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Data Science Degrees Guide discusses certificates, associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and PhDs in this field. Data science encompasses a variety of different roles, processes, and tools. It allows analysts to develop actionable insights: data science encompasses data collection, storage and processing, and data analysis.

Data science is a very fast-growing field. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the demand for data science skills will increase by about 36 percent by 2031. That means there will be a shortage of people to fill approximately 190,000 jobs in the United States alone. Unfortunately, this also means that the salaries for data scientists have risen,, and most can expect to make at least six figures. Data science is a growing and lucrative field to enter, and a person with a certificate in specialized areas of data science will have no trouble finding a job.

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Is Data Science A Good Career?

Yes, data science is an outstanding career that provides graduates with many opportunities for future advancement. It is already a high-demand career path, with competitive salaries and numerous perks. In addition, it is one of the fastest-growing and most in-demand fields in technology. Since 2012, the roles of data scientists have increased by 650 percent. And there are no signs of it slowing down.

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics is projecting a job growth rate of at least 36 percent through 2031. This means tons of jobs will be available in this very lucrative field. Students who also obtain certificates in specialized areas of data science will be even more competitive in the job market. This means they can also work in the technical areas of the field that they enjoy the most.

What Is A Certificate In Data Science For?

Data science is everywhere. The needs of data science span from apps to download supply chain management to e-commerce sales and bioinformatics. There are tons of data collected daily. A data science certificate helps graduates specialize in specific areas of the field. This gives graduates an edge over other candidates for job positions or can help them advance in their careers. In addition, certificates in data science prove the graduate’s data science skills. So they can transition from one profession to another or advance their careers to higher income levels. Some types of data certificates available include senior data scientist, principal data scientist, IBM data science professional, Microsoft certified in AI fundamentals or data scientists associate, open certified data scientists, and several others.

Data science certifications may even be required for specific job positions. Most data science certifications require students to possess at least a bachelor’s degree in data science. However, some employers hire graduates with an associate degree. Students can take certification classes at colleges or universities and from organizations such as Microsoft and IBM.

How Do You Get A Certificate In Data Science?

Suppose a student wants to earn a certification from an accredited university or gain experience as a new grad. In that case, they can enter into a certificate program to specialize in a particular area they are most interested. Students can also enter into a certificate program to increase their vendor-specific skills or demonstrate their knowledge of data analytics. They can do those through specific organizations. For example, if a student wants to earn a certified analytics professional certificate, they may do that at an accredited university or College. This also applies to students who wish to make an open certified data scientist certification or become certified analytics professionals. Or, some students may wish to become SAS certified in AI and machine learning, SAS certified in advanced analytics, or SAS certified as a data scientist.

Students can opt to take classes for certification through an organization or company, such as Microsoft, IBM, or the Data Science Council of America. Specific job positions or certain aspects of career advancement for students need to earn their certifications in some regions of the data science field. Students can specialize in certain field areas to edge over other job candidates or advance their careers.

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What Is an AA in Data Science?

Some students may think that data analytics and data science programs do not exist when it comes to associate degrees, but that is not the case. As the data science field continues to grow rapidly, so are degree offerings from various colleges and universities. This includes associate degree opportunities. It used to be difficult for students to find a bachelor’s in data science degree program, and now they are plentiful, and associate degree programs are not far behind. While most STEM-related careers will require a bachelor’s degree and data science, plenty of jobs are still available for those who only seek a two-year associate degree.

Also, students can now complete an associate degree entirely online. This means that it may not take them the full two years to earn an associate degree in data science period since students can work at their own pace and fit their coursework into their daily lives, they can work ahead and earn their degree in 18 months or less.

This is especially important for people who want to enter the job market right away or who need the degree to advance in their career or be eligible for a specific promotion at their current jobs. It is vital to research all options before entering into any degree program. Remember that once a student earns their associate degree in data science, some of those classes will be part of their bachelor’s degree program. This can save students time, money, and energy.

Is It Hard to Get Into a Data Science Career?

Data science is a career field that can be very difficult to break into, this particular field is growing very rapidly, so a lot of people want in on it. Students interested in data science need to consider how they can position themselves to have an edge over their competition when entering the job market.

One of the best ways to develop solid technical skills and learn how to communicate effectively in data science is by earning an associate degree. Graduates learn technical skills to understand how data science works overall and how to use it for various purposes. Communication skills are imperative because they allow you to share your knowledge and skill levels articulately. This is important when interviewing for job positions or a current job promotion.

What Jobs Can You Get With An Associate Degree In Data Science?

Graduates with an associate degree in data science have the edge over those who do not possess a degree. Associate degrees are very cost-effective, and they can usually be obtained by attending College nearby to students’ homes or, better yet, entirely online. This allows students to earn their degree quickly while still working full or part-time jobs or raising a family. There are many jobs that graduate with only an associate degree in data science are eligible for.

Also, associate degrees can transfer to a four-year university so that graduates can continue their education and earn their bachelor’s degree in data science. Students can save time and money by obtaining an associate’s degree first. This path also introduced students to the field of data science. So they can make sure they enjoy it before committing the time and money to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Students with an associate degree will be eligible to be hired as associate data analysts, data science associates, scientific data research and development assistants, and various other jobs. They will analyze statistical data on large sets and use advanced mathematical skills. By doing these jobs, graduates can decide if they enjoy the data science field and if they want to continue their education in advance and their careers.

Is An Associate’s Degree in Data Science Worth It?

An associate degree in data science is worth it. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a job growth rate of more than 27 percent over the next ten years in this field. This means that graduates with an associate degree can earn a living and be eligible for career advancement. Graduates with an associate degree can make a median income of around $40,000 or more each year.

After earning an associate degree, graduates can continue their education to earn their bachelor’s degree and even their master’s or doctorate degrees. This means they can make more than $100,000 per year as they advance in this growing career field.

Online Bachelors In Data Science

Bachelor’s degree programs in data science will provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to adapt to future changes in the marketplace when it comes to science and analytics. This is a growing field with a lucrative income to come with it. This means that a four-year bachelor’s degree is essential for graduates to have the edge over other job candidates. Many bachelor’s degree programs in data science are now offered entirely online or through hybrid classes.

How Do I Get A Bachelor In Data Science?

Hybrid classes are available online as well as in person at college campuses. A data science major will gain a very versatile education that will lead to a career in data engineering, data analytics, data administration, and other areas of data science. To earn a bachelor’s degree in data science, students can enroll at the university or College of their choice and follow the required admissions procedures at that particular school.

Many online programs will allow students to work at their own pace, which means they can earn their degree much sooner than expected. A four-year degree may only take 18 months to two years if the student can work ahead in their coursework. Online programs also allow students to raise a family, work a full or part-time job, and tend to other responsibilities while earning their degrees.

Is Bachelor’s in Data Science Worth It?

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, a bachelor’s degree in data science is required for most entry-level positions as data administrators or even data architects. A master’s degree may be required for even more advanced positions such as information resource scientist or data scientist. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the field of data science will produce 36 percent more jobs by the year 2031 than all other professions.

This means that a bachelor’s in data science degree is well worth the time and energy it will take to complete the program. In a Bachelor of Data Science degree program, students will learn all aspects of data processing and management, computer science, statistics, data systems, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Students will graduate with a broad foundation of technical knowledge in the field of data science and be eligible for various job positions in the field.

What Can I Do With A Bachelor’s In Data Science?

Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in data science will be qualified for various occupations. These jobs offer lucrative salaries with a positive growth projection rate. Many graduates will apply for jobs as database administrators, computer network architects, and database architects. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that these three job options pay around $100,000 per year. The job growth rate in these positions is expected to grow quite a bit between now and 2030.

Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in data science can work as junior data analysts making around $80,000 annually. They can also work as a junior data engineer, which pays more than $90,000 per year some graduates may opt to launch a career as a database engineer or risk management analyst. Students may also use their bachelor’s degree in data science to continue their education to earn their master’s degree and then their doctorate in data science.

Is Data Science A Stressful Job?

Majoring in data science may be difficult for a lot of students. This is because it is a more challenging area of study than others. Students will do well if they have solid math skills and knowledge of statistics, and critical thinking skills. Data science courses will focus on many hands-on projects and written work. Students who want to become data scientists must learn multiple different programming languages.

Data science is considered an interdisciplinary field which means it connects concepts from computer science and machine learning with those of math, business, and statistics. Students will be built to analyze these different concepts and make connections between them upon graduation. The field of data science can be stressful when dealing with companies or clients and so much important information. Graduates passionate about data science will do well at their jobs, but it will sometimes be stressful.

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Is a Master’s in Data Science Hard?

A master’s degree in data science is considered an interdisciplinary major. Students must take courses in multiple academic departments, such as computer science, statistics, mathematics, business, and machine learning. This can be a very challenging experience for many students, but it is well worth the hard work.

Data science is considered one of the most rapidly growing fields in today’s job market. Students earning a master’s degree can specialize in certain areas of the data science field. These are usually areas in which the student has worked in or is very interested in their data science careers. Most students entering into a master’s degree program in data science will enjoy the variety of courses they will need to take.

Many students thrive in any major that requires intensive learning. Some students might find it too tricky while attempting to switch gears between all the different disciplines within a data science major. Students must connect all these different disciplines seamlessly to achieve their degrees. Many master’s degrees in data science programs are offered entirely online.

This means students can work at their own pace and shave off a year or two of time it may otherwise take them to complete their degree program. Students can work independently and schedule coursework around their other responsibilities. This is great for professional working students who want to advance in their careers.

Do You Need GRE For a Master’s in Data Science?

Some colleges and universities require that students take the Graduate Record Examinations General Test, also known as the GRE, to be accepted into a master’s degree program. Not all universities and colleges require a GRE score for admittance into master’s degree programs. Most master’s degree programs in data science that are offered by accredited, nonprofit colleges and universities do not require GRE scores.

For the ones who do, students may be able to waive it if they have an undergraduate grade point average of at least 3.0 or higher. If students believe they are eligible for a waiver, they need to check with their admissions counselor to inquire about it. The test is given to ensure that students are academically ready for a master’s degree program, especially in a difficult program like data science.

How Do I Prepare For a Master’s In Data Science?

To prepare to embark on a master’s degree program in data science, there are certain things students can learn ahead of time to help them out. For example, students should know at least one programming language and be familiar with applied mathematics. It helps if students start reading blogs on things like artificial intelligence and other topics related to data science. Students can also listen to podcasts for this type of information.

Potential master’s degree in data science students can read books that will help build them up for a foundation of learning in the field. Students can also work on doing some hands-on activities and experimenting with different skills in the area of data science. They can also use competitive data science to build some projects from the ground up to see how they do. It is helpful if students already have a bachelor’s degree in data science or a very closely related topic before entering a master’s degree program.

Most colleges and universities require students to have a bachelor’s degree in the field. Some students may also have an associate’s degree in data science, which can be even more helpful. This is because they will already have the technical skills they need to build upon in a master’s degree program.

What Field Of Data Science Pays The Most?

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, data science is one of the fastest-growing fields. For a graduate with a master’s degree in data science, the income potential can be as high as $200,000 per year. For example, a taxonomist will make between $50,000 annually and $190,000 annually.

Another lucrative career field for graduates with a master’s degree in data science is that of a machine learning engineer. This person is responsible for maintaining production systems and working with other engineers. This position pays between $113,000 per year and $170,000 per year.

Other lucrative positions for graduates with a master’s degree or higher in the field of data science include senior data modeler, statistical programmer, director of statistical programming, principal statistical programmer, clinical programmer, and modeling and simulation analyst.

Online Doctorate In Data Science

What Is a Doctorate In Data Science?

A doctorate in data science program is designed to combine the skills and knowledge necessary to conduct research in data science with utilizing data science methods. It is considered to be applied training that is generally geared towards interdisciplinary collaborations. Doctoral candidates must master both the mathematical foundations of data science and the computer skills needed.

Students will develop competencies in software development, data engineering, software development, and data policy and ethics. Students will be able to conduct research and understand data and how it encodes and captures information. Graduates will be fluent in modern data engineering techniques and be able to work with complex and large data sets. Students will be taught how to recognize legal and ethical issues when it comes to the areas of data analytics.

They will also understand data analytics’s impact on society while developing innovative computer algorithms and other data. Graduates with a Ph.D. in data science will have developed novel research methods in data science and demonstrated how their work will impact the field.

How Long Does A Doctorate In Data Science Take?

A doctorate in data science is designed to give students a deeper understanding of statistics, programming, data analysis, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. This type of degree combines data science courses with practical experience and, in some cases, a dissertation. Not all colleges required a dissertation or thesis, but many do. Usually, a doctorate in data science will take three to five years to complete. This pertains to a traditional setting with students attending classes in person on campus.

Many colleges and universities now offer data science doctorate programs fully online or partially online. This allows students to work at their own pace and to be able to complete their degree program much more quicker. Some students can earn their doctorate in as little as two years while working at their own pace. This also allows students to continue working full or part-time jobs while taking care of a family and still be able to achieve their degree goals in this growing field.

Is It Worth Getting A Doctorate In Data Science?

Earning a doctorate in data science is worth it as long as the student has a passion for data science. This means the question has to be answered based on each student’s expected return on their investment of time and energy into a doctorate in a data science program. There are many professional and personal benefits that can come from pursuing this type of terminal degree in data science.

As a graduate degree, a doctorate in data science will involve plenty of research. Students must be committed to researching while testing out new methods and experimenting with various data science technologies and tools. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is an expected job growth for graduates with a master’s degree in data science of around 26 percent between 2021 and 2031. This equals about 667,000 new jobs for tech professionals with a median annual income of around $100,910.

What Can You Do With a PhD in Data Science?

A Ph.D. in data science will open many doors for graduates. Graduates can use their degrees to advance in their careers or be more competitive when applying for new positions. A graduate with a doctoral degree in data science can work as a data scientist. This means they can use large amounts of technical information to be able to analyze patterns that repeat to help organizations gain strategic leverage.

Graduates with a Ph.D. in data science can work as application and infrastructure architects. As applications architects, graduates will primarily aim to design critical business applications. When it comes to infrastructure architects, graduates will work to monitor the functionality of business systems so that they can support and help create new technical innovations.

Graduates can also earn very lucrative salaries of more than $200,000 per year as data engineers or statisticians. Some graduates may opt to begin their research and consulting business. The field of data science offers an array of career possibilities.


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