Top 10 Online Schools for Business Analytics Master’s Degrees


The business world is booming with analytic careers more than ever before. The Big Data positions provide many opportunities for both undergraduates and graduate students with the skills and abilities in analyzing reports, developing new market solutions, organizing and gathering computer technology information, and creating strategic methods and techniques to better improve software technology, whether in high-end corporations or nonprofit organizations of today. The Master’s degree in Business Analytics will prepare each graduate with the skills and knowledge needed to  excel in the business analytics field. The career path of the Business Analytics Master’s Degree program will help teach students in  analyzing financial data, including revenue, expenditure, and employment reports; monitor or forecast marketing trends; and prepare or present data reports to clients and management teams for the company or corporation they find employment in. 

Many business analytics undergraduates continue on to the Master’s program in Business Analytics. This is because many masters programs offer specializations or concentrations on top of the basic foundation courses in Analytics. The graduate program also provides students with a better chance of promotion opportunities and higher salary positions compared to the undergraduate program. Here are the top 10 online schools for business analytics master’s degrees of 2020.  

1. Georgia Tech  

Georgia Tech’s MS in Analytics offers an interdisciplinary approach to identifying analytical issues, engaging in mathematical tools and methods, familiarizing yourself to relevant data streams, and carrying out analytical projects. The program is thirty-six credit hours and can be completed in as little as one to two years. The core courses in the MSA program provide knowledge on big data analytics in business, visual analytics, computing, statistics, and operations research essentials. The MSA program also offers three tracks which offers an additional fifteen hours of electives. The MS program is taught by world-class instructors. Georgia Tech holds an accreditation with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to award degrees at the baccalaureate, masters, and doctoral education levels. The MS in Analytics compliments the undergraduate BS in Business Analytics degree. Georgia Tech ranks among the top ten universities in computing, business, statistics, and research; it is considered one of the best online business analytics masters degree program nationwide.  

Program Highlights: 36 credit hours, top accreditations, high rankings, career-ready program. 

2. Villanova University   

Villanova University’s MS in Analytics degree offers graduate students with an online format program, consisting of thirty-six credit hours of instruction, focusing on business analytics, programming, analytical methods in mining, and business intelligence. Students will learn how to collect, analyze and interpret quantifiable data, examine mathematical methods, and determine how they serve both the technical and business world. The program will also include an application-based practicum project with advanced business applications in the final capstone course. The complete program consists of a combined effort of ten foundation and core courses, which can be completed in as little as two years. Many graduates of the masters program will find employment in careers such as data mining, intelligence developer, business data analyst, or web design specialist. The University is among the top ranked schools in the field of business. In fact, Villanova School of Business holds rankings on the top 10 in U.S. News and World report for both the Online MBA and Graduate Business Programs.    

Program Highlights: 36-credit hours, 2 year program, top rankings, 10 courses, fully online format, available in fall and spring semesters.

3. College of William & Mary   

The MS in Business Analytics at the College of William and Mary offers an online, thirty-two credit program, comprising 4 prerequisite courses, 2 pre-program courses, and 8 core courses. The program is designed for current professionals in both the information technology and business fields to incorporate data science principles with business analytics into one application. The program also includes four dynamic pillars: business acumen, math modeling, computing technologies and communicating. The MSA degree can be completed in about fifteen months and is completely online. The program does not require residency and offers up to three start dates throughout the year. GMAT/GRE scores may be waived to qualified students. The College of William and Mary has the industry’s most exceptional faculty experts in this field. The program is among the best online business analytics masters degrees in the nation. The College of William and Mary ranks at #3 in the Nation for Best online graduate degree programs in Business by the  U.S. News and World Report. 

Program Highlights: 32 credits, 3 start dates per year, 15 month to completion, GMAT/GRE waived for eligible students, expert faculty. 

4. Ohio State University   

Ohio State University’s Specialized Master in Business Analytics program prepares graduates for professional careers in fields of Information technology and business. The SMB-A program will cover courses such as descriptive data analysis and visualization, predictive analytics, and prescriptive analytics. The 10-month program is a STEM-designed degree for any student learning more of conceptualizing real world problems, identifying data requirements, developing critical thinking skills, and creating innovative solutions. Working professionals with knowledge of business innovation, productivity and growth will excel at the program. The SMB-A program is available fully online; however, there is also a hybrid option for students.  The SMB-A program’s hybrid format features a required capstone project with the use of real data from corporate partners. Graduate students living more than fifty miles the Ohio State’s campus has the option to live-stream* Saturday sessions to complete the 25 percent in-person requirement portion of each class. Ohio State University’s Specialized Master in Business Analytics is fully accredited and is one the most successful areas of the economy to study. The degree is also one of the best online masters in business analytics programs nationwide.

Program Highlights: 10 month course program, hybrid option offered, for career-ready professionals, completely online, top rankings. 

5. Rutgers University   

Rutgers University’s Master of Business and Science is a degree program that combines both science and engineering with a focus in business and policy. The MBS program brings together an MS and MBA degree, for a total of forty-three credits. Twenty-four credits are science-related courses and nineteen credits in business. Although the MBS program is fully online, there are campuses in Newark, New Brunswick, and Camden. The MBS program offers several science concentrations which are professionally focused. The concentrations offered are life sciences, engineering, mathematics, information technologies, and sustainability. The program is available part time and fulltime, making it more convenient and providing flexibility for graduates to finish school on their terms. Rutgers University is the only institution in New Jersey offering a statewide Master of Business and Science degree. The MBS program is accredited by the National Professional Science Master’s Association. 

Program Highlights: 43 credits, top accreditations, several campuses, fully online, science-focused concentrations. 

