10 Top Online Associates in Business Administration


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Top 10 Online Associates in Business Administration

The top online associates in business administration degree programs offer a flexible path to earn a degree and advance your career. Here is our list of the Top 10 Online Associates in Business Administration! An associate degree in Business Administration is one of the most versatile two-year degrees you can get. It is a foundational degree that equates to the first two years of a four-year program.

Students can enter the workforce after graduating or continue to earn a bachelor’s degree. Business degrees apply to almost every part of our workforce and are some of the most popular degrees. Students can go into accounting, marketing, project management, or be the manager of any business. Some students with undergraduate business degrees go on to law school or get an MBA. Whatever your career path, we are here to get you started on your career in business administration.

How We Ranked The Top Online Schools Associates in Business Administration

The editors at Online Schools Guide found schools offering online or hybrid Associates Degrees in Business Administration. Then, based on cost, reputation, and future salary, we ranked the programs.

1. Florida Institute of TechnologyAA in Business Administration
2. Dakota County Technical College AS in Business Administration
3. Lake Region State College AA in Business Administration
4. Trine University Associate in Business Administration
5. John Wood Community CollegeAAS in Business Management
6. Saint Francis UniversityAS in Business Administration
7. Campbellsville UniversityAS Business Administration
8. Central Piedmont Community CollegeAS Business Administration
9. Diablo Valley CollegeAS in Business or AA in Business (transfer)
10. Herkimer County Community CollegeAS or AAS in Business Administration
Online Schools Guide Top 10 Online Associate in Business Administration

1. Florida Institute of Technology

Degree: AA in Business Administration

The top online school with an Associate in Business Administration is the Florida Institute of Technology. The degree is a sixty-four credit program that takes most students two years to complete. Students take classes in accounting, management, and economics and graduate with a broad business foundation. FIT also offers Bachelor’s degrees in business administration. So, students interested in continuing their education can also complete a four-year degree in business administration at FIT.

Often referred to as Florida Tech, the school opened in 1958 and currently has over 6,000 students. Florida Tech is known as Florida’s STEM University, and the campus is in Melbourne. FTU offers traditional degrees, online degrees, and programs at a handful of education centers outside Florida. 

2. Dakota County Technical College 

Degree: AS in Business Administration

Dakota County Technical College is one of the top online schools with an Associate in Business Administration degree program. The school’s 60-credit AS in Business Administration degree is a flexible program that offers an accelerated track. Students can take classes entirely online or attend evening classes on campus. In addition, there are full-time and part-time options and multiple start dates throughout the year. After completing the AS in Business Administration, students can transfer to a four-year institution. The school maintains transfer agreements with many Minnesota universities.

Dakota County Technical College is a public community college located in Rosemont, Minnesota. DCTC opened in 1970 and currently enrolls around 2,000 students. DCTC offers forty-one associate degree programs and fifty-five diploma and certificate programs. Tuition is affordable and only about one-third of what students pay at comparable institutions.

3. Lake Region State College

Degree: AA in Business Administration

The online associate degree in Business Administration at Lake Region State College is an excellent program. Graduates are prepared with broad business education and enter the workforce or transfer to a four-year institution. The school’s Associate in Arts (AA) in Business Administration degree program has three tracks. While completing the sixty-three credit degree, students can focus on marketing, accounting, or management. In addition, the LRSC degree is transfer-friendly in North Dakota. Thus, students can use the AA credit toward a bachelor’s degree at a university.

Established in 1941, the college has changed names and ownership several times. First known as Devils Lake Junior College and Business School, then from 1987 until 1999, the college was a branch campus of the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks, known as UND-Lake Region. It currently has over 2,000 undergraduate students enrolled and a GED program for students who have not completed high school. 

4. Trine University

Degree: Associate in Business Administration

Trine University has one of the top online schools with associates in Business Administration. The school is one of the options for students looking to take the entirety of their coursework online. What makes this program distinguishable is the fact that it is stackable. Once you complete the sixty-credit associate degree, you have the option to remain on as a student and complete your BS in Business Administration. Overall, this program is excellent for its flexibility and has the bonus of coming from a four-year university with a quality reputation.

Trine University is a private university in Indiana, founded in 1884. This university is notable for offering degrees beyond two-year associate degrees. While this school has over 2,200 students enrolled full-time and in-person, it is noteworthy for having a significant online presence. There are an additional 2,800 or more students enrolled solely in the online curriculum. 

5. John Wood Community College

Degree: AAS in Business Management

Another one of the top online schools with an associate degree in Business Administration is John Wood Community College. John Wood offers an Associate of Applied Science in Business Management that prepares students for accounting managers and sales supervisors. Students can also earn a Business Management Certificate that includes twelve classes in the AAS. The certificate program is a stackable credential enabling students to build towards the AAS degree.

John Wood Community College is in Quincy, Illinois. The two-year community college opened in 1974 and currently enrolls around 3,500 students. This school is also notable for possessing one of the largest libraries in Illinois, containing more than 20,000 volumes of work.

6. Saint Francis University

Degree: AS in Business Administration

Saint Francis University is an online school with an associate degree in Business Administration. The school offers an entry-level Associate of Science degree in Business Administration. Delivered entirely online, the program provides students with practical business knowledge and skills to enter the business field. Graduates qualify for entry-level accounting and management positions. In addition, after completing the degree, students can continue at Saint Francis University and earn a Bachelor of Science degree.

