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What Is Supply Chain Management (SCM)?

One of the fastest-growing industries to get your start is in the Supply chain management field. SCM is managing the flow of goods and services from one area to another, including logistical and operational processes that transform raw materials into products to sell or use. SCM includes product development, sourcing, production, logistics, and even IT systematics. SCM professionals develop and implement supply chains to be both efficient and economical for all their uses. The SCM field has actually been around for quite some time. However, the term was first used in the 1980’s, the beginning of our logistics transformation age. It is best described as the process of planning, implementing, and controlling the supply chain in order to provide the best customer service in an efficient manner. The Supply Chain Management degree program has also grown over the past decade. Below is our top ten online Supply Chain Management Bachelor’s degrees for 2020.

1. CSU Global   

CSU Global’s Operations Management and Supervision online bachelor’s degree program offers an inside look at the complexity of working environments in organizations and businesses throughout the world. The undergraduate student will learn efficacy and efficiency in manufacturing processes and how to improve organizational performance within a corporation. Courses will include finance, leadership, strategic and critical thinking, decision-making, and business governance. The bachelors in operations management and supervision program is a fifteen-credit accredited program, providing students with the option of monthly start dates, an accelerated degree, and military tuition benefits to those eligible. CSU Global’s Online Bachelor’s Programs for Veterans is ranked #8 by U.S. News & World Report and is considered one of the best online logistics degree programs throughout the Midwest. The undergraduate program matches well with other bachelor’s degrees, such as the B.S. Project Management, B.S. Business Management, and the B.S. Organizational Leadership

Program Highlights: 15 credits specialization, military-friendly, accelerated degree.

2. Oregon Institute of Technology   

The  BS in Operations Management at Oregon Institute of Technology offers students with a degree, for those with managerial and applied problem-solving abilities. The Operations management degree is a 180 credit hour program and addresses issues in productivity, quality assurance, operation logistics, and supply chain management. Foundational courses in accounting, economics and finance management will also be discussed. Additionally, the courses will provide leadership, technical, communication, and organizational skills to each undergraduate in the program. Students in the program will receive a background in business law, ethics, and globalization to create a well rounded curriculum in operations management and prepare students for graduate programs such as the MBA and MIM options. Oregon Tech’s B.S. in Operations Management has recently received specialized accreditation through the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE).

Program Highlights: 180 credit hours, exceptional faculty and staff, accredited program.

3. Southern Wesleyan University   

Southern Wesleyan University’s BSBA in Supply Chain Management provides students with topics focused on accounting, economics and finance, human resource management, and marketing. The courses are only seven weeks in length and the total program is 120 credits. The BSBA in Supply Chain Management offers a well rounded curriculum with hands-on experience, problem-solving techniques, and servant leadership principles for the undergraduate student. Statistical and strategic planning are also included in the program. The BS in Business Administration degree in Supply Chain management at SWU provides Christ-centered strategies to all degrees and programs available. The concentration is matched for those with an interest in managing processes and materials, who know how to develop analytical and problem-solving skills, and enjoy the planning and coordination functions of organizations. The BSBA in Supply chain Management degree was ranked among the most affordable online colleges with the SR education group. 

Program Highlights: 120 credits, strong skillset, self-paced courses.

4. University of Alabama at Birmingham   

The BS in Industrial Distribution at University of Alabama offers an online program that comes with two concentration options. Concentration options include engineering and medical equipment and supplies. The program consists of 106 credit hours of instruction and can be completed in only four years. The curriculum will prepare undergraduates for a career in business industries such as General Electric and other manufacturing plants. Courses in the program offer insight into leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship of the business industry. The BS in Industrial Distribution provides 24/7 technical support to all students and a community of faculty instructors that come from diverse backgrounds. Scholarship opportunities are available to those who are eligible. The BS- ID undergraduate degree is AACSB accredited and works hard to fill the high demand of the career industry in industrial Distribution. 

Program Highlights: 106 credits, 4-year program, two concentration options.

5. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University   

The BS in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University offers a program preparing students with advanced knowledge and skills for problem solving and decision making, solutions for warehousing, and distribution and transportation operations. The core courses in the program will include Statistics with Aviation Applications, Marketing, Principles of Purchasing, Transportation Principles, Management of Air Cargo, Advanced Professional Logistics, and Principles of Supply Chain Management. The ERAU program is 120 credits and incorporates a strong foundation of course material that can differentiate each other as leaders in the career field that is constantly growing.  The BS in Logistics and Supply Chain Management offers students to participate in the program through online learning, in-person, or video conferencing. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has projected growth of 22%  in logistics and supply chain job positions through 2022.

Program Highlights: 120 credits, 21 core courses.

6. Northern Arizona University   

The BAS in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at Northern Arizona University offers a solid foundation curriculum, based on the fundamentals of logistics. The program will cover the areas of global logistics, sustainable logistics, logistics network analysis and design, and strategic logistics. Information technology resources are also included.  The program consists of sixty-four units of coursework from an accredited AAS program with 75 transfer credits accepted, 21 units of B.A.S. Logistics and Supply Chain Management Specialization, eighteen units of basic BAS requirements, and nine units of liberal studies courses; the minimum credits for graduation is 112 credits. The BAS-LSCM program prepares students for success in business and provides real-world experience throughout each course. The faculty are well versed in logistical applications and encourage students to apply their skills to the business workplace. The BAS-LSCM degree program is ACBSP accredited and is among the best online supply chain management programs nationwide for affordability.