6. Oklahoma State University   

Oklahoma State University’s MS in Business Analytics and Data Science program is specifically designed for working professionals with a passion for solving challenges by using data within the business world. The degree is available for full time (oncampus) and online students (working professionals). The full time degree is thirty-seven credit hours while the online format is only thirty-three credit hours. The MS degree is a STEM-designed program, offering training in practical data analysis, database management, data warehousing, systems analysis, big data and cybersecurity. Students will learn both analytics and data science skills and apply them to real-world problems found throughout the business industry. There are graduate certificates available for students looking for a faster career path. The certificate options include Business Data Mining, Marketing Analytics, and Health Analytics. These certificates only require 12-18 months when taken online, compared to the two-year program of the MS in MIS degree. The credits earned in the certificate may be transferred to the MS in MIS degree if the student chooses to enroll. OSU offers over 300 majors and minors and provides over 200 graduate program options in a variety of fields. OSU business analytics students are among the top in the nation to earn awards and honors; in fact, four OSU teams were placed among the top eight in the SAS Global Forum Symposium competition of 2020. 

Program Highlights: 33-37 credit hours, online and on campus available, STEM-focused degree, graduate certificate offered. 

7. American University   

The MS in Analytics at  American University offers a unique insight to data analytics and business challenges relating to both fiscal performance and operational effectiveness within the business world. The MSAn degree will prepare currently working professionals and recent graduates of the BSA degree to an advanced understanding of data gathering, data modeling, and quantitative analysis through evidence-based learning. The complete program is thirty-three credits; spread out over six core courses, four electives, and two in-person practicums at the Washington, DC campus. The core courses in the MSAn program includes studies in Managerial Statistics, Management Information Systems, Database and Big Data, Business Insights through Analytics, Predictive Analysis, and Business Intelligence. The MSAn program at American University holds several rankings and is among the best online masters in business analytics nationwide.  The degree ranks at #11 for  Best Online Business Programs for Veterans,  #26 for Online Business Programs, and #43 fpr Master’s in Business Analytics Programs, according to the U.S. News and World Report. The MSAn degree program is fully accredited by the AACSB. 

Program Highlights: 33 credit program, AACSB accredited, regionally and nationally recognized, top rankings, fully online degree. 

8. University of North Carolina in Wilmington   

University of North Carolina in Wilmington offers the MS in Business Analytics program to working professionals, ready to learn advanced learning skills to make informative business strategies, recommendations, and decisions in the field of business analytics. The program is a total of thirty credit hours and can be completed in as little as twelve months. The MS in Business analytics is taught by world-class instructors, providing a strong emphasis on real-world applications through case studies, simulations, and data-intensive projects. Graduates will learn the tools and techniques to manage analytics on projects in a wide range of business settings, comprehend and apply methods of both collecting and transforming data by arranging the components of analysis, and analyze statistical forecasting methods commonly used in analytics.  The Cameron School of Business’ MSBA degree is AACSB accredited and available completely online. No GMAT or GRE required to enroll. The University does require graduates to hold a bachelor’s degree, have a cumulative minimum GPA of 3.0, resume with a cover letter, and two letters of recommendation to apply. 

Program Highlights: 30 credits, 12 month program, affordable tuition, no GMAT/GRE.                                            

9. University of California Berkeley   

The Master of Information and Data Science(MIDS) program at University of California in Berkeley offers an online, multidisciplinary degree that prepares data science professionals to become leaders in the field of Data or Business analytics. The curriculum of the MIDS program offers an holistic approach grounded in computer science, social sciences, management, statistics, and law. Graduates will use the most modern tools and analytical methods, working with data at scale, deriving insights from data that is complex and unstructured, and solving real-world problems. The full degree is a twenty-seven unit program, designed to be completed in three ways: accelerated, standard, or decelerated. The accelerated option takes twelve months to complete; the standard option is twenty months, and the decelerated can be completed in about thirty-two months. The MIDS program at UCB is WASC accredited. A Capstone course is required, which combines technical, analytical, interpretive, and social dimensions in designing and executing the data science project. 

Program Highlights: 27 units, 3 ways to enroll, top accreditations. 

10.  Carnegie Mellon University

The MS in Business Analytics at Carnegie Mellon University offers an online degree that can be completed in as little as eighteen months on a part time basis. Students will develop foundational business knowledge with practical skills in advanced analytics, transform data into functional and effective strategies, and incorporate quantitative methods with real-world applications. Undergraduates in the program will be enrolled in two classes at a time and study the coursework for at least 10 hours on each course, or 20 hours per week. The MSBA program prepares graduates by providing the necessary analytical, communication, and business skills to become successful in data-driven careers. The University is among the top-ranked business schools in the Nation and many MSBA students already have quantitative backgrounds before they begin the program.  Students in the MSBA program have access to the Tepper Masters Career Center. Students with a strong quantitative background or acquired a STEM degree may be eligible for a GMAT/GRE waiver. CMU ranks at #27 University in the World and # 7 for one the Most Innovative Universities. 

Program Highlights: 18 month program, part-time, Top-ranked business school, offers data-driven career paths. 

Why choose from the Best online Business Analytics masters degrees

Once a graduate receives their Master of Science in Business Analytics, the professional degree will surely provide many opportunities for advancement or transition to a new career much easier. The skills learned will provide a solid foundation in the business field and apply your knowledge to, such as programming or application development. Although the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics does not provide information on the specific career of business analytics, there are several types of analytical positions mentioned on the BLS website. For instance, management analysts and computer systems analysts. Each will provide similar coursework requirements; however, there may be some differientions in job experience and capstone projects related to the master’s degree required. According to the BLS, the career path of analytical positions are projected to increase to 39% through 2024. With this in mind, it is a no-brainer that students with a good foundation in mathematics, statistics, IT, and programming should take advantage of the Master’s in Business Analytics program.