What Jobs Can You Do With a Bachelor’s in Supply Chain Management?

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What Can I Do With a Bachelor's in Supply Chain Management?

There are many jobs you can do with a bachelor’s degree in supply chain management or logistics that are in demand and also pay well. What is Supply Chain Management?

Supply Chain Management (SCM), also called Logistics Management, is the production, distribution, and shipment of products. Professionals in this field are responsible for containerization, sustainability, and also product delivery. Without supply chain managers, our economy would collapse. You can impact a variety of challenging positions in this field.

Careers with a Bachelor’s Degree in Supply Chain Management from an Online School.

Business Administration is a massive career field that spans many disciplines and also job positions. From a corporate CEO to a real estate agent, there are tons of opportunities to start a rewarding and also successful career. Supply Chain Management falls under the Business umbrella and can be pursued as a degree by itself.

You may not have heard of this field, but you’ll be surprised to know the various opportunities that are available once you earn your degree. Additionally, there are many career paths with a Bachelor’s in Supply Chain Management.

1. Operations Research Analysts

Pay Range: $48,690 to $160,850

Operations Research Analysts and Data Analysts play a considerable role in supply chain management’s daily operation and success. Without reliable data, supply chain managers would not implement the best strategies to move products efficiently. Analysts will provide customers with data-driven results, and there are many job openings in analytics.

2. Purchasing Agent

Pay Range: $38,430 to $111,200

In this role, you are responsible for buying products or services for the business to use or resell. Purchasing agents must have excellent attention to detail, and they evaluate the cost and quality of the products for delivery. Agents must make the right decisions promptly because delivery delays could be devastating to the organization.

3. Transportation Director

Pay Range: $60,000 to $110,000

The main goal of a supply chain is to get the products into the customers’ hands. Transportation directors are tasked with ensuring the smooth travel of both inbound and outbound products from the distribution center. You may handle transportation costs, budgeting, and also the negotiation of contracts.

4. Logistics Analyst

Pay Range: $45,160 to $122,390

Every business is concerned with how they can operate more effectively with less cost. So, as a logistics analyst, you will identify or recommend any optimizations or improvements. You will also keep a database that keeps organizes your input, so ongoing process improvement is implemented.

5. Supply Chain Consultant

Pay Range: $45,160 to $122,390

Many companies depend on foreign distribution centers to supply their products. As a supply chain consultant, you will manage a variety of different companies, and also provide them with the best practices to streamline their processes.

What Can I Do With a Bachelor's in Supply Chain Management?
What Can You Do With a Bachelor’s in Supply Chain Management?

6. Storing and Distribution Manager

Pay Range: $60,000 to $110,000

In this vital role, you’ll be in charge of maintaining the operations of the product warehouse. Daily responsibilities include interviewing and training warehouse personnel, developing safe warehouse measures, and also overseeing the distribution operations.

7. Production Clerk

Pay Range: $28,820 to $61,090

As a production clerk, you will ensure a smooth workflow between departments and ensure tasks are completed according to schedule. Other responsibilities include managing the delivery and assembly of supplies and also expediting the flow of materials. Furthermore, exceptional communication skills, organization, and working with urgency will make you a good fit for this role.

8. Project Manager

Pay Range: $50,000 to $125,00

Project managers are an integral part of a successful supply chain management team. They are responsible for the day-day operations and also maintaining healthy client relationships. Project managers make sure a job is complete on time and within budget. Therefore, these roles are usually for someone who has a lot of successful work history and wants to be in a leadership position. Some project managers have Bachelor’s Degrees in Project Management but many are earning a BA in Supply Chain Management with a project management certification.

9. Supply Chain Sales

Pay Range: $45,160 to $122,390

If you don’t want to be on the front lines managing the operations, then a career in supply chain sales could be for you. You will manage various accounts and also outsource work to third-party vendors for the best cost. You’ll have to have close attention to detail and organizational skills to follow up with multiple accounts simultaneously.

10. Procurement Manager

Pay Range: $98,230

As a procurement manager, you will decide the most cost-effective method to acquire products from another company. Whether you choose to buy or rent the products, procurement managers must assess the cost-effectiveness of the purchase. So, to find the best deal, you will need to conduct detailed research on several companies. You will present a complete contract that both sides agree upon, and it’s essential to keep a great relationship with the supplier to ensure future business.

Is Supply Chain Management Worth It?

There are many jobs in Supply Chain Management. It is a recession-proof career. People will always need products and services, and you will play a vital role in this process. Every part of the globe depends on products to be delivered on time, undamaged, and also for the least expensive way possible.

Organizations rely on these professionals to profit from creating the most efficient processes to ship, receive, and also store products. Furthermore, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Supply Chain Management, you can find a rewarding, lucrative, and challenging career. There’s no doubt that you will love going to work each day!


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