Program Highlights: ACBSP accredited, devoted faculty, minimum of 112 credits.

7. University of Massachusetts – Amherst   

University of Massachusetts at Amherst offers the BBA in Operations and Information Management program to undergraduates in preparation of the business world. The degree’s curriculum will include topics of business processes; such as quality assurance, demand planning, supply chain management, transportation and logistics, and staffing. Many students that major in the program find employment through certain production and distribution industries. Positions can be found in areas as in manpower planning management, scheduling, enterprise resource planning, production, inventory control, and product design. The BBA in Operations and Information Technology program is an AACSB-accredited education degree that offers both affordability and flexibility for all undergraduates in the online program. To graduate from the BBA-OIM degree, students must complete at least 120 credits, which includes 34 core credits. The BBA-OIM is among the best online logistics degree programs in the state of Massachusetts. 

Program Highlights: 120 credits, AACSB accredited, up to 75 transfer credits accepted.

8. Saint Leo University Online   

Saint Leo University’s BABA Logistics online program offers a thirty credit hour degree, consisting of an intensive curriculum with several specializations to choose from. These concentrations are Logistics, Management, Marketing, Project Management, and Technology Management. The courses in the program include subjects of logistical processing in civilian and military organizations, examination of cargo transportation, distribution and purchasing,  and quality management and improvement. The skills and knowledge that students learn through the BABA logistics program are both critical thinking and quantitative skills and knowledge of diverse populations, which includes different belief systems and operation of physical systems. Internships are also available to qualified students. SLU has provided academic excellence to over 16,000 students worldwide and one of the largest and best online supply chain management programs throughout the nation. The SLU alumni can be found in over fifty countries in the world. 

Program Highlights: 120 credits, specializations available (24-36 credits), finish in two to three years.

9. Ball State University   

Ball State University’s BS in Logistics and Supply Chain Management program is designed for students looking for career advancement in high demanding jobs. The program provides an interdisciplinary curriculum, with courses relevant to today’s logistics and distribution processes. Students that give personal attention to detail, have good decision-making skills, and conduct analysis to raw materials will find the BS in Logistics and Supply Chain Management degree to be a worthwhile education. Required courses may include Simulation, Modeling, and Optimization, Manufacturing Planning and Control, and Global Logistics and Transportation Management. Internship classes are also required toward graduation. In addition, the program at Ball State University has a 100 percent placement rate of graduates. Students in the program will be prepared for career paths such as logistics and distribution managers, procurement managers, inventory planners, quality control analysts, and transportation solutions analysts. Many job positions in the logistics field provide salaries close to $100,000 per year. Ball State is accredited by AACSB.

Program Highlights: 120 credits, career advancement courses.

10. Brenau University   

The BBA in Operations Management at Brenau University prepares graduates with the skills to analyze organizational structure, provide innovation to improve processes, create policies and procedures in order to become more efficient in the field, manage people and systems in more effective and ethical ways, and develop ideas for organizational growth. The BBA in Operations Management can be completed in only four academic years and is available fully online. The degree at Brenau University is also ACBSP Certified and provides many job placement opportunities to graduates. Brenau has a low student to faculty ratio, creating a unique learning environment between students and professors. The BBA in Operations management allows undergraduates to ease into an MBA program more productively if they so choose to.  

Program Highlights: ACBSP accredited, low student to faculty ratio, 4-year program.

Career Opportunities with the Best Online Logistics Degree

Most logisticians will find their career start in the business, supply chain management, process engineering or industrial engineering fields. Many top-ranked managers will need to have at least a Bachelor’s degree with some form of logistical or engineering background to continue up the corporate ladder. Choosing a higher education degree from the list above will help working professionals get promoted and reach their ultimate career goal in the supply chain management field. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the logistician position has a projected growth of five percent, from 2018 through 2028. The median salary for a professional in a logistics job is $74,750. Below is our list of the most promising career options for those with a logistics or supply chain management degree, along with their job descriptions, requirements and medium salaries per year, as of 2019.

  • Industrial Engineers– Bachelor’s degree plus two-three year exp., devise efficient systems that integrate workers, machines, materials, information, and energy to make a product or provide a service. $88,020
  • Production Managers– Bachelor’s degree and several years in the field, responsible for establishing and communicating long-term vision and strategic plans for their product/portfolio. $105,480
  • Cost Estimators-Bachelor’s degree, Cost estimators collect and analyze data in order to estimate the time, money, materials, and labor required to make a product or provide a service. $65,250
  • Inventory Managers– Bachelor’s degree plus three year exp., optimize inventory control procedures and inspect levels of raw materials, packaging materials and completed Goods, $52,000.
  • Distribution Managers– Bachelor’s degree plus five years exp., location on the front lines of getting products to the customer as fast as possible. Most essential job functions within Logistics. $40,000
  • Manufacturing Managers- Bachelor’s degree, up to five years exp., overseeing the production of goods, provision of services to ensure the organization is running as smooth as it possibly can. $45,000

Of course with a Masters Degree in Supply Chain Management you can advance your career even further!


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Top 10 Online Supply Chain Management Master’s program