10 Top Online Master’s in Sports Management


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10 Top Online Master's in Sports Management

The top online Master’s in Sports Management programs offer flexible and affordable options for working professionals to advance their careers. In today’s world of sports, just getting a bachelor’s degree is not always enough. This is especially true if your goal is a management position.

Deciding to earn a master’s degree can increase your career advancement and also your salary. Many schools offer an array of sports-related degrees for an advanced level of education. Finding the best online schools can be tricky since there are top schools across the nation. So, we made it simple and easy by compiling the top online schools for a master’s in sports management. Yes, there are indeed many options available for graduates heading back to college. Yet not all institutions rank high when it comes to a degree in sports management. So, below is our list of the top ten online schools for masters in sports management.

How We Ranked the Online Master’s in Sports Management Programs

The editors at Online Schools Guide found schools offering online Online Masters in Sports Management. Then, based on cost and reputation, we ranked the programs.

The list provides several factors to consider. Some are academic accreditations, student-to-faculty ratios, length of the program, and also the credit hours required to graduate. Many schools also mention internships and specific concentrations in sports management or related fields that are available. In a master’s program, courses may include knowledgeable skills or also real-world training as part of the graduate program or certificate.

1. Georgetown University 

Degree: Master’s in Sports Industry Management

Georgetown University’s master’s degree in Sports Industry Management offers graduates a hybrid curriculum. This blended program offers both hands-on practices and concentrated studies in the multifaceted world of sports.

This program is available online and in the classroom setting. Both programs prepare students for work throughout the sports industry. Furthermore, graduates of the Sports Management advanced degree will gain intuitive knowledge of sports dynamics. They learn planning and operations relevant to the success of the sports business, such as the athletes, branding, businesses, and the many events that make it a multimillion-dollar enterprise.

The sports management master’s degree at Georgetown is thirty credits. Applicants have the option to enroll in the program as full-time or part-time students. The total program is approximately two years long. Enrollment is available in the Fall, Summer, and also Spring semesters. Graduates master the latest industry tools. They gain knowledge and skills with practical applications through real-world experience while giving the student a competitive edge over other candidates.

2. East Tennessee State University

Degree: Master of Science in Sports Management

East Tennessee State University’s MS in Sports Management program prepares graduates with a three-part curriculum. It focuses on the performance, production, and also promotional aspects of the sports industry.

Courses touch on all levels of sports involvement, which includes competitive, non-competitive, recreational, professional, and also amateur sports enthusiasts. The curriculum may also discuss differences in high school sports, college sports, and national organizations. Furthermore, this program also prepares students for other career paths. These include athletic administration, motorsport management, and also other advanced studies related to sports management.

The sports management degree is an online option, allowing for easy and flexible scheduling for course participation. There are between 33 to 36 credit hours depending on which concentration a student chooses. Applicants must have an undergraduate degree in either physical education, sports management, or a related field. 

3. Morehead State University

Degree: Master of Arts in Sports Management

Morehead State University’s MA in Sports Management program offers graduates career opportunities that will help them develop and demonstrate skills needed to make independent professional contributions to the sports management field.

The program is available online. The MSU program also offers services for graduates that include career planning, interview, resume preparation assistance, and internship placement. These services may also help graduates with job placement after graduation. To be eligible, students must have a minimum 2.5 GPA in a related undergraduate field.

Morehead’s master’s degree in sports management is among the best online master’s in sports management programs available for sports-focused program graduates. The sports management program completes in approximately 18 to 24 months. Additionally, the University offers an affordable tuition rate and a low student-to-faculty ratio. There are 141 undergraduate degree programs and 70 graduate degrees at Morehead State University. 

4. St. Thomas University 

Degree: Master of Science in Sports Administration

St. Thomas University’s MS in Sports Administration offers a hybrid curriculum. This program is available on campus and online to working professionals in sports management.

Ideal applicants have a bachelor’s degree in sports administration, sports management, or related fields. This Master of Science in Sports Administration program blends together traditional management courses with sports and business-like classes to meet challenges throughout the sports industry.

The MS in Sports Administration is a 30 credit hour program, which includes 3 hours of internship credit. There are six 8-week terms, allowing students to complete it in only one year. MS program at St. Thomas University is one of the most affordable and best online sports management master’s programs in the state of Florida.

