Top 10 Online Schools for Business Analytics Bachelor’s Degrees


Business Analytics is for students that have a basic understanding of business intelligence, data and statistical methods, and business performance and planning. In addition, many students have a knack for interpreting and analyzing data, as well as a well-balanced background in computer science, ethical leadership, marketing, and management. The master’s degree in Business Analytics will provide students with the skills in areas such as organizational, problem-solving, decision-making, and critical thinking; which in turn will best prepare the graduate for a successful career path in the business field.

Below are the top ten online schools for Business Analytics Bachelor’s Degrees for 2020. Many offer affordable tuition rates, low student to faculty ratios, concentrated programs, and top accreditations and rankings. If the business analytics field is what you are looking for, then check out this comprehensive list of the best online business analytics degrees. 

1. Arizona State University

Arizona State University’s BS in Business Data Analytics provides a comprehensive program with courses covering areas such as data warehousing, dimensional modeling, big data analytics methods, visualization tools and techniques. Curriculum also provides an introduction to data mining and predictive analytics. The total program is forty-one courses spread over 120 credits. Each course is only 7.5 weeks long and can be completed in two years time. The BS in Business Data Analytics is accredited by the The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) . Many graduates of the program will find career opportunities as a Computer Network Analyst, Computer Scientist, and Information Technology Manager (IT Manager), architects, change agents.  ASU offers the best online bachelor’s programs nationwide andis one of the top ten in the world of business management.  ASU has also earned top sustainability ratings in carbon neutrality compared to other institutions. 

Program Highlights: 120 credits, 41 courses, 7.5 week classes, top accreditation, career-goal curriculum, two-year program. 

2. Embry-Riddle Worldwide 

  Embry-Riddle Worldwide offers the BS in Business Analytics program, designed to prepare students for real-world situations in business and focused on statistics, data sourcing and manipulation, and output and visualization of business analytics. The program will help students learn data-driven decision making, build analytical and organizational skills, and provide the ability to solve complex business problems. The program is 120 credits in length and accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and schools commission on Colleges.(SACSCC). Many graduates of the BS in Business Analytics program go into business careers focused on technical management, project management, and logistics & Supply Chain Management positions. Similar to management analyst jobs, the career growth rate is expected to rise to 14 percent by 2026 with a salary pay of around $85,260 per year, according to the BLS. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University provides one of the best online business analytics degrees nationwide and is a committed college in student research and collaborates with the industry in finding new innovative technologies. 

Program Highlights: 120 credits, focused curriculum, top accreditation, career-oriented. 

3. Regent University   

The BS in Business Analytics program at Regent University offers students a data-driven online curriculum with a Christian worldview, designed for business-focused professionals. The course will teach students how to create and analyze reports, construct data-related solutions, and provide an understanding of modeling techniques and software knowledge. The BS degree prepares students in both organization and knowledge of all types of data forms. The program is a total of 120 credits, with eight-week sessions for flexible scheduling. As a graduate of the BS in Business Analytics, the student will learn to conduct exploratory data analysis, distinguish between differences in patterns in data, notice increases in customer satisfaction and revenue streams, and how to use analytic tools appropriately while supporting organizational growth and achieving strategic objectives. Regent University ranks among the top National Universities by the U.S. News and World Report for the past two years (2019 & 2020). In addition, the programs offered at Regent have been ranked as  #1 Best Online Bachelor’s Programs in Virginia for eight consecutive years. 

Program Highlights: 120 credits, data-driven curriculum, top rankings nationwide, career-oriented program. 

4. American Public University

   American Public University’s BS in Business Analytics offers an innovative program, designed for working professionals in the Business industry. The program provides 120 credits, with 39 major credits focused on the business industry. The program is an eight-week format and fully online. The University offers monthly start dates, making it convenient and easy to begin courses.  On top of the main curriculum, the BS in Business Analytics at APU offers several concentrations that the student can choose from; this includes accounting, entrepreneurship, human resources, marketing, retail management, and security and intelligence. Each specialized program is nine semester hours long. The Business Analytics course is accredited by the ACBSP, has an affordable tuition cost, and holds one of the best online business analytics degrees in the nation. The American Public University offers a tuition discount for military personnel and veterans. The undergraduate programs at APU require students to have a high school diploma or equivalent (GED) to enroll. 

Program Highlights: ACBSP accredited, 120 credits, 6 concentration choices, 8-week classes. 

5. Texas A&M University Commerce

   The BBA in Business Analytics at Texas A & M University in Commerce offers undergraduates a four-year program that can be taught online or in-classroom setting. The program helps students learn critical security principles, identify and document core business processes, and acquire the basic knowledge of mobile technology development and management. The featured  courses include Data Mining, Mobile Business, and Principles of Business Process Analysis and Design. The total program is 120 hours and no thesis is required at completion of the course. The BBA in Business Analytics is accredited by the AACSB and provides Internship opportunities to eligible students; this extra training provides better opportunities in higher salary jobs. Many students in the BBA program will find work in technology and business industries, and data analysis positions.  TAMU-C provides a low tuition cost to in-state residents, as well as an affordable tuition rate to online undergraduates. The college offers over 100 programs and is one of the top research and innovation institutions in Texas. 

Program Highlights: 120 credits, internship options, 4-years, accredited degree, 100+ programs available. 