Saint Francis University was founded in 1847 as a private Catholic school in Loretto, Pennsylvania. It currently enrolls over 1,500 students and is notable both for its athletics and its alumni. While it offers various programs ranging from certificates to postgraduate degrees, many associate degree programs are available online. 

7. Campbellsville University

Degree: AS Business Administration

An affordable online school with an associate degree in business administration is Campbellsville University. The school’s associate degree in Business Administration is a sixty-two-credit program with eight-week long courses. Most students can complete the degree over a two-year time frame. This school is fantastic for anybody looking to get a quick degree from a school with a plethora of experience in fine-tuning an online curriculum.

Campbellsville University is a Christian school located in Campbellsville, Kentucky. The private university opened in 1906 and is affiliated with the Baptist church. They are well known for offering affordable online programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels.   

8. Central Piedmont Community College

Degree: AS Business Administration

Students can find another one of the top online schools with an associate in Business Administration at Central Piedmont Community College. The CPCC Associates in Business Administration offers four specialization areas in Project Management, Human Resources Management, Global Business, and Marketing and Retailing. Most students who attend full-time complete the associate degree in two years. However, part-time options are available.

Central Piedmont Community College helps students develop individualized career plans. With special tools like Career Coach at their disposal, to help better place students on the right path in their respective fields. This school is ideal for students looking for a specific structure based on their interests and aptitudes. Central Piedmont Community College is in Charlotte, North Carolina. With over 50,000 students, it is one of the largest community colleges in the US and the second-largest community college in North Carolina. 

9. Diablo Valley College

Degree: AS in Business or AA in Business (transfer)

The Diablo Valley College online associate in Business Administration is another top choice for students. The school’s Business Management program offers both an online  Associate of Science (AS) in Business and a college transfer Associate of Arts (AA) in Business. Transfer agreements with numerous schools enable students to get a bachelor’s degree without losing credits. Certificate programs are available that students can stack within the degree. Additionally, the tuition for this program is affordable, especially for California students. 

Diablo Valley College is a public community college located across multiple campuses in California, primarily Pleasant Hill. The school was established in 1949 and currently supports a 22,000 student enrollment. Well known on the west coast, Diablo Valley maintains an excellent reputation locally and is one of California’s top five best transfer schools. 

10. Herkimer County Community College

Degree: AS or AAS in Business Administration

A top online school with two online associates in Business Administration degrees is Herkimer County Community College. The Herkimer Associate of Science (AS) in Business Administration provides a foundation in business. Students can enter the workforce or transfer to a four-year school to earn a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. The more technical Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Business Administration provides the skills necessary to move into entry-level management positions. Students are prepared for employment in the public and private sectors or transfer to a four-year institution. Transfer agreements with four-year colleges and universities to provide a seamless transfer of credits for students pursuing either degree.

Herkimer County Community College is a community college in New York. As part of the State University of New York (SUNY) system, the school offers over forty degrees and certificate programs. Herkimer opened in 1966 and currently enrolls over 2,300 students. As a forerunner in accessible education, Herkimer offers many of the same amenities as four-year institutions. Students who study on campus have residential halls available, a dining complex, and even sports teams. 

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Top 10 Online Schools Associates in Business Administration

What Can I Do With An Associate in Business Administration Degree?

Graduates with degrees in business administration are entering one of the most versatile fields of the workforce. The possible jobs are next to endless, but most of these options maintain a single common thread. According to the Diablo Valley College website, ranked number nine, the most common position available to program graduates is management.

A few of the more lucrative positions they list among their job outlooks include logistics managers, operations managers, business intelligence analysts, sales managers, and business continuity specialists. These jobs are shown to go upwards of $70 per hour and permeate many fields in the goods and the service industries.

Is Business Administration A Good Career For The Future?

Due to the variety of uses for the degree, business administration has a high job outlook for the future. According to the US Bureau of Labor, this field will grow by 9% from 2020-2030, indicating average sustainable job growth. This figure includes positions opened both by replacing others in the area and filling newly created positions. The statistics provided by the US Bureau of Labor indicate it is a promising career for the future. Not only does it offer many jobs in a variety of fields, but the degree is also projected to be nowhere close to obsolete by 2030.

How Much Can You Make With An Associate in Business Administration Degree?

A business administration degree has high opportunities to make a lucrative salary. The United States department of labor does not quote median wages for those with associates degrees. However, the average salary of someone in the field with a bachelor’s degree is $98,890, a mere $110 away from six figures. 

Both Diablo Valley College and Trine University offer figures on their respective sites. They indicate that one is more likely to receive an hourly wage with an associate’s degree, often ranging from $45-$70 per hour. Overall, the pay is worth the degree, for a single income alone is well above the poverty line. If you are in a double-income household with this degree, your lifestyle could be both very comfortable and extravagant.

Is Business Administration an AA, AAS, or AS Degree?

It is entirely possible to earn an associate degree in Business Administration entirely online at several reputable community colleges and universities in the United States. Primarily, the online degree offered is a simple Associate Science (AS) degree. However, multiple schools provide variants of the program, Associates of Applied Science (AAS degrees).

The Associates of Arts in Business Administration is less common and often isn’t offered at all. Generally, it would be best to stick with either the AS or the AAS degree programs.


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