schedules. Part time and Full time options. 

5. University of Wisconsin–Platteville

University of Wisconsin’s MS in Engineering offers a comprehensive program, designed for professionals currently working in the engineering field. The thirty-credit program combines both technical and management skills for career advancement in the engineering industry. The MS in Engineering program is also an excellent addition to graduates of the BS in Engineering degree. The curriculum will cover courses in engineering management, advanced mathematics courses, theory of engineering, engineering communications, and simulation modeling of engineering systems. Students may transfer up to twelve credits from a regionally or nationally accredited college to go toward their MSE degree program. The MSE program at University of Wisconsin can be earned in as little as two academic years. The Master of Science in Engineering program is one of the most affordable online masters programs at UW; however, there are scholarships available to eligible students. The MS in Engineering is accredited by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and is among the best online engineering masters programs Nationwide. 

Program Highlights: 30 credits, 2 years to complete, 12 transfer credits accepted, no GRE or GMAT required, top accreditations. 

6. University of North Dakota

University of North Dakota’s MS in Engineering degree offers a variety of concentrations for graduates to choose from. One in particular, the MS in Electrical Engineering, is designed to prepare graduates for a detailed-oriented curriculum, with course work in antenna theory, robotics fundamentals, renewable energy systems, signal integrity, and electromagnetic compatibility. The program is thirty credits in length and can be completed in about two years.  Students will learn how to conduct research in areas of aeronautics, energy, and chemistry. The MS in Engineering with a concentration in Electrical engineering provides the career opportunities for graduates at companies such as 3M, Boeing, Hitachi, and IBM. Students must earn a BS in engineering or related field, such as physics, mathematics, or computer science to enroll in the program. No GRE required if students have taken a BS program that was accredited by the ABET. 

Program Highlight: 2-year program, 30 credit hours, concentrations available, No GRE needed, ABET accredited.

7. University of Houston (Cullen)

The University of Houston offers the Master of Science in Electrical Engineering to graduates who have earned a BS in Engineering and want to expand their knowledge of electrical systems with a focus on Power and Energy Systems. The curriculum provides advanced instruction to graduates with the experience needed for a career in both technical and business industries. The demand for highly skilled professionals in the engineering field have increased over the past decade. University of Houston is working hard to provide many options for graduates by introducing a wide range of concentrations in the engineering field. The MSEE program consists of thirty-six credits and includes courses that touch on foundations for economic profit, safety, health, and environmental advancements for individuals and professionals working within the engineering field. The program ranks at #12 for best power and energy systems focused program among the top 59 online electrical engineering degrees according to Intelligent. University of Houston also offers seven additional concentrations within the MS in Engineering degree program.

Program Highlights: 36 credit hours, GRE required, minimum of 3.0 GPA required, top rankings, ABET accreditation. 

8. California State University–Fullerton

California State University’s MS in Environmental Engineering offers graduates a thirty-credit program providing both practical information and technical knowledge on the content of environmental engineering issues. The MSEE program is one of the best online engineering masters programs in the state of California. Graduates will be prepared for career positions in government agencies, corporate industries, and business companies. The MSEE program will cover courses such as planning and controlling the environment, environmental impact analysis and assessment,  environmental issues, and environmental engineering applications. The curriculum will also include a capstone research project course. Students will need to take a Professional Engineering exam to complete the environmental engineering program. Students need to keep a 3.0 GPA to continue and complete the program. CSU provides several clubs for graduates to get involved in. Students are encouraged to join networking clubs with other students with similar interests. 

Program Highlights: 30 credit hours, research-based curriculum, Professional exam required for completion, cohort model of learning. 

9. Missouri University of Science & Technology

Master of Science in Environmental Engineering program offers graduates an interdisciplinary education, designed for current working professionals in the engineering industry. The MSEE program at Missouri University of Science and Technology is steadily increasing as the world becomes more challenging due to the need for sustainability, lower carbon emissions and solving the issue of limited water resources. The MSEE program focuses on engineering analysis, environmental systems, engineering solutions, and knowledge of environmental laws as regard to society’s demand for answers. To enroll in the program, graduates must have obtained a bachelor’s degree in Engineering , passed the GRE, and have a 3.0 GPA or higher from the BS in Engineering degree. The University also provides several other concentrations within the engineering master’s degree. Missouri S & T University offers over sixty graduate certificate programs and ranks at #5 for Best online master’s in engineering management programs. 

Program Highlights: small class sizes, professional and personal interaction with instructors, no GRE/GMAT required, most master’s in engineering programs are thesis free. 

10. Purdue University–West Lafayette

Purdue University’s MS in Engineering program offers graduates the option of six concentrations within the MS Engineering degree. The program will provide concentrations such as aeronautics and astronautics engineering, electrical and computer engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, and nuclear engineering. Each MSE degree consists of thirty credit hours and most do not require a thesis course. The master of science in engineering programs provide flexible scheduling for classes, interdisciplinary curriculums, and highly trained instructors to help graduates become successful in their engineering career path. Several concentrations of the masters in engineering programs at Purdue University are highly ranked among the top online master’s in engineering programs by the US News and World Report. The school also offers dual MSA-MBA program options to graduates searching for ways to maximize their engineering career. 

Program Highlights: 30 credit hours, six specializations offered, most concentrations with no GRE requirement, dual degree options, professional interaction with faculty, top rankings on the US News and World Report.

Starting a career from the Best online Masters in Engineering degrees

The engineering industry is one career field that has steadily increased. Many jobs in engineering can be found in big cities, where construction is constantly needed to improve roadways and building structures. Engineers work on creating solutions using concepts of mathematics, science, and technology. Choosing to become an engineer will provide many career opportunities with high pay scale jobs. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the top five states with the most employed engineers are California, Texas, Michigan, New York and Pennsylvania. Prospective job seekers in the field and earned a master’s degree in engineering will receive a higher pay salary of approximately 13 percent higher than applicants who have only earned a bachelor’s degree within the field.  

There are several areas of interest within the engineering field, allowing prospective students to have an array of degree options. A Master’s degree in Engineering will provide students with a professional degree that will build up their career and offer many opportunities for work. Most master’s degrees in engineering can take up to two years to complete. Finding work as an engineer is not as hard as you think. Many jobs can be found in corporations like 3M, Boeing, Lockheed, or government-run agencies. The average median pay salary for an engineer with an educational level of a master’s degree in engineering can expect to make around $90, 000 annually.

Some professional engineers may receive six-figure salaries from high corporate management positions within the engineering line of work. Others focus on things like computer engineering and animation. As shown above, the engineering field provides many concentrations or specializations. Depending on your focus within the field, the career of an engineer will provide endless opportunities and a viable source of income.