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Business, Management, and Marketing degrees offer a wide variety of majors in the business field and there are many online options. Trying to decide on the exact direction of one’s career can feel overwhelming when you consider the vast amount of choices from which to select.

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What are Business Administration and Business Management?     

What are business administration and business management? Business Administration and Business Management academic degree programs are quite similar in that each has similar degree expectations and learning models and outcomes.

One of the benefits of studying business administration or business management is that many of the core courses are practical and easily applied to other industries. It is noted that the business management degree program will include more focus on critical thinking, resource allocation, and decision-making skills. Here are a few of the different business degrees.

What are the Benefits of Studying Business Administration Coursework?    

A business administration degree confers upon the degree holder the education required to explore many career opportunities in various industries. 

How Do I Choose a Business School? 

Most employers prefer job candidates to hold business degrees from schools that hold accreditation from a business industry-sanctioned oversight agency. There are several types of business school accreditation. These are discussed below. 

Business School Accreditation Agencies & Organizations

There are two primary accreditation agencies that enforce the business industry’s accreditation standards. But, there are other accreditation agencies that operate in the business industry. These business-approved agencies (AACSB & ACBSP) set forth and enforce an industry-acceptable set of standards.

Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)

What does AACSB accredited mean? The AACSB accreditation standards have been designed to guide the industry in creating future business leaders. Nearly 800 business-focused institutions of higher education meet the AACSB’s rigid accreditation standards.

Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP)

The ACBSP is a global accrediting organization tasked with the responsibility of accrediting business degree programs from an associate’s level through doctorate levels. Is ACBSP accreditation good or bad? It is definitely a worthy professional accreditation.

What Kinds of Jobs of Business Administration Degree jobs can I Get with a Business Degree? 

Are there Business Administration jobs near you? Those who earn an academic degree in the field of business have gained a comprehensive understanding and skill base that allows them to gainfully find business administration degree jobs in the corporate world and the nonprofit business realm.

A business administration job description requires the candidate to be able to gather and analyze data, manage personnel, create and market ideas, and ultimately evaluate significant financial decisions. The following partial list provides a look at the many jobs that meet a Business Administration job description:

Are there Business Administration jobs near me? It is highly likely that you can find business administration degree jobs in a location within commuting distance. 


How Much Can You Earn with a Business Degree? 

What are the top business degrees in demand? What should you expect from a Business Administration degree salary? There are many types of business degrees and salaries. Therefore, it is likely that many business administration specializations will bring about a different business administration degree salary. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median business administration degree salary was approximately $102,450 in May 2021. It is noted that this median industry salary holds the distinction of being the highest salary of all the major occupations. Additionally, some top business degrees in demand earn salaries that exceed $140,000 per year. 

Management Occupations

Below is a partial list of some types of business degrees and salaries.

Computer and Information Systems ManagersBachelor’s degree$159,010
Architectural and Engineering ManagersBachelor’s degree$152,350
Natural Sciences ManagersBachelor’s degree$137,900
Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing ManagersBachelor’s degree$133,380
Financial ManagersBachelor’s degree$131,710
Compensation and Benefits ManagersBachelor’s degree$127,530
Sales ManagersBachelor’s degree$127,490
Human Resources ManagersBachelor’s degree$126,230
Training and Development ManagersBachelor’s degree$120,130
Public Relations and Fundraising ManagersBachelor’s degree$119,860
Industrial Production ManagersBachelor’s degree$103,150
Medical and Health Services ManagersBachelor’s degree$101,340
Administrative Services and Facilities ManagersBachelor’s degree$99,290
Top ExecutivesBachelor’s degree$98,980
Construction ManagersBachelor’s degree$98,890
School PrincipalsMaster’s degree$98,420
Postsecondary Education AdministratorsMaster’s degree$96,910
Emergency Management DirectorsBachelor’s degree$76,730
Community Service ManagersBachelor’s degree$74,000
Agricultural ManagersHigh school $73,060
Food Service ManagersHigh school $59,440
Lodging ManagersHigh school $59,430
Real Estate ManagersHigh school $59,230
Preschool and Childcare Center DirectorsBachelor’s degree$47,310
BLS Management Occupations

What is the Job Outlook in Business?

Additionally, the BLS notes that the managerial job market is expected to grow at about 8% through the year 2031, which is noted as a pace that is above the national growth of all jobs combined.

Given the 8% growth rate, the BLS anticipates that there will be more than 880,000 new managerial positions created during this ten-year growth projection. And about 1.1 million job openings each year to replace worker who retire or leave the field.

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