The University offers a wide range of graduate programs, preparing students for professional careers with leadership opportunities and a successful future.  The Sports Administration program prepares graduates for careers such as in professional sports teams, college athletics departments, sports media and marketing, merchandising, or recreational departments. 

5. North Carolina State University

Degree: Master of Parks, Recreation, Tourism, and Sport Management

The Master of Parks, Recreation, Tourism and Sport Management program at North Carolina State University is an online degree. This program provides graduates with the skills, knowledge, and also practical insight for advanced career opportunities in the sports industry and related fields.

NCSU’s curriculum emphasizes the management of parks and recreation and also tourism and sports industries. This program also meets the needs of working professionals searching for career advancement opportunities in highly competitive industries.

Upon graduation, students master advanced principles and procedures of management. Furthermore, they learn the importance of ethical leadership as it relates to the sports industry. To be eligible, graduates must have a GPA of 3.0 and two years of full-time employment with sports-related experience. They must also have a passing grade on the GRE or GMAT test scores. NCSU provides one of the best online master’s in sports management degrees nationwide. Additionally, the school offers a variety of online and distance learning graduate programs at an affordable tuition cost. 

6. University of Louisville 

Degree: Master of Science in Sports Administration

University of Louisville’s MS in Sports Administration program is for working professionals. This fully online degree curriculum enriches a graduate’s understanding of the sports business, leadership management, research, communication, marketing, policy, and also law.

Courses are taught by expert professionals already working in leading sports business organizations. The program also prepares sports professionals with tactical abilities. These include decision-making skills and critical thinking skills while having a competitive edge within the sports industry.

The Sports Administration master’s degree is a total of 36 credit hours and students can complete it in as little as two years. The University of Louisville’s MS in Sports Administration ranks number four in the US and #27 globally by Eduniversal Masters Rankings. The College’s master’s program also provides an accelerated program with eight-week courses. 

7. Georgia Southern University

Degree: Master of Science in Sports Management

The MS in Sports Management program at Georgia Southern University prepares graduates with a thirty-six credit degree. Furthermore, students can advance their careers in as little as twenty-four months.

Courses in the curriculum may provide skills and abilities in areas such as leadership/directive management, decision-making skills, quantitative analysis, and organizing coordinating abilities. Faculty members who offer instruction for the master’s degree in sports management provide a motivating atmosphere for all graduates and working professionals in the sports industry field.

Future graduates of the sports management program will be prepared for careers in sports marketing, athletic leagues, event management, national professional teams, and also national sports associations. Georgia Southern University offers one of the best online sports management master’s programs. Additionally, GSU has a sports management degree at an undergraduate level for students in entry-level job positions.

8. Jacksonville University

Degree: Master of Science in Sport Management

Jacksonville University’s Master of Science in Sport Management is an interdisciplinary program, designed for working professionals. The master’s degree will equip students with both quantitative and analytical skills needed for graduates to succeed in the sports industry.

Courses in the sports management program will combine business and health management as part of their curriculum. The program is available fully online and offered as a 36-credit 12-course curriculum in which students can compete in about a year. The sports management program will also prepare graduates for careers in public relations, journalism, event development, and finance and economic management.

Jacksonville University offers the opportunity for students to receive a dual degree option in Business Management to go along with the Master’s degree in Sports Management. Founded in 1934, JU has over 100 student organizations available on campus as well as online opportunities to get involved. In addition, classes provide a low student-to-faculty ratio, allowing for more student/teacher interaction. 

9. Belhaven University 

Degree: MBA with a concentration in Sports Administration

Belhaven University’s MBA with a concentration in Sports Administration is available online. This is taught by experienced and knowledgeable faculty working in the sports business.

The program focuses on today’s issues related to the sports field and the benefits it can offer to graduates working with sports management teams, national leagues, or associations nationwide. Adding the sports management concentration to the existing MBA will open a whole new career path with many possibilities for the graduate.

The MBA courses offer seven-week terms, with flexible scheduling to manage a student’s busy college life. To be eligible for the MBA-SM degree, graduates must have a GPA of 2.8 to enroll and keep a 3.0 GPA during the first six semester hours of the program. Submission of an essay and 2 letters of recommendation is recommended and then reviewed by the program committee.

Belhaven offers students a variety of degrees to choose from. The college provides a biblical viewpoint in its teachings and also builds on strong community involvement in everything they work toward. The college is also one of the best online masters in sports management nationwide.