6. Bellevue University

   Bellevue University’s Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics is a 127-credit hour program, designed to help undergraduates prepare for advanced degrees in business and management, and data science career paths. The program will cover classes in business strategies, microeconomics, financial accounting, statistical and quantitative methods. The courses will provide foundational skills, such as Introduction to programming, Introduction to SAS software, Information systems, Applied statistics, Data management, Data mining, and Business intelligence. The program prepares students for careers in Big Data areas of interest and is accredited by the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE). The BS in Business Analytics offers a lower tuition rate to Military personnel and their spouses. The BSin Business Analytics undergraduate degree is a great foundational program to the Master of Business Administration, Masters of Management of Information Systems, Master of Data Science, or Master of Business Analytics (MS-BA) degrees. Bellevue University provides flexible and affordable tuition to all undergraduates. The college offers students the option of over thirty Business, Management, and Leadership degrees and available fully online. 

Program Highlights: 127 credits, four year program, great preparation for advanced studies, fully online, accredited program. 

7. Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University’s BS in Business Analytics offers students a degree designed for advanced studies in industries of business, marketing, finance, economics, and management.  The program will provide a foundation of business while introducing the combined study of data and business analysis, data science, and how data informs business practices. The total degree is 120 credits, with each course fifteen weeks oncampus and eight weeks online. There are thirty-four to forty credits of general education requirements, sixty-eight major credits, and twelve to eighteen credits of electives. Students may have the option to transfer up to ninety credits, with 84 credits being lower division applicable. Grand Canyon University’s BS-BA program is accredited by the Higher Learning Commision (HLC). GCU is known for low student to faculty ratios, affordable tuition rates, and provides over 100 undergraduate and master degrees and programs available completely online. 

Program Highlights: 120 credits, option of online(8-week classes) and on campus(15 week classes), low student to faculty ratio, top accreditations, affordable tuition rates.  

8. Wilmington University   

The BS in Business Analytics at Wilmington University provides the data skills necessary in learning to extract, analyze, organize, and show data in business decision making situations. The program will prepare students for advancement positions in business careers, such as business management, project management, or the supply chain management fields. Wilmington University’s BS in Business Analytics also prepares students with entrepreneurship or consulting positions throughout the business industry. The total program is 120 credits with each course starting every eight weeks. The program also includes a co-op work experience or internship program associated with the degree, allowing students to put the learned data skills into practice for the real-world business settings. The University works to prepare each undergraduate with the best practical skills needed for the business career path by providing a resume building format prior to graduation. The Wilmington University B.S. in Business Analytics is accredited by the International Accreditation Council for Business Education.

Program Highlights: 120 credits, 8-week courses, 41 classes, top accreditations, internship available, real-world practices. 

9. Bay Path University

Bay Path University’s BS in Business Analytics will offer undergraduates a 120 credit program with a strong foundation in information technology, financial analysis, and business intelligence. The program includes training in connecting business activities with economic performance and mission outcomes. The curriculum will help students use qualitative measures and methods through technology and applications to address any issues and provide opportunities in the business world. The program also demonstrates how to compare business approaches to reduce risk and predictable outcomes. The BS program at Bay Path offers a 15-credit certificate in Business Analytics as well. As a business analytics specialist, the student will learn to make informative decisions and analyze complex data information. The Bay Path University is an American Women’s College, providing innovative and career-focused education programs to professional women; the programs are concentrated on economics, cultural, and technological influences of today. The college offers fully online, accredited bachelor’s degrees and over thirty graduate programs. Bay Path’s BS in Business Analytics is one of the best online business analytics degrees in the Northeast. 

Program Highlights: 120 credits, career-focused program, accredited programs, certificate offered, low student/faculty ratio.

10. Oregon State University

Oregon State University’s BS in Business Analytics offers a fully online program with 180 credits of courses, focused on Big Data applications. The degree program provides students with a curriculum designed to maximize your career goals by applying data science tools to specific business disciplines of marketing and consumer analytics. The BS in Business analytics degree will address the business principles of Big Data operations, business risks, and consumer outcomes. There are two concentrations that students can choose to focus on: Digital marketing analytics and Market research and consumer analytics. Graduates of the program will have a deeper understanding of business operations, customer satisfaction, and the marketplace. The BSBA program is accredited by the AACSB and provides four start dates for students throughout the year. The program offers an affordable tuition cost to both in-state and online students. For online OSU students, access to vital resources, such as success coaching, library services, free online tutoring and career guidance are available. Oregon State University  is regionally accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. The BSBA program is also one of the best online business analytics degrees.

Program Highlights: 180 credits, 4 start dates, low tuition rate, AACSB accredited, transfer credits accepted.

Differences in Business Analytics and Data Analytics

Choosing to start a career in Business Analytics can provide students with a wide range of opportunities throughout the business industry. There are two types of analytics that students can choose from. One is business analytics, while the other is data analytics.  To better understand the field of business analytics, let us first look at the difference between business analytics and data analytics. 

The business analyst will be responsible for more process-oriented work, such as writing reports, KPI matrix, and comparing data found, according to  The business analyst will have a background in computer science and management skills and present data as a single version of truth. 

On the other hand, the data analyst will provide more hands-on experience, such as data purging, finding patterns and correlations, and data mining processes. The data analyst will need more of a technical and data science skill set. Click Here to learn more about the Data Analytics. 

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