Online Associate’s Degree in Business Administration

Business Administration

Some prospective students may ask, what can you do with a Business degree or if an associate degree is worth anything? The answers to both questions are a simple yes, it is worth it. First of all, it only takes two years to complete your online associate’s degree in business administration and you are able to do that from the comfort of your own home or any other place via your computer or laptop. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, all types of business and financial jobs are slated to grow by five percent over the next decade, which is faster than the average percentage of all other occupations. Over 100,000 jobs in the field area were posted in the past year looking for prospective employees. Graduates with an associate’s degree in business administration can work in a variety of careers, such as human resource specialist and food service manager.

What can I do with an Associate Degree in Business Administration?

Earning an associate degree in business administration is a great way to be able to be hired into positions in a shorter amount of time since obtaining an associate degree in business administration only takes about two years compared to a bachelor’s degree which takes four years to complete. There are many jobs and positions that a person with an associate’s degree in business administration can land after they graduate with their degree.

Graduates with an associate degree in business administration can become an administrative assistant, relationship banker, customer service associate, assistant store manager, sales support specialist, store manager, executive assistant, retail sales worker, sales consultants, and even sales supervisors.

Is an Associate Degree in Business Administration Worth It?

An associate degree in business administration is definitely worth it because the more education people have under their belts, the more job opportunities and promotions that will be available to them. An associate degree allows you to have a better employment outlook than those with only a high school diploma. In most settings in this field, you will make more money than someone who only graduated from high school. Employers are much more willing to pay employees who are qualified and have higher education levels better wages than they would for others. Studies have shown that people with only a high school diploma in the business world were only able to obtain lower-level jobs, such as receptionists or clerks, and will only earn about $700 per week. Those people with an associate degree earn about $120 more per week, which comes to $6,000 more per year.

By obtaining an associate degree in business, students are able to continue their education and earn a bachelor’s degree and possibly go on to earn a master’s degree in business administration as well as a PhD in business administration. Also, by already having an associate degree in business administration, graduates can transfer to a four-year program that will give them credit for the hours they already spent earning their associate degree, which means it will only take them two years to complete their bachelor’s degree.

What Skills Do You Gain from Business Administration?

By embarking on an associate degree in business administration program, students will gain a variety of skills that they can apply they can either apply to a company they are already with or to open new doors for them to obtain a better position with another company. This type of program is created to equip students with the background they will need to pursue a variety of business-type positions and to be able to advance in their careers.

Students will gain problem-solving skills since employers will ask about their problem-solving skills during an interview for a job. Data analysis is another skill that students will gain so they are able to understand and analyze data as a major role in a business position in fields, such as project management, finance, and accounting, as well as programs, such as Excel, that they will need to use to input and extract data. Students will also gain communication skills that will allow them to use an array of different communication methods to speak to others internally and externally through in-person conversations as well as emails, phone calls, and other methods. Communication skills are imperative to better communicate with others for a better work team. Time management and organizational skills will also be learned by students and are very important when it comes to business administration and being able to complete assigned tasks on time on a daily basis. Graduates will have a great knack for attention to detail so they can spot any mistakes or proofreading errors in their work and in the work of others. This will also help them in decision-making and problem-solving.


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