10. Southern Connecticut State University 

Degree: Master of Science in Sport and Entertainment Management

Southern Connecticut State University offers graduates in the sports and entertainment industry, an online MS in Sport and Entertainment Management program. The graduate program prepares management professionals in the field by offering courses in budgeting, marketing, development, fundraising, risk management, and also supervision.

Curriculum highlights for the program include acquiring a mastery of skill development and theoretical concepts relevant to sport and entertainment management functions. Additionally, students gain an understanding of ethical and moral standards within the business decision-making process. Also, they learn the importance of taking on the responsibility of developing a major project, working on research endeavors, or creating a business plan.

This program is thirty-six credits, so most students complete it within 18 months to two years, depending on their concentration. SCSU offers fifty-six graduate programs, four doctoral degrees, and 31 post-graduate programs that cover a variety of career fields. 

What Can I Do with a Master's in Sports Management?

What Can You Do with a Master’s in Sports Management?

A sports management master’s degree prepares students for a combining career in business and also athletics. The curriculum for the sports management master’s degree helps graduates develop both the skills and knowledge needed to work in the field. Furthermore, graduates of sports management master’s degrees will learn leadership roles that will get them on the right track for both professional and amateur sports career paths.

Graduates with advanced studies in Sports Management can find employment in a variety of fields, such as Business Development, Public Relations, and Financial Management. Some graduates may also find employment in private institutions or professional sports organizations. These may include specific positions in head coaching, team building, athletic training, scouting, and strength and conditioning. Whether it is in the physical, financial, or business part of the career path, students with a master’s degree in Sports Management can be successful with much room for personal growth.

What Essential Skills Do You Need for a Sports Management Position?

Most people know that having good communication skills, orally and written, are needed to land almost any basic job. However, having a career in sports management will require a little more effort.

Here are some essential skills to make a long-lasting career in Sports Management.

1. Organizational skills

It’s important to be orderly and a bit of a neat freak if you want to hold a position in sports management. For those who are scouting or researching for the next best athlete then you need a clean desk, organized files, and ready to grab your scouting reports the moment you need them. Having immediate access to everything will keep you ready for the next big athletic opportunity.  

2. Creativity skills

In almost any job these days having new ideas that inspire is a valuable skill. This is especially true when it comes to sports management careers.

There are often many people applying for the same job as you, so being prepared to offer something that no other person can provide will make your resume shine compared to all the other competitors in the room. Before leaving, you want your creativity to be a lasting reminder, so make it worthwhile.

3. Time Management

Managing time effectively takes a lot of effort and concentration. When working in a sports management career field, management professionals are expected to do more than one task at a time on occasion. This skill helps sports managers or professionals in the field to be successful and also effectively use their time wisely.

Having the skills of time management will also help graduates of an advanced degree such as sports management to be noticed for their strong work ethics, allowing the potential sports manager-employee to become more valued in the corporation or business that is hiring.  

4. Communication Skills

As mentioned before, having both oral and written communication skills will help any sports management employee make it in the sports industry. Being able to get your points of interest across to the rest of your team or your boss is important. And, a good communicator may have more opportunities for advancement in the sports management field.

The Salary Outlook for Sports Management Degree jobs

The average median salary of a sports management master’s degree graduate is $88,290 annually, according to Glassdoor. However, some salaries can be as much as $110,000 in some states.

These positions are for sports agents, directors, instructors, or also coaches of sports athletic teams or personnel. Furthermore, some businesses expect prospective candidates to have five years or more of work experience in the sports industry.

An MS or MA in sports management is also required in most athletic positions for the sports management career path. But, the key is experience. Therefore, the more work history a sports management professional has, the higher their salary will be.

Typically, beginner or entry-level positions earn less. For example, with a bachelor’s degree in the field, the salary may only be between $35,000 to $42,000 per year. However, it may vary by state and position held.

Why Earn a Masters in Sports Management?

Pursuing a Masters in Sports Management will benefit the graduate in a variety of ways. One thing for sure is it will provide more career opportunities for advancing in the sports industry.

Employers look for candidates with the right knowledge and skills to do the job. Therefore, an advanced degree is beneficial to have when applying for a sports management position.

Another reason is the on-the-job training. It is often required to graduate with an advanced degree such as a sports management program. Once a student graduates, the long study hours and work experience will prove to be a worthy effort.


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