What Can You Do With an Online Data Science Degree?

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There are many Data Science degree jobs for individuals with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in data analytics or data science. People searching for the most in-demand jobs these days will likely see Data Scientists on the list. In 2017, the number of people who held Data Science degrees in the United States totaled about 35,000.

Between 2012 and 2017, the demand for data scientists increased by more than 650%. The demand is still growing. Some schools offer online data science degree programs to engineering students who focus on this field. Also, a qualified engineering student with a bachelor’s degree may seek a graduate degree to become a data science professional.

Career Paths for Data Science Majors

These are some of the top career paths for earning an online data science degree.

Data Scientist

Data scientists are responsible for mining and compiling complex data sets and presenting them as helpful information to an organization. They find patterns and insights with data. Also, they may find ways to improve search quality for the results that are provided for queries. Most professionals must be familiar with SAS, R, Hadoop, Python, and similar programs.

Data scientists usually work for large companies. Glassdoor ranked data scientist as the top job to have. The BLS includes data scientists with computer and information research scientists in projecting future job growth. A data engineer job may be a better career path if you prefer to build the virtual pipelines that data scientists use. It is similar in pay and growth expectations.

Salary: $100,910 (BLS)

Data Architect

Data architects design strategies for various data models and must maintain all related artifacts. They often work for big companies to help design models for storing, consuming, and integrating large amounts of data. Most data architects must be familiar with Spark, SQL, Hive, Pig, and XML.

The pay is especially attractive to most graduates who consider this career path. With a salary range between $48,000 and $151,000, the earning possibilities and advancement potential are high.

Salary: $101,000 (BLS)

Data Science Manager

Although average salary reports are conflicting for this career path, most average salary reports are over $125,000. A data science manager is like a project manager for big data projects. If you are organized and are an effective leader, this may be a good career goal for the future. Most positions require candidates to have about five years of experience in data science, architecture, or engineering.

Salary: $100,000 to $167,000 (BLS)

Computer and Information Research Scientist

This role typically requires a master’s degree to attain. When you choose a Master’s in Data Science online, you can continue working while earning new job credentials. Some government jobs, however, may only require a bachelor’s degree.

Computer Research professionals conceptualize and create new avenues of computing technology and find new and efficient ways to utilize existing forms of relevant technology. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for these professionals is $131,490. As a fast-growing field, the projected growth for computer and information research scientists is 21% between 2021 and 2031.

Salary: $131,490 (BLS)


While “Data Scientist” may be a new title, Statistician is a job title that has existed for a long time. In traditional roles, statisticians help companies identify key points in related markets with statistical modeling. In digital applications, they are valuable for performing A/B testing, developing referential tools, testing hypotheses, harvesting data, and describing data.

If you enjoy math, statistics, and IT subjects, this may be your right career goal. According to 2018 reports from the BLS, the average salary for statisticians was over $92,000. The expected job growth is approximately 30% during the next decade. Keep in mind that the BLS puts mathematicians and statisticians in the same category for job growth, including those not in the fast-growing field of data science.

Salary: $96,260 (BLS)

Is Data Science the Right Online Degree Choice?

Suppose you have looked at job postings for other degree holders and saw lengthy experience requirements for a decent salary range. In that case, you will be happy to know that about three-fourths of data science degree holders, today have less than four years of relevant experience. It is much easier to find jobs at the entry level. However, more than 90% of data science professionals have an advanced degree, so plan to seek a master’s or doctorate degree if you want to reach the top salary potential and qualify for more job opportunities.

As the field of data science continues to proliferate, there will likely be additional avenues to pursue in the future. Technology evolves quickly, and the data needs of large organizations will only grow as time passes. For example, personalizing the customer experience is a trend that has developed among large businesses in recent years. Amazon and other companies need to collect and utilize data as efficiently as possible to improve their personalized marketing strategies to stay ahead of competitors.

There are many other purposes and needs tied to data, making data scientists valuable assets now and in the future. If you are interested in becoming a part of the future in this field, learn more about your online data science degree options